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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Cliche fic! And yeah, I think I used up my quota for the year. *g*

I went ahead and signed up for the Cuff 'Em, Vamp 'Em, or Just Make 'Em Come Already Kink and Cliché Multi-Fandom Challenge. I'm glad I did! I had lots of fun with this one. I used the 'blind' prompt.

Title: Blindsided
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5009
Summary: “Look?” Rodney said, his voice rising. “Look? That’s the point, isn’t it? I can’t look!”
Notes: Thanks as always to catspqw_sgjd and Carron for looking this over.

“Rodney,” John warned, panting. “If you don’t move your ass, I’m going to kick it for you.”

“Hmmmm,” Rodney purred. “Like this?” He thrust forward smoothly into John’s heat, getting a gasp as a reward. “Or like this?” He rolled his hips slowly, getting a groan. “Oh yeah, I think that one works.”

John canted his hips up further on Rodney’s thighs. “Do that aga--“ He broke off when his body shuddered. “Fuck,” he gasped, gripping the sheets. “Damn. How do you always find--“ He moaned again because Rodney was sinking deep, sliding right past that sweet spot, so goddamned slow, and it was going to kill him. Or maybe just make him come. He reached for his cock.

Rodney pushed his hand away. “Patience,” he murmured.

“Sonofa-- God!-- come on, Rodney,” John begged, his body straining toward completion, his hand moving of its own volition back to his cock, only to be pushed away again. “Please!”

“I like it when you beg,” Rodney said smugly, gasping just a little, striving for his own control. He’d felt John’s body shiver, felt it in his cock and balls, and oh yeah, he liked that a lot.

“I’m not-- shit! Please!” John tried to roll his hips, thrust up, do anything to push himself over the edge, but the way his thighs and hips were resting, he couldn’t give himself what he needed. He tried to plant his feet but Rodney spread his legs wider, making it impossible. He drew in a hissing breath when he felt Rodney cup his balls.

Rodney gently pinched and tugged at the wrinkled skin, his hips moving slow and steady. “Does this help?”

“Yes!” John said, his shoulders curling up. “No!” he groaned, because holy shit, it wasn’t enough. Almost, but not quite.

“Or maybe this?” Rodney pushed his fingers firmly against John’s perineum and felt John’s hole spasm around him. Almost. John was so close, his cock twitching frantically. “Or this?” He ghosted his fingers around the place they were joined, the lube-slick skin sliding under the pads of his fingers.

“Rodney!” John moaned, writhing. “Faster! Please! Just a little--“ His hand moved back to his cock.

“Do I need to tie you up?” Rodney panted, pushing his hand away once again, and that’s all it took. The thought of that sent John plummeting over the edge. He arched sharply, crying out as the spike of pleasure rushed through him.

Rodney sped up his strokes, pushing into John in time with the contractions, strong spurts of come landing on John’s chest and belly with each stroke. And God, he was there too. Rodney gave in and shoved forward, his own body flying apart, straining from the pleasure. “John!” he gasped, his muscles locking up, then collapsed forward, John’s heart thundering underneath his ear.

Rodney felt John’s hands in his hair and reached up for a deep, lingering kiss. “Hmmm, okay,” he said with a goofy grin. “That was good.”

“Oh yeah,” John murmured, sounding loose and contented.

“I should threaten to tie you up more often,” Rodney said gently, nuzzling underneath John’s ear.

“Or you could actually do it,” John offered, his thumbs rubbing the tendons in Rodney’s neck.

Rodney felt his cock twitch and he lifted his head to look into John’s eyes. “Really?”

“Really,” John nodded, then pulled Rodney back in for another kiss.

“Rodney!” John shouted. “I’ve lost power!” The last blast had hit the puddle jumper dead on and John had felt it die underneath his hands. “Fuck!” The ship rocked as another blast drained the last of the shield. “No shields!”

Rodney was already moving, already had a panel opened and was frantically exchanging crystals.

John felt his whole body tense up, because here came another one, making an attack run. “Rodney!”

“Working!” Rodney shouted. He shoved the last crystal back into place. “Go, go, go!”

The jumper leapt back to life and John dived steeply, the blast from the opposing fighter missing by a hair's breadth.

“Get us out of here!” Rodney shouted, clawing his way back to his seat. “The power won’t last long!”

“Dial the gate!” John shouted urgently, weaving and bobbing, trying to avoid the explosions going off around them.

