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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Tagged by catspaw_sgjd

She gave me the letter B.

1. Okay, first and most obvious is my birds. Spoiled rotten brats that they are. Still, there's something very wonderful about coming home to calls of, "Hi cutiepie! I love love love you!" It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

2. Beaches. I adore the water. I love the sandy beaches of the tropics, and the rocky/craggy ones further north. I love listening the the surf, be it soft and quiet or roaring. Somehow, water soothes me.

3. Belgariad. Just about my favorite books *ever*! David Eddings created such a rich world. I sobbed and sobbed when I finished them, because I knew I wouldn't' be seeing those people again for a while, and I was going to miss them!

4. Boys kissing. I know, it's a shock to all of you. *g*

5. Bondage. I do like a little bit of kink with my hotness. There's something about one partner being tied, all that energy contained, focused, and having permission to just be *done*.

6. Balls. As in, the testicle kind. I love them. And I love when someone trusts you enough to let you play with them a bit. I'm fascinated at how they can be all heavy and loose, or snugged tight, and so very sensitive and responsive.

7. Bacon. It's one of my favorite meats! I'll eat it with just about anything.

8. Bra. Okay, terribly mundane, but when you're as busty as I am, it's a necessity. And really, bras got rid of the corset!

9. BBQ. I love the flavor grilling over an open flame gives.

10. Breezes. I love that gentle movement of air, just enough to caress your cheek. Somehow it makes it easier to breathe.

Wow! I actually came up with ten! *is amazed*

So, the rules state, if you leave a comment I'll alphabet you, too, but really, I'll only do that if you ask. *g*


See, 'B' - not so hard :-)

Well, it took me quite a bit of staring out the window to come up with stuff, but I managed. *g*

Plus, it let me put off climbing onto my roof to find a leak, so all's good. :D

"Hi cutiepie! I love love love you!"

nwaaawwww! thats somthing i would love to hear when i come home.

dont tag me tho, as i dont think i can handle anymore thnking.

It's a great thing to come home to!

I won't tag you, but I'm glad you read mine. *g*

Ooo this looks like fun - hit me

LOL Okay. *thinks* How about the letter P?

Please, miss, may I have a letter?


Hope things are ok with you. Not heard from you in ages.

Are you sure you want a letter? You already got one! Still, this is kinda a cool meme, so I'll give you an R.

I know I've been a little quiet lately. I haven't been busy or anything, just quiet. *g* Doing okay, though. I've got half of the problems associated with coming over there in November solved, so that's a load off my mind. Well, half a load, anyway. LOL Did I hear the rumor correctly that you might be coming to play with us?

Yes, you did hear that rumour :-). I'm coming to play with you, but not actually going to the con.

I'm coming straight from work on the Friday, so should be able to get to you for 9pm. Not sure when I'll be going back yet!