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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Weekend Porn

msbeata demanded asked for a Jack/Daniel fic with bondage and the words green, tug/tugged/tugging, parachute, lather, and clitoris.

This one took a village! mmmchelle said she liked performance masturbation. V helped me figure out how to get them from the couch into bondage, mmmchelle, msbeata, and blue_adagio all helped with the clitoris thing. Carron and catspaw_sgjd looked it over for me.

Around 4200 words

Daniel uncurled his toes and nuzzled into Jack's nape, the pleasure of orgasm slowly fading to be replaced by another kind of delight. He tightened his arm around Jack's chest, holding him close, feeling the tremors still wracking his body, absorbing them with his own, savoring Jack quaking in his arms, around his cock. Jack's heartbeat started slowing down and his body relaxed back, letting Daniel hold him, ground him. Being on their sides, tucked close, had allowed a gradual build of pleasure and an intense release.

The first time has been hard and urgent, a clash of bodies, hands ripping clothes, lips and tongues battling, breath rasping through throats, a sudden, sharp spike of pleasure. The second time had been awkward, the urgency not as great but the desire even greater, hands wandering, trying to learn what the other liked. The third time had been tentative, almost shy, touches light, kisses soft, still learning and discovering. Earlier that morning it had been almost instinctual, Daniel asleep and waking up to the feeling of Jack's mouth on his cock.

This time had been almost soul searing in its intensity, a slow push and pull until the pleasure had washed over them like a wave. Daniel kissed Jack's nape, then sucked lightly at the place where neck met shoulder, not slipping out, not willing to give up contact yet.

Jack placed a hand over the one Daniel had on his chest, and the other hand reached back to grasp Daniel's hip, holding him close, not willing to let go, either. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then turned his head, looking over his shoulder at Daniel. "Well," he said, deep and rumbly, "That worked."

"Very well," Daniel agreed, kissing underneath Jack's ear, getting a shiver in response. "We may have to do that again."

"I hope so," Jack said, and let his head fall forward onto the pillow.

Inevitably, Daniel's cock slipped out, so he wormed his thigh between Jack's legs. "We're all sticky," he murmured.

"Yeah," Jack smirked. "That happens sometimes when you have sex."

Daniel laughed and pushed Jack away. "Shower?" he invited.

Jack stretched, feeling the pleasant burn in his muscles. "Shower sounds good," he agreed. They climbed out of the bed, made their way to the bathroom, and stepped underneath the spray together. Daniel worked up a lather between his hands and started on Jack's chest, his palms gliding over muscle and hair, enjoying the different textures underneath his touch. Jack did the same and they washed each other, ending with Jack scrubbing Daniel's scalp, the pleasure from that almost making Daniel's knees buckle. It turned playful, water splashing, until the water started running cold. They stepped out, toweled off, and pulled on sweats and t-shirts, then headed to the kitchen for coffee.

They settled on the couch, feet up on the coffee table, sitting close. Jack turned on the TV and flipped the channels until he found Red Dwarf. Daniel rolled his eyes, but they settled in to watch, comfortable and companionable, just happy to be sharing space and each other. Daniel got up to get more coffee. He was heading back when he heard Jack groan then laugh. "What?" he asked, settling down again.

Jack snorted and pointed at the TV. "They're thinking of calling their society 'CLITORIS',"

Daniel's jaw dropped and he stared at the TV. "What?" he asked again, laughing too.

"CLITORIS," Jack chortled. "Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society."

Daniel groaned and slapped his hand over his eyes. "Leave it to a science fiction show to trivialize something like the clitoris."

"Trivialize?" Jack asked.

Daniel nodded. "Clitoris is an interesting word. We use words for genital parts in a derogatory way. He's an asshole. She's a cunt. Don't be a pussy. He's nuts. Don't be a dickhead. But there's something different about clitoris. In all the cultures I've studied, on Earth and off, I've found very little evidence that we, as a species, trivialize the clitoris." He took a sip of coffee and his eyes got a little unfocused as he thought. "It's as if we subconsciously understand that there's something special about it. We know that its sole purpose is pleasure, and we don't make light of that."

Jack raised his eyebrows and motioned to the TV.

"There are exceptions to every rule," Daniel admitted sardonically.

Jack laughed then turned serious. "Do you miss it?" he asked softly, feeling a little flutter of fear. "Do you miss having one to play with?"

Daniel looked at him seriously. "No," he said. "I missed sex, and giving pleasure. I'll admit I like the sensitivity of the clitoris. But," his eyes turned impish. "If I'm reading my information correctly, your prostate is highly sensitive."