Teyla’s hands flew over the keys, dialing quickly, and John skillfully threaded the needle, going full bore. The whole team breathed a sigh of relief to find themselves back on Atlantis, a little scorched but intact.

“Well,” John drawled. “That sucked.”

“More than you can say,” Rodney said limply.

“I’m grateful to be breathing,” Teyla said, sounding a little shaken.

Ronan just grunted.

The debriefing was excruciatingly long, in John’s opinion. All he wanted to do was wash the stink of fear off him. Fuck, that had been close. From the look on Rodney’s face, he felt the same way.

They didn’t even talk about it. They simply walked back to Rodney’s quarters together, stripped, and stepped into the shower, the stinging spray washing away the day, soapy hands cleaning and soothing. John turned Rodney around and started working on his back, easing the tense muscles, enjoying the glide of his hands over skin. Rodney braced his hands against the wall and let his head drop, groaning when John’s thumbs hit a tender spot. John pressed close, reaching for the shampoo. Rodney suddenly groaned and pushed back. “John,” he said, low and urgent.

John’s hands skidded across the shampoo bottle and reached down and around, fingers running up Rodney’s thighs to cup him, rock-hard and ready, and his own cock responded, leaping to life.

Rodney rocked back into his cock then forward into his hands, little whimpers of need escaping his throat. John curled his fingers around Rodney’s cock, tugged once, then got the lube from the shower caddy, slicked himself up, and pushed in, no prep, no foreplay, just the sudden burning need to connect, breathe together, move together, prove they’d made it out alive once again.

Rodney’s hands scrabbled against the tiles, his hole stretched tight--so damned good. “Yeah,” he panted. “Just--I need you to-- don’t be--“ and John responded, fucking into him strongly, arms curled around his chest, holding him close, hips moving hard and fast, just taking him.

Rodney spread his legs just a little more, letting John in all the way, and let it happen, let John take away all the terror and anxiety and tension, let John fuck him until he came against the wall, knees buckling, water washing away the come, pleasure washing away everything else. He felt John come, felt him shake, and they sagged against the wall, the warm water still pounding them.

Later, curled up together in bed, John kissed Rodney. Rodney groaned into his mouth and they started again, not urgently this time, but slow and sweet, savoring. “I didn’t think we’d ever get to do this again,” John whispered.

“Me neither,” Rodney answered, just as softly.

Soft, rustling sounds, fingertips and tongues, curling and entwining, bodies rocking, moving together toward completion, murmured endearments breathed and accepted, before they fell into sleep.

"I've got a ton of reports to file," John griped the next morning, sipping his coffee. "So it's a fun-filled day for me."

"It'll be nice to not be shot at, for a change," Rodney said, sitting on the edge of the bed to tie his shoes. "I could use a day without abject terror. Zelenka and I are going to see if we can figure out some of the Ancient tech we have cluttering our bench space."

"Okay," John said glumly. "Now I'm jealous. I get to do paperwork and you get to play."

"No, Rodney said, not even trying to hide his smirk, dammit. "It'll be very boring and frustrating for me. I promise."

"Right," John drawled. "Well, try to think of me occasionally while you're busy being tormented."

"Don't worry. I will," Rodney said, bounding up eagerly. "Really. It'll be terrible." He kissed John, tasting coffee and the powerbar he'd eaten for breakfast. "Meet for lunch?"

"If I can break out of the prison they call my office, yeah," John agreed.

"I'll call you if I need something turned on."

John rolled his eyes. "You do that." He grinned into his mug as Rodney left, a bounce in his step.

The intense blue light flashed through the lab and Rodney collapsed, screaming with pain, his fingers clawing the safety glasses from his eyes.

“Rodney!” Radek shouted, blinded himself from the searing light. “Rodney!” He fumbled with his earpiece. “Medical emergency!”

“What happened?” Carson asked quickly.

“An Ancient device we were working on-- there was a bright light! I can’t see!” Radek shouted. He could still hear Rodney moaning in pain. “Rodney was affected too!”

“On our way!”

Radek sank to his knees and crawled toward the moaning. “Rodney! Are you all right?” He blinked, his vision clearing a bit so he could see shadows. He was kneeling at Rodney’s side when the trauma team showed up.

Rodney was under the medical scanner when he heard Radek say in a very relieved voice, "I'm seeing better now." He kept his eyes firmly shut, but felt a deep sense of relief. Thank god. The effects were temporary. He heard something rustling by his side.

