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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Email love

I got the most interesting email today! It seems that Kimber5766 saw my picture and thinks I'm hot! She's looking for an American husband and thinks I'd fit the bill quite nicely.

I'm not quite sure which picture she's referring to, but I must have been having a *really* bad hair day. *g*

Work has been. . . work. It's getting a little better, kind of. Or maybe I'm just getting numb to it all? Either way, I'm not as stressed, so that's a good thing. :-) I'll admit, though, that I'm still counting down the days until this assignment is over. Only seven weeks to go! A really disfunctional part of me, the pride part, wants them to ask me to extend. The logical part hopes like hell they don't. It really would be to my financial benefit to stay, but my sanity? I'm not sure it's worth it. At least the stress has receded enough for me to start writing again. Thank god. I've missed it!

Best of all, only three more weeks to go for the new season! :-D


*giggles at Kimber5766* Don't you just LOVE Spam? I don't get many of them anymore since they hit the junk mail filter, but geez... LOL

Am desperately looking forward to the new season as well!

I completely ignore most spam, but this one really tickled my funny bone. *g*

I'm trying to be patient, it's only three more weeks after all, but I'm feeling a bit like a horse who's dying of thirst and smells water.

For what it's worth - I think you're hot, too.

Hope the rest of your time at the current assigment goes smoothly.


*squirms happily* Back atcha!

Is there any chance I'll get to see you in November? I hope so! And I bloody well hope you've got all the doctor stuff sorted by then and are well on your way. {{{{{Terry}}}}}

Oh, I'm sure I'll find a way to meet up with you guys. I'm not going to the RDA con, and the other con is a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment, but I'm going to do whatever I can to gatecrash somehow. I don't live that far away, after all.

Thanks for the comments re the doctor. I just wish I wasn't quite so dependent on one secretary chasing another. You'd think seven months would be ample time to get a letter written, right? I'm not sure how these things work in the US, but if someone had said to me last December that if I paid $100 I could have a letter written and be on a waiting list before Christmas, of course I would have done it. All this and I've got no damn idea when I'll even get to the bottom of the queue.

Well, we just confimation that we got RDA tickets, so let the planning begin! *g*

My guess is that they just don't *get* it, how terrible it is to be in the wrong body, and since you've lived with it this long, it's not that urgent, right? *grits teeth*

Keep after them. {{{{{{{{{{{Terry}}}}}}}}}}}

and the boobs didnt give it away at all? LOL.

Unless she thought they were man boobs? *looks down* I dunno, they're pretty obvious, aren't they? *g*


Okay, if this winds up with thigh-shaving, you are gonna have one pissed off Mistress to deal with. Who's this Kimber bitch and where the hell do I find her?

::: is possessive :::

Carron ;-)

*points* She's a Russian Princess! *nods* She says so, right in the email. I think she may be a little above my station, though. I'd much prefer a nice Canadian boy. *g*

But I still wouldn't shave above the knees for him, so it's okay. ROFL!