"Oh really?" Jack asked, refusing to acknowledge the little rush of relief he felt. He reached for his coffee and took a sip, his eyes on back on the TV but his attention still focused on Daniel. "And what makes you say that?"

Daniel took his mug away, set it on the coffee table, then straddled Jack's legs. He put his arms around Jack's neck and whispered in his ear, "Maybe it's the way your whole body shivers when I touch it. Or maybe it's the way you moan my name. Or maybe, just maybe, it's the way you grind down, trying to get me deeper inside."

Jack's hands automatically came up to caress Daniel's back. "I don't moan," he stated firmly, enjoying the feel of Daniel's skin against his palms.

"You're right," Daniel admitted, capturing an earlobe between his teeth and tugging gently. "It's more of a groan."

"I don't groan, either," Jack protested, his hands drifting down to Daniel's ass. He felt his cock twitch, just a little.

"You do," Daniel said a little smugly. "And not just then, either. When I touch your nipples, or suck your cock, or even when I kiss you."

"I don't groan," Jack protested. "Highly ranked Air Force officers don't groan, unless they're facing the finance idiots at the Pentagon."

"I could prove it to you," Daniel offered, grinding down so Jack could feel his erection.

Jack snorted a laugh. "There isn't gonna be any proving of anything for a few hours, at least. Probably not until I've had lunch and a nap, anyway." He playfully shoved Daniel off to the side and looked at him, the challenge clear in his eyes.

Daniel stared at him with disbelief. "You're saying you can't have sex right now?" He'd obviously felt the twitch. Daniel studied him for a moment, assessing, then said, "Care to make a bet on that?"

Jack schooled his features so that Daniel couldn't see the grin trying to break free. He kept control of his cock, too, because it seemed to like the whole idea as well. "Best steak dinner you can get here in town?" he offered.

"Done," Daniel said. "If you include dessert."

"Well, since you'll be buying, of course you can spring for dessert, too."

Jack watched as ideas flitted over Daniel's face, plans were made and solidified. His eyes narrowed when Daniel reached for him and he leaned away. "No touching!"

Daniel sat back, reassessing his strategy, and nodded. "I won't need to," he said smugly, then got up and disappeared toward the bedroom.

Jack sat on the couch, his ears straining, trying to hear what Daniel was doing, more than a little intrigued, but refusing to get up and see. There was no way he was helping with this. But his heart was beating a little faster, and he grinned. He had no idea what Daniel would come up with, but it was probably going to be fun. "You do know that I'm highly trained in torture-resistance techniques, right?" he called. "You are so buying me dinner tonight."

Daniel didn't answer, and Jack had to fight to keep his ass on the couch. What the fuck was he doing back there? He heard Daniel walk down the hall and go into the kitchen, then a chair scraping along the floor.

"Jack, would you come in here, please?" Daniel called.

Jack considered refusing, but really, he was curious as hell. He shrugged. Why not? He got up and made his way warily into the kitchen. Daniel was standing-- still in his t-shirt and sweats, which was a bit of a disappointment-- and was running the green cloth belt from Jack's bathrobe through his fingers. He pointed to the kitchen chair he'd pulled away from the table. "Would you sit, please?"

Jack shrugged and sat down, making himself comfortable. He spied the bottle of lube Daniel had put on the table. "You gonna put on a show?" he asked, hoping his voice didn't sound as hopeful as he thought it did.

Daniel smiled and squatted in front of him, a little below eye level. He held the length of cloth loosely in his hands, unthreateningly. "You said no touching," Daniel said softly, his eyes asking. "Can I tie your hands to make sure you don't?"

Jack's heart gave a little lurch. Tie him to the chair? His face broke into a grin. "It won't help you, but go ahead." Even though it probably would help Daniel win the bet, because his dick seemed to like that thought.

Daniel grinned back and stood up, moving behind the chair. He threaded the belt through the slats in the chair back and tied each of Jack's hands, leaving a little slack, but not much. "There," he said with satisfaction, and walked back in front of Jack.

Jack tugged experimentally at the ties. If he needed to, he could break the fucking chair and get free, but other than that he was firmly bound. He relaxed back and caught Daniel's eyes, the challenge clear. "Now what?"

"Now," Daniel said, smirking as he pushed his sweats down. "You watch."