"Open your eyes," Becket instructed, and clicked on his penlight.

Rodney did and his gut convulsed with disappointment. Everything was still pitch black.

"Nothing?" Beckett asked, not really needing to, because he could see it on Rodney's face.

Rodney swallowed hard. "No."

"What happened," John demanded, striding in, and Rodney felt a rush of relief knowing he was there.

"There was blue light," Radek said. "It blinded me for a few minutes, but Rodney -- " his voice trailed off.

Rodney heard someone, probably John move toward him. A hand clenched his shoulder.

"Hey," John said softly.

"Hey," Rodney said back, his voice wobbling.

Beckett ran more tests, hours worth of tests, at least it seemed that way to Rodney-- hours filled with a growing sense of panic he strived to keep beaten down.

“I’m sorry,” Carson finally said, grasping Rodney’s shoulder. “There’s nothing we can do. I’ll be searching the Ancients' data base. There may be something there--” he trailed off.

“So that’s it?” Rodney asked, his head turning toward the sound of Beckett’s voice, his face a mask of horror. “You hope you might find something?” His voice was taking on a decidedly panicky edge.

“Our medical science can’t regenerate optic nerves,” Carson explained gently. “But that doesn’t mean the Ancients didn’t have a way to do it.”

“Oh, great!” Rodney said, falling back against the infirmary pillow. “My life is in the hands of your incompetent research.”

“Calm down,” John said, trying to defuse the situation. “We need to give the good doctor a chance here.”

“A chance? A chance?” Rodney’s voice went up two octaves. “My vision is gone and you want me to stay calm and give him a chance?”

“Rodney,” Radek started in a reasonable voice. He’d been standing far enough away that the effects of the light had been temporary, unlike Rodney who had born the full brunt of the emission.

“Don’t you even start!” Rodney yelled, spit flying off his lips, his finger pointing in the general direction of Zelenka. “This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it? To steal my research? Get a Nobel Prize for yourself? Well now you have your chance!”

“Okay,” John said firmly, stepping between them. “Enough. Everybody just calm down.”

“By everybody you mean me!” Rodney shouted, his face getting redder and redder.

John looked at Radek, cocked his head, and gave a silent apology.

“Don’t you fucking dare apologize for me!” Rodney snarled.

Everyone stared at him. “Can you see?” Beckett asked, reaching for his penlight.

“No, I can’t fucking see! I just know him!”

John motioned for Radek to leave, a suggestion the scientist was only too happy to follow. Before he’d even shifted his weight, though, Rodney said bitterly, “That’s right, you traitor, tell the little man to leave so he can go steal my work.”

“Hey!” John said. “We’re all on the same side here! No need for insults.”

“Please be kind enough to put my name in the footnotes or something,” Rodney said petulantly.

Radek rolled his eyes, turned and left, not saying a word.

“I’ll be starting on that research now, “ Beckett said, and reached out to squeeze Rodney’s shoulder. “I’m in the next room if you need anything.” He nodded to John as he walked out.

“I don’t know why I have to stay in the infirmary,” Rodney said bitterly. “It’s not like there's a treatment or anything.”

“Not yet,” John conceded smoothly. “But Beckett is the best. He’ll find a cure.” He hoped his voice sounded more confident than he felt.

“Please get me out of here,” Rodney begged, clutching at John’s sleeve convulsively. “I’m going to go insane if I smell disinfectant for one more minute.” It had been three days since the accident, three days of blackness and quiet voices and utter, complete boredom laced with borderline panic.

Beckett walked into the room and brightened when he saw John. “Right then,” he said cheerfully, rubbing his hands together. “Why don’t you take Rodney to the mess hall for lunch? I think he could use a break.”

“Oh God yes,” Rodney said, desperate, not letting go of John’s shirt-- like he was going to disappear or something. “Real food. And coffee. I’m begging you.” He swung his legs over and sat awkwardly on the edge of the bed.

“Here,” Carson said, coming to stand next to them. He steadied Rodney while he stood up, then put Rodney’s hand at the bend of John’s elbow. “Don’t let him walk into anything,” he said lightly.

Rodney glared in his general direction and gave John a nudge. “Get me the hell out of here,” he whispered loudly.

John guided him through the halls, stopping whenever Rodney tugged on his arm to let him know he wanted to stop and talk with one of the numerous people who came up to say hello and wish him well. They finally made it to the mess hall and John settled him at a table then went up to get lunch.

