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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Work update

Well, the lab manager wasn't kidding when he said he would work me half to death! I hit the door running and don't stop for the full 8 hour shift. There is only one chair in the lab, at the microscope, so I'm on my feet the whole time. I find myself going to the bathroom just so I can sit for a minute. :-(

One of the perm techs has decided to create her own little totalitarian dictatorship. I was coolly informed that my lunch was from 5pm to 5:30, sharp, and if I couldn't leave the bench on time, I still had to be back at 5:30. I wouldn't get another break until after 9:30, and there was no guarantee I'd get that one. I actually lasted a whole 6 hours before I yelled. *g* I told her what she was doing violated labor laws. Needless to say, she let me take a break. I was later approached by 5 different people who called me a hero. *g* I expected to get fired the next day, but I'm still there.

Only 11 more weeks left of this assignment! I think I can, I think I can.


Oh no! I'm so sorry the place is stinky. Good for you for standing up to the dictator. People like that really need to be slapped down. Sheesh.

Oh yeah, it's such a blatant form of bullying! But in true bully fashion, she backed right down when I stood up to her.

The whole place is run under constant panic mode. I shudder to think what will happen when we do get a panic situation, like a massive trauma or a bleeder. *sigh* I'm kind of in survival mode right now-- not really what I was expecting, but on a brighter note, Monday is a SGA marathon, and I've got the day off! :D