Daniel sat on the table, scooting back enough that his legs were dangling off the edge. He still had his t-shirt on, the material pooling right at the crease of his thigh. Jack could only see the base of his cock, but it was obvious that Daniel was erect, the outline visible through the cotton. Daniel shifted, rocking side to side a little to get comfortable, then spread his legs. Jack struggled not to swallow, because now he could see Daniel's balls, soft and vulnerable, the memory of their weight making his fingers curl.

Jack realized what he was doing and tore his eyes away. Okay, maybe this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. He stared straight ahead at the wall behind Daniel, not looking.

But he couldn't help noticing that Daniel's shoulders were moving, like he was caressing the insides of his thighs.

Jack regulated his breathing. Easy in . . . easy out. No, he didn't notice when Daniel's shoulders started moving a little more. Not at all. Breathe in . . . breathe out. His eyes darted down just as Daniel ran his fingers up his thighs, and Jack could see the hairs there rising to the touch.

"Like what you see?" Daniel purred, running his fingers up almost to his balls.

Jack locked eyes with him and yawned theatrically. "I'd like it better after a nap."

Daniel grinned then looked thoughtful. "I can't tell if you like it."

"What do you mean?" Jack asked warily.

Daniel hopped off the table. Jack heard him rummaging through one of the drawers. Daniel walked back and squatted down in front of Jack again, the muscles of his bare thighs tensing. Jack saw a flash of metal. Daniel held up a pair of sharp scissors, the light gleaming off the blades. He pulled the waistband of the sweats out and started cutting.

Jack's belly quivered, shrinking away from the cold metal. Oh fuck. He felt the sharp tips of the blades touch his thigh and caught his breath. "Careful," he growled, tugging at the belt. Daniel changed the angle and let the blade glide along Jack's leg, shearing through the fabric. He stopped cutting when he reached Jack's knee, then started on the other side.

Jack closed his eyes and swallowed. He could feel the fabric falling away, exposing his skin to air. "Didn't we say no touching? And I liked these!"

"I won't touch," Daniel promised, low and throaty, and Jack felt a moment's disappointment.

Daniel finished at the other knee then pulled the flap he'd created back, exposing Jack's groin. "Now I can see," he said with satisfaction. He leaned close -- close enough that Jack could feel his heat, feel little puffs of breath, the hairs on his legs rising as Daniel started down at his knee, bare inches from his flesh, and moved his head up, slowly, up toward his groin.

His cock felt it, too.

Daniel stopped for a moment at Jack's groin, so close all he had to do was flick out his tongue to touch.

Jack held his breath, hoping, but Daniel moved onto the other knee and repeated the performance, moving slowly up the thigh. Once he'd reached Jack's groin again he growled, "God, I want to taste you."

"You are so cheating," Jack grumbled, fighting like hell to keep his voice steady, refusing to squirm even though his thighs had started vibrating.

"All's fair in love and war."

"Is this love or is this war?" Jack asked, then swallowed, because Daniel was looking at his cock. Shit, Daniel was breathing on his cock.

Daniel looked up into Jack's eyes and wet his lips, then stood up and grinned mischievously. He leaned close, like he was going to kiss him, then turned, giving Jack a view of his ass as he went back to the table. He didn't climb back on right away. He moved two of the chairs to the end of the table, far apart, then climbed back on, resting his feet on the chairs, his legs spread. "Where were we?"

"You were teasing the shit out of me," Jack said evenly.

"Hmmm, yes," Daniel said, looking down at Jack's cock, which was a little firmer than when they'd started. "Things seem to be right on schedule."

"No," Jack denied. "I'm always like this."

Daniel laughed and settled back a bit. He ran his hands up his inner thighs again, then cupped his balls with one hand and let the other continue up, underneath his t-shirt to his chest.

Jack didn't know where to look. He knew he shouldn't be looking anywhere in Daniel's vicinity, but couldn't tear his eyes away. It looked like Daniel was playing with a nipple underneath the shirt, and he could definitely see Daniel rolling his balls with his other hand.

Daniel spread his legs a little wider, leaned back, and reached back with his fingers, caressing his perineum and beyond. He dragged his hand up over his balls and gripped the base of his cock, his other hand playing with the head and foreskin. Jack could see Daniel's thumb caressing underneath the foreskin, could see Daniel ringing the head, rubbing small circles over the bundle of nerves on the underside. He watched as Daniel pulled the skin up and over the tip, pinching it closed, then dipped his finger inside again.

Jack watched the tug and release of the skin, the slide of his hand, the little twist Daniel did at the tip, mapping and memorizing, watching pressure and speed, filing it all away for future reference. His breathing had synchronized with Daniel's.