Rodney’s footsteps slowed down to barely moving the closer they got to the infirmary. “Hide me out somewhere!” he begged. “Please, John. Don’t take me back there.”

“Well,” John said easily. “You can’t go back to your quarters alone.”

“Maybe I could stay with--“ Rodney’s face fell. “No, you’re right. Take me back.”

“You could come stay with me,” John offered, then grinned when Rodney’s face lit up like a kid’s at Christmas.

“Um,” Rodney hesitated. “You do realize that I may be a little-- cranky right now, right?”

“No!” John said in mock horror. “You?”

“All right, smart ass,” Rodney said, not even trying to hide his grin. “We probably should stop by my place to get some of my things.”

“Already done,” John said smoothly, and guided Rodney toward his quarters.

John came in to find Rodney sitting glumly on the couch, listening to the soundtrack of a movie. “Hey,” he said, dropping his pack by the door. “How’d today go?”

“I tripped over the couch,” Rodney sniped. “And banged my shin on the bed. And I don’t even want to surmise that I managed to hit the toilet when I peed.”

“Did you count the steps?” John asked, sitting next to him.

“No,” Rodney said, dripping sarcasm. “I just stumbled around until I tripped over something familiar.”

“Look,” John said patiently. “I know this is going to take time-- “

“Look?” Rodney said, his voice rising. “Look? That’s the point, isn’t it? I can’t look!”

“Rodney,” John said, trying to be reasonable. “It’s all going to work out.”

“Is it?” Rodney’s voice was taking on a hysterical edge now. “I can’t work without being able to see the equations. I can’t figure things out without being able to see how it all works together. I can’t fix my own food, or read a goddamned book, or do anything without being able to see!” He was sweaty and flushed, working himself up.

“That’s not true,” John said reasonably. “You just have to relearn a few things.”

“Yeah, right,” Rodney snorted.

“Stephen Hawking manages,” John said.

“So not the same thing!” Rodney shouted. “He can still see!"

“He uses his brain,” John countered. “Just like you do.”

Rodney suddenly deflated. “I lose track of the equations,” he confessed, gulping. “I’ve tried, but without being able to see, I-- “ He blinked his eyes rapidly against the growing moisture, looking suddenly, desperately lost. “I can’t do anything.”

“There are some things you can do,” John said gently.

“Like what?” Rodney demanded.

“Close your eyes,” John instructed.

“Why?” Rodney said bitterly.

“Because I said so.”

“Oh yes. Very logical argument there,” Rodney grumbled, but closed his eyes anyway.

John took his hand and brought it to his own cheek, rubbing the sensitive palm against the stubble. “You can feel. And touch.” He felt Rodney’s fingers move to his jawline so he moved his own hand up Rodney’s arm. “You can hear,” he said. “You can smell and taste,” he brushed his lips to Rodney’s. “The rest will come with time. You just need to get used to it, learn new techniques. And I haven’t given up on Carson yet. Neither should you.”

Rodney’s fingers traced from John’s jaw down his neck, feeling the muscle and tendons, his pulse, and John suddenly thought how isolated Rodney must feel, how terribly alone and vulnerable. “We’re in this together,” he said softly.

“Are we?” Rodney asked, his voice choking a little. “You still want-- “ and his voice trailed off, but the fear showed on his face. Do you still want me? Do you still need me? Even though I’m blind?

John straddled his legs and kissed him, desperately wishing he’s done it earlier. He hadn’t wanted Rodney to think he was trying to fuck away the hurt. God, he’d been an idiot. “Touch me,” he said. “Taste me. Feel me,” he kissed Rodney again, closing his own eyes.

Rodney shifted them until John was stretched out on the couch beneath him. His fingers ran down John’s chest until he reached the waistband of his pants. He wormed his hand underneath John’s shirt, feeling the strong muscles of his belly, the smooth skin, the soft hair. He rained kisses on John’s face, missing his mouth until John took his head in his hands, held him firmly, and kissed him.

Rodney latched onto his lips, hands frantically roaming, touching, not staying any one place for long. John realized Rodney was relearning him, relearning his body, so he let him, let Rodney touch wherever he wanted, let Rodney taste and smell and listen. His fingers fumbled with the buttons on John’s pants, but John let them, let them push the plastic discs through the buttonholes before dipping inside to caress him.

