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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Had to shave my puss!

Not that puss!

She is too damned fat to clean her back correctly. I know it's bad, but there is just no denying her when she decided she's on the verge of *starvation* because her bowl is half empty. I'm no match for a persistent/insistent cat. *hangs head in shame*

It doesn't help that she gets up underneath the RV and gets grease on her back. The poor thing was so matted I had to shave it all off. She took it very well, actually. At first she looked at me like, "WTF?" But once the first mat came off she stretched out and relaxed like she was getting a spa treatment or something.

Who runs this house again? *g*


*g* All this time, and you honestly don't know who's the boss?


Give the poor baby an extended scritch from me - choose a hairy bit please :-)

Niiiice shot of your bathroom carpet btw ;-)

She loved the scritch and sends one back! *g* As long as one of us knows who's boss, I guess it's okay. *nods*

God, I didn't even think about the carpets! I should have cleaned first! :( ::laughs at the absurdity of that::

Who runs this house again?

::: points to Thumper :::

*laughs* You're so right! *g*

Your puss doesn't look shaved.

She's a pretty girl.

If you look closely you can see I started right behind her shoulders. She just informed me that of *course* she's a pretty girl. *g*

Awwwwwwww! ::pets poor fat little kitty:: My cat is getting pretty chubby, as well. I was tempted to take the scissors to him, but I just took him out in the yard and gave him a bath like a dog :D He looks much better now :D

It's starting to grow back now and she seems quite pleased with it. *g* I thought about giving her a bath, but it was way beyond that. Still, once the rains hit, she won't want to go outside until next summer, so we should have an uneventful winter.

Yeah, right. *g*