Daniel stroked strongly down, dragging his foreskin with his hand, and eased a finger through his slit, then lifted it to his mouth and sucked, moaning softly. He dragged his finger through the slit again and held his finger out. "Want to taste?" he offered.

Suddenly, Jack smelled sex.

"Touching," Jack croaked, admonishing.

"So it is," Daniel agreed and lifted his finger to suck and lick, a little too thoroughly in Jack's opinion, before reaching for the bottle of lube. He popped the top and squirted a small amount onto his hand. He wrapped his fist firmly around his cock and gave a strong pull, then another, and another.

Jack watched Daniel's balls tighten up. Jesus. Daniel stroked a few more times, hard and slow, his hips lifting into the motion. He twisted his hand on the last stroke, and his body shuddered. He stopped for a moment, squeezing the base of his cock, then started again, more lightly this time, but faster, varying the strokes, drawing it out. He twisted his hand again right as it reached the head and he groaned, his thigh muscles tensing from the pleasure.

Jack started breathing harder and his skin flushed. Jesus.

Daniel cupped his balls again and let one of his fingers drift back. Jack saw it disappear inside Daniel's body, then Daniel started tugging at the ring of muscle in time with the strokes. He twisted his hand on an upsweep again and moaned.

Jack reached for him, his body straining, heart hammering against his ribs, needing to touch, help, give pleasure, bring Daniel off, get rid of the ache in his own balls, and then he remembered the game, because his hands were still tied.

"Jack," Daniel said, low and deep.

Jack lifted his eyes to Daniel's face, expecting a victorious smirk, because there was no hiding that he liked what he was seeing, liked it a lot, his cock stiff against his belly. Instead, he met a gaze filled with lust and want, eyes almost black, face flushed, lips parted.

"I want your hands on me," Daniel panted, stroking once again.

"Untie me," Jack demanded, tugging at the rope.

"Not yet," Daniel murmured. He'd had been watching closely through heavy lidded eyes, looking for any sign of panic or discomfort Jack might have at being bound. Jack was breathing more harshly, his skin was flushed, his pupils were dilated. He was straining, his erection jutting out from between his legs, his whole body leaning forward.

But he was about as far from panic as he could get.

A rush of satisfaction washed over Daniel when he glanced at Jack's cock, now vigorously erect.

"Daniel," Jack growled, complaining.

Daniel laughed lightly, ripped his t-shirt off over his head and lay back, drawing his legs up until his feet were planted on the table, knees bent, giving Jack a line-of-sight view. He cupped his balls, drawing them up so that Jack could see the edge of his opening. He stroked a finger lightly over the hole, the nerves there tingling and alive, and moaned softly.

Jack considered breaking the goddamned chair.

Instead, he scooted the chair closer, the legs scraping along the tile.

"What're you doing?" Daniel asked, looking up between his knees.

"Getting closer," Jack stated, his eyes gleaming. He was going to bury his face underneath Daniel's balls and lick and tongue him until he came all over the goddamned table.

Daniel laughed and scooted back, out of reach.

"Fuck!" Jack blurted, his mouth watering. He tugged at the belt again.

Daniel rested his head back, curled his fist around his dick and started stroking, his other hand going up to stimulate a nipple.

Jack's breath hitched. Holy fuck. He could see Daniel's thighs vibrating, his cock hard and red and leaking, his stomach muscles quivering with built up tension, his nipples hard and tight.

Jack's own cock was stiff and hard, aching, demanding to be touched.

Daniel gave a particularly hard downstroke and gasped sharply. Jack could see his balls tighten. Come, he silently begged. Come.

Instead of coming, Daniel stopped and sat up. He'd had enough of the teasing, and judging from Jack's body language, he had too. He got up and stepped up to Jack, leaning down for a kiss, his lips and tongue plundering Jack's mouth, hot and hungry, a taste of promised passion. He pulled the tail of the slip knot and turned away, meaning to head toward the bedroom.

Jack exploded out of the chair, belt still around one wrist, kicked off his shredded sweats, and slammed into Daniel's back, tackling him to the floor.

Instinct took over and Daniel rolled, trying to get the upper hand. Jack used the momentum to roll them once more, hands scrabbling frantically, using his weight and strength, calling on his superior fighting knowledge. He managed to capture Daniel's wrist in a hold, pulling his arm behind his back, and spread his legs to give himself enough leverage to keep Daniel in place. The arm lock was one they'd practiced many times, and was one Daniel could easily break.