Naked. God. Finally naked, and Rodney climbed between his legs and slowed right the hell down, one hand holding John’s hip while they rubbed, an easy, sweet frottage, the other arm curled under John’s back and up to his shoulder. They kissed as they rocked together, then Rodney buried his face in John’s neck, breathing him in, and came with a cry of pleasure, pulsing against John’s belly, shaking through the waves while John held him tight.

“I missed you,” Rodney confessed in a choked voice, breathing hard.

“I know,” John said, nuzzling his temple. “I’m sorry. I should have known--“

Rodney laughed softly and lifted his head. “I should have told you. Um, you do realize that when I said I couldn't keep track of the equations, I can still keep them in my head far better than anyone else could, right?”

John laughed softly and cupped his neck, pulling him in for another kiss. "I never had any doubt."

“Hmmm,” Rodney said, moving his hips against John’s erection. “Seems you have a little problem there.”

“Little?” John asked, pushing up.

“Okay,” Rodney admitted with a grin. “Maybe not so little.”

“Damn straight.”

“It is straight, isn’t it?” Rodney slithered down and John’s cock twitched when Rodney lapped up some of his own come.

“Fuck, Rodney,” he said with feeling.

“Maybe next time,” Rodney smirked. “I think this time I’ll taste.”

Zelenka ran to Rodney’s lab, looking for an instrument, and found him sitting forlornly at his work bench, his fingers tracing parts, trying to figure out what they were by feel alone.

“Rodney!” he said, immensely relieved. “I’m glad you are here. I need some help with power distribution. We keep getting this spike in the naquada generators and I do not know where it comes from.”

“Sorry,” Rodney said glumly. “Can’t help you. Blind here. Remember?”

“Did you lose brain along with eyesight?” Radek said, exasperated.

“Of course not,” Rodney snapped.

“Then think,” Radek urged. “Why would the power spike when we access waste treatment?”

Rodney considered for a second then snapped his fingers quickly, half rising out of his chair. “It's tied into environmental controls, right? It might be trying to access the air scrubbers as well.”

“Yes, yes,” Radek said, impatient. “But since it flows through the primary conduits-- "

"No, no, no," Rodney said. "You're thinking about this all wrong!"

John walked in to find them happily embroiled in a fight, hands waving, voices raised, and Rodney's eyes alive and sparkling. He bit his lip, grinning, and quietly left them to it.

“They’re sending me back,” Rodney reported dully a few weeks later.

“What?” John asked, sure he wasn’t hearing right.

“I’m on the next run back to earth,” Rodney said, swallowing hard. “I need special help, retraining, and they can’t give it to me here.”

John was silent for a moment, his brain working furiously. “Well,” he said finally. “I guess it’s over then.”

“Yeah,” Rodney said, swallowing hard, obviously fighting tears. “The ship leaves in two days.” He hesitated for a moment then straightened his shoulders, bracing against the pain. “I just want you to know how much I’ve l-loved being with you,” he said, choking. “I never thought someone like you would want--“ He stopped, breathing hard. “It’s been nice,” he continued, a little stronger now. “Just-- don’t get yourself killed, okay?”

“You’re an idiot,” John said. “I meant being here is over. I’m going back with you.”

Rodney just blinked, trying to wrap his brain around it. John walked over, sat on the couch, and was engulfed in a strong hug.

Then the fight started.

"Don't be stupid!" Rodney shouted. "They need you here!"

"You need me, too," John said reasonably.

"Well, yes," Rodney admitted sheepishly, then his voice rose again. "But they need you more!"

"Look," John said. "There is no decision here. You go, I go. It's as simple as that."

"Oh really? I have no say in this? What if I said I didn't want you to come with me?"

"You'd be lying," John said.

"And how do you know that?"

"Because you love me," John said with absolute certainty.

"No I don't," Rodney said quickly.

"Are you sure about that?" John asked.

"Of course I am," Rodney snapped. "I would know if I was in love, wouldn't I?"

"Because when we're together, you act like you are."

"Like right now?" Rodney sneered, his heart beating a mile a minute. This was something he'd never admit. Not to himself, and most certainly not to John, with his obnoxious hair, and his athlete's body, and his too cool persona. He could do without the rejection, thank you very much. It would never work anyway. They were both so damned different. What they had was great, the sex was fantastic, but that's all it was.


"What if I told you I was in love with you?" John asked softly.

"You–you are?" Rodney stuttered. Then he scoffed. "Very funny. Make fun of the blind man."

