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October 2009
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Which Stargate Character Are You Attracted To?

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Okay, I was a little taken aback! I mean, c'mon! *Rodney*!?!?! So I darted off to retake it, then stopped, cuz I realized that maybe it was kinda right, in a teensy way. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about Jack and Daniel. But I've got to admit I'm a McSep fan. I blame thegrrrl2002, because she can do no wrong in my eyes. And from there I got led over to mmmchelle, who I really enjoy, and I was so fic starved I wondered over to astolat, just to reread her J/D fic, and saw that she'd written some Atlantis stuff, so I clicked and fell in love. *sigh* So I guess I'm slowly inching out of the McShep closet.


I hope you don't mind - I'm going on a bit of a friending frenzy and have added you to my list :-)

Not at all! It's nice to meet you! The more the merrier. *g*

So I guess I'm slowly inching out of the McShep closet.

Pushes you back in closet!

Someone asked me last year "Who'd you slash rodney or Shep with?"

"Any passing Wraith." I replies.

I know, I know. Maybe it's an acquired taste? *g*