If he wanted to.

Daniel lay face down, panting wildly.

He didn't break the hold.

Jack felt a surge of victory rush over him. He settled down against Daniel's back, covering him. "Where do you think you're going?" he growled menacingly in Daniel's ear.

"I was thinking about going to the bedroom," Daniel admitted, breathing harshly.

"I like you right here," Jack said, then nosed around until he found Daniel's ear, took the delicate shell in his teeth, and bit down.

Daniel shuddered and drew in a gasping breath.

Jack shifted his weight, forcing first one knee than the other between Daniel's thighs, then made him spread his legs. He thrust with his hips, letting his cock rasp over Daniel's opening.


Lube. They needed lube.

Jack judged the distance to the table and the bottle, trying to decide if he could move fast enough to get to it and back before Daniel could get his feet under him. He decided to risk it and pushed up, lightening quick, snagged the lube, and crashed back down on Daniel just as he was pushing up to his knees. He dropped the lube close and shifted to the side, grabbing Daniel's wrist in the hold again. He placed his other hand on Daniel's tailbone and let two of his fingers press between Daniel's cheeks, holding his fingers at Daniel's opening -- not pushing, not caressing, just holding his fingers there, feeling the hungry pulsing.

Daniel's forehead was pressed against the tile, sweat dripping off him. He turned his head, feeling the coolness on his cheek. "Bed is soft," he said, coaxing.

"I want you here," Jack countered, and rubbed his fingers in small, slow circles, tormenting. He brought Daniel's hand up over his head, stretching the arm out. Daniel brought his other hand up and placed his palms flat. "Don't move your hands," Jack warned, and let go of Daniel's wrist when he nodded. He slid his hands down Daniel's arms, then slithered down Daniel's back, the friction making his t-shirt ride up his belly. God. Skin. He pulled his shirt off and got rid of the belt still around his wrist, then continued down, settling low between Daniel's thighs, the tiles cool against the heated flesh of his cock. When exactly had he gotten so hard? He kissed the small of Daniel's back, feeling him arch, then lower, spreading Daniel's cheeks with his hands, to the place Daniel's finger had been. He stroked his tongue over the hole in the same rhythm Daniel had used, soft and gentle. Daniel's answering whimper got him right in the balls and he surged back up, unable to wait any longer. He grabbed the lube bottle, slicked up, positioned himself, and pushed in, one long, hot, blissful stroke, his balls tightening with pleasure.

Jack paused, fighting for control, but Daniel was moving under him, writhing, twisting, begging Jack to move. Jack, stretched out fully, letting Daniel take his weight, and moved his hands up to lace fingers with Daniel. He buried his face in Daniel's neck, took a mouthful of muscle between his teeth, pulled his hips back, and bit down while he stroked in hard and deep.

Daniel's head jerked up off the floor, his back arching, his body twitching with pleasure. "Jack," he groaned, and ground his hips.

It was like jumping out of a plane without a parachute, all out of control and crazy-- too good to last -- the teasing had gone on too long, and the watching had them both on the edge before the fucking had even begun. Jack felt Daniel come first, his body locking up then shuddering as the waves of pleasure swept him away. Jack's own balls responded, the clench and release of Daniel's hole pulling the pleasure from deep inside his belly out though his dick. His hands convulsively grasped Daniel's, his hips snapped forward -- once, twice, and his body was bucking into Daniel's tight heat, intense pleasure radiating through him.

They lay on the floor, sweat gluing them together, panting, Jack's face buried in Daniel's neck, Daniel's head turned so the cool tile pressed into his cheek, both of their bodies trembling into the afterglow.

Jack was nuzzling at Daniel's nape when he heard him say in a shuddering voice, "I want creme brulee for dessert."

Jack laughed and kissed over the bite mark, then said truthfully, "You can have anything you want," talking about more than dinner.

Daniel smiled and relaxed, feeling Jack's weight, his heat, and the absolute sincerity of the promise rushing through him.

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Holy Hannah! That was hot. And you covered all the bases too. You rock like a hard place.

Sorry to add to the heat!

Okay. No, I'm not sorry. *g* I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had fun with this one. It's been a good while since I played with Jack and Daniel.


OOoh! porny *flushes* that was incredibly hot! wow! thank you *-)

You're very welcome. *g* It was a lot of fun picturing writing this one. :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

ooowee baby! I like it like that!