"I'm not kidding, Rodney," John said, shifting to kneel and straddle his lap. "I'm not sure when it happened. But I do know how I feel now."

Rodney snorted, trying not to get distracted by John's thighs pressing against his hips, and John's hands on his shoulders, and John's ass pressing into his groin. "You feel sorry for me, that's all it is."

"I feel a lot of things for you," John said, his breath caressing Rodney's mouth. "But pity isn't one of them."

God, his face was close, close enough that Rodney could taste his breath, feel his heat. He swallowed. "I wish I could see," Rodney said, protesting. "This isn't fair, you know. I can't tell if you're just messing with me. "

John kissed him, shutting him up. "You don't need to see," he said. "Can't you feel it? Feel that I'm telling the truth?"

"You're serious, aren't you?" Rodney asked, his hands going to John's waist.

"I'm very serious," John said.

"Oh God," Rodney whispered, his heart thundering. He felt a rush of fear, because this was big-- way more scary than the thought of being blind the rest of his life. Being blind just involved his eyes. Being in love involved his heart. His heart was already gone, though, and had been for a while, even if he hadn't been able to admit it to himself. The realization crashed through him. "John," he said softly, then he started to laugh quietly. "I had to be blinded for us to see? How ironic is that?"

They were kissing when the call sounded in Rodney's ear, so John was close enough to hear, too. "Rodney!" Carson said with barely concealed glee. "Report to the infirmary, please."

"You found something?" Rodney asked, hopefully.

"Doctor Biro did," Beckett confirmed. "Quickly now," he urged. "Let's get started on this."

"On my way," Rodney said with a grin.

Doctor Biro was standing in the middle of the floor, bouncing on the balls of her feet, looking excited and pleased.

"Deus ex machina," John said happily, swept her up, and swung her around.

"We're not sure this will work," Beckett cautioned. "But let's see, shall we?" He led Rodney over to the bed, got him settled, and put the heavy goggles on his head. He made a few adjustments to the dials, then had John come over and activate it. "Look straight ahead," he instructed Rodney.

Rodney gasped sharply when the pain hit, but gamely kept his head still and his eyes forward. An hour later the goggles gave a satisfying bing and turned off. "All right then," Carson said. "Close your eyes." He carefully took the goggles off. "Blink a few times," he instructed. "Then see if you can focus on anything."

Rodney squinted his eyes, like the light hurt, blinked, then his face broke into a wide grin.

"Oh yeah," John said happily, squeezing his knee.

Carson got out the pen light, did a few acuity tests, then said, "Your vision should continue to improve for the next few hours, but by tomorrow you should be back to normal. Stop in first thing and I'll clear you for duty."

It took them several hours to get back to their quarters. Rodney wanted to see the gateroom, watch the Ancients' data scroll across the screen there, see the blue puddle of the event horizon form in the gate, go up to the west tower and watch the brilliant multi-colored sunset, staying there until the sky was alight with a million stars. His gaze kept creeping to John's face, though, like it was more captivating than any other damned thing in the galaxy.

It was dark in their quarters when they finally entered. Rodney immediately turned the lights on and looked around, drinking it all in, the same way he'd been looking at everything since getting his sight back. "Would you like to actually watch a movie?" John asked.

"No," Rodney said, stepping closer. He cupped John's face and looked at him, searching his eyes. "What I'd really like to do," he said, pressing a soft kiss to John's lips, "is watch you come."

John felt his body heat up, his cock started to fill, and he grinned broadly. "I think that can be arranged," he said, pulling off his shirt before tumbling them onto the bed.

Rodney watched as fine hairs rose in a trail of goosebumps under his fingers. He licked and sucked John to full hardness, before letting him soften up and doing it again. He watched John's balls tighten up, his hole spasm, saw his eyes get heavy-lidded with desire. He watched John's cock bounce on his belly, leaking and red. He watched John's hole stretch to accommodate his fingers, then his dick, watched as he pushed into John's body.

Finally, buried balls deep, Rodney leaned forward, pushing John's knees up to his chest, and kissed him. "You are so beautiful," he said, voice breaking, watching John's face contort with pleasure.

"I love you," John whispered against his mouth, and groaned when he felt Rodney's cock twitch inside of him. "But if you don't move your ass, I may have to kill you."

"God, you are such a pushy bottom," Rodney said, grinning.

"Yes," John said, panting, thrusting up, encouraging. "But you love it."

"Yes," Rodney admitted. "I do." He pushed John's legs up further, pressed in hard, and moved his hips, fucking strong and deep, his eyes never leaving John's face. "Oh fuck yeah," he croaked when he felt John getting close. "C'mon, John." He felt John's body lock up, then release in spasms of pleasure, felt John's come spurt between their bellies, watched John's face as the pleasure washed over it. That look got him deep in his belly and balls, and he came hard, his own release spiking through him. Rodney drew in gasping breaths, struggling to keep his eyes open.

"It's okay," John murmured, pulling him close and kissing his eyelids closed. "You'll get to watch next time, too."

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Oh, wow. You may have chosen the cliche, but it felt like the kink. Damn, that was some of the sweetest fucking I've read.

Not that I only liked the sex. /g/

*does happy dance* Yayyyy! That's kinda how I saw it in my head, more like a kink! I'm glad it came across that way. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

Aw, this was sweet, they're such dopes, finally figuring out they were in love. *g* And whoa, nice and hot. Seriously hot.

I really felt for Rodney, losing his sight like that. Very nicely done, in-character and believable. Poor thing. ::pets the woobie::

*nods* At first they thought it was just about sex, can you imagine? *g* I really wanted it to be apparent to everyone else that they were in love. I'm glad I got that across!

I know, I whumped Rodney! *cringe* Poor guy. *g* I felt for him, too. I just couldn't make him go through that alone.

First it was all Ooohhhhh, hot. And then it was Oh No, poor Rodney. Where you really got me was with:

John was silent for a moment, his brain working furiously. “Well,” he said finally. “I guess it’s over then.”

“Yeah,” Rodney said, swallowing hard, obviously fighting tears. “The ship leaves in two days.”

“You’re an idiot,” John said. “I meant being here is over. I’m going back with you.”

This is just so perfect and sweet—I adore the matter-of-fact way that John would leave for Rodney, no hesitation, no second thoughts. *Sigh*, I just love 'true love' stories. After they admitted their love for each other, I could have even reconciled myself to Rodney remaining blind. Just lovely. Thank-you.


Those are all the emotions I was going for! I was afraid it was too sappy for words, but, cliche fic! *g* So I gave into it. I love those kinds of stories, too. :)

Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the ride!

*snuggles back*

You, dear lady, are a tease.

I used the 'blind' prompt. ... Summary: “Look?” Rodney said, his voice rising. “Look? That’s the point, isn’t it? I can’t look!” ... “I should threaten to tie you up more often,” ... “Or you could actually do it,”

I was all set for a tied-up-and-blindfolded story. ::spanks you just the way you like it::

As for this story... it was fantastic! Hot, loving, intense, with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure. Well done.

::spanks you just the way you like it::

/wiggles happily/ *g*

I didn't even think about a blindfold thing! That would have made a great story! ::files away for later:: Still, I've got to say I'm pleased I teased you. :P

When I read my prompts, that fic was suddenly all there in my head. I'm glad you enjoyed the ride!

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I really liked the idea of them being partners, esepcially through something tramatic. Thank you for letting me know you liked it!

Wow, I think I melted to the chair. Poor Rodney, trying to be brave and break up with John. You made me get pouty lip. But yay for happy endings!

Maybe you could use that blindfold idea along with the whole tying-up thing you sort of neglected to follow up on... *g*

Oh god, not the pouty lip! *wibbles with you* I'm a sucker for that. *g*

I know! Poor Rodney! Trying to be all brave. I really liked that scene, too. :) There's no way they couldn't have a happy ending, though. *is such a sap*

You aren't the only one who's asked for the tied-up part. LOL I may have to write that.

Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it!

I'm so glad that John was there for Rodney. And he was so matter-of-fact about going back to earth with him, aaawww. :)

I love how you started and ended the story. Sweet and hot. Mmm... ♥

Thank you :)

I really liked that scene, too! I wanted them to be *partners*, and go through all this together.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! Umm, yeah, the first and last scenes were fun to write. *g*

Cliche? Who cares with a hot opening like that?! Guh! :D

LOL! I decided to just jump on in there. *g* I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That was fantastic! Hot and sweet and if all Cliché fic was this good, we'd never do anything new!

Good god... I'm putting it into the_index if you don't mind...

Awww! Thank you! *snuggles you in* I'm very glad you enjoyed it! And I'm flattered you'd want to link it! Go ahead! *blushes*

Wow, great story. Well done. Thanks.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You made my rainy afternoon a bit better. Thank you. :)