You had my undivided attention from the first paragarph. I like the way you started in the middle of the afterglow and recapped previous sexcapades before moving on to more.

And it was so hot that I completely forgot about the bet until Daniel mentioned creme brulee. It actually took a moment for my brain to catch up.

You worked everything in beautifully. CLITORIS *snerk*

Thank you for writing fic for me, Feather, I'm blessed by your friendship. And thank you to everyone who helped it along. And everyone who reads it and comments.


I'm glad you liked it!

I wanted them to be at that beginning stage of the relationship, that point where everything is still new and shiny and you can't keep your hands off each other. I figured the best way to do that was a brief recap. *g*

I'm so happy the porn distracted you from the bet! That's exactly what happened to Jack, too. Hehehe It's the reaction I was going for. :)

I lucked out with the clitoris thing. It's amazing what you can find with google. *g*

You're very welcome! I had a lot of fun writing it. I've missed playing with Jack and Daniel.


Wow. I think with the current heatwave and the hotness that is your story, I may have just fried a few braincells. ;)

I loved how well they know each other already, and know how to push the other guy's buttons, even though they're just at the beginning of their sexual relationship. Your Daniel is one heck of a tease! No wonder Jack wanted to go a little alpha on him there at the end. That was very hot, btw. :)))

Thanks for sharing this story with the rest of us!

You should come over and sit with me in the air conditioning! I hope the missing brain cells aren't the writing ones. *is worried* /g/

One of the things I love most about Jack and Daniel is the weight of their relationship. They do know each other very well, and I love the thought of that translating into the physical.

Daniel was a bit of a tease here, wasn't he? Well, he was challenged! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. *g* I sure do like the thought of him putting on a show for Jack, though. :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! And thank you for the clitoris link. *g*

If he needed to, he could break the fucking chair and get free

I love it when Jack goes all manly. Smoking hot fic.

I liked that line, too! There's something about Jack going all alpha, isn't there? *girly sigh*

Thank you! *snuggles you*

I... Ummm... Well that was just fantastic. Took that migrain I had right away. The image of Jack coming out of that chair so fast with lust was enough to cause a hot flash.

I was just reading some of your stuff over at plotexpo and took a chance that some of you would be here. I got lucky. I'm always looking for some good J/D stuff and this sure delivered. I hope you don't mind if I friend you cause I so want to read more.

I cured your migraine? Oh wow! But gave you a hot flash in return? Hmmm, is that a good exchange? *g* I'm glad you liked Jack exploding out of that chair. I did to. :D Can't you see it? All coiled energy, ready to spring.

Friend away! All my stuff is at Area 52 as well. It usually gets put up here and there before it makes it up at Plotexpo.


Welcome! And thank you for letting me know you enjoy my work!

Oh gods, I LOVE dangerous!Jack, and here his powers are used for good! And it's passionate, and loving and all kinds of complexity with creme brulee and I love it.

Dangerous!Jack is a thing of beauty, isn't he? I love it when he goes all alpha. *shivers* I really wanted their relationship to spill into a new physical one, so I'm very happy to hear that I managed to do that!

Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it!

So this is the story you were talking about.

Wow, that was scorching. You hit not only my PM kink with this one, but also my "one partner tries to pretend he isn't turned on" kink. With a sledgehammer.

And I could completely picture both of them behaving exactly as they did.

Yep, this is the clitoris story. :D Thank God for Red Dwarf! They saved me. *g* Although, I did have this conversation with Teal'c worked out. . .

I'm not sure why, but I remembered that you said you liked PM, and it's been in the back of my mind. When I was trying to think of a plot, that popped up, and I decided to go with it. I'd never really thought about it before, but liked how it worked for this story. I'll admit I think I've found a new button, and I do share your 'one-partner-pretends' thing. "Nope, not interested. Okay, that was. . .Nope! Doesn't do a thing. . . oh wow." *g*

I'm glad you liked it! And thank you again for the help.


*fans self*

Yep, that's what I was trying for. *g*

I'm glad it got to you.

Good lord, that was hotter than a hot thing. *goes to find an icepack* Really, really lovely power dynamics.

I've got a definite kink about Jack going all alpha. *g* Sorry about the heat!

Okay, no I'm not. ::giggles:: I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Here on a rec from _minxy_ and whew, as hot as the current weather here, which is scorching.

Loved their interaction and the dare/game/foreplay/tease.

I'm glad you decided to give my fic a go! I enjoyed playing with Jack and Daniel again. Those two just sizzle. *g*

Thank you for letting me know you liked it!