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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Oh, how I worship electricity!

Went up to Mt. St. Helen's yesterday! I was rather surprised that the leaves hadn't changed more. Everything was still fairly green. I have noticed that the trees that are changing here aren't very spectacular-- certainly nothing like the whole mountainsides that are on fire this time of year in Colorado, nor the riot of color in upstate New York. Still, it was a very nice drive.

And the volcano was steaming when I got there! How cool is that? There were two steam vents open and you could see the plumes rising. I just gawked like a kid! There were all sorts of little tremors in the crater, too, mostly from falling boulders. You could see puffs of dirt and dust rising up from those, too.

While my friend and I were in the visitors center, I noticed that I kept feeling like the ground was moving, just a teensy bit, and I felt it mostly in my inner ear. My friend thought I was crazy, (which I probably am) until we found the seismograph. There were indeed several decent size tremors happening.

I didn't get home until very late, and was watching TV, when the power went off. Well, it was getting pretty damned close to 0400, so I took it as a sign and hauled my ass to bed. When I woke up this morning/afternoon, still no power. It seems that someone took out a power pole a few miles from here. So I was sitting there, no coffee, no computer, no TV, no way to power the vacuum, and it wasn't good. I had plans for today! I desperately needed to do laundry! I wanted to write! Desperate Housewives is on tonight! Then I remembered -- I have a generator. ::facepalm:: What?!? I hadn't had coffee yet! So I fired that on up and even though it's rather loud, it's been running smoothly. I now have my neighbor hooked in, too. *g* Hopefully they'll get the regular power back on soon, though. It's burning my fuel! Still, I realize how very, very lucky I am.

Current Mood: contentcontent

Good thinking on the generator!

But wow, awesome. If I ever get back to Washington State, seeing Mt Ste Helens is definitely on my list of places to see.

You should definitely go see it if you get the chance! There are still whole forests of fallen trees, huge trunks that the volcano snapped like toothpicks when it blew. It really is amazing.

The generator saved me from a morning of pouting, so that was good, too. *g*

Oooh, very, very cool! A real live volcano!!

Well, hopefully not TOO live. *g*

And the generator thing made me giggle. Because without coffee I'd been tthe same way.

Hope you've gotten your power back!

I was very happy it was active enough to see some stuff. The plumes were very cool!

I think I pouted about the lack of power for a whole five minutes before I remembered the generator. *shakes head* I'm glad I eventually remembered.

Yep, the power came back on about four in the afternoon, so all is good.

How's things? Do you have an office yet? Working from home?

BTW, love the icon! *goes to happy place*

I'm still working from home. No word on when we'll be moving into the new suites. ::sighs:: It's getting tedious! Cabin fever is setting in. I have to make a point of getting out of the apartment at least once a day, even if it's just to the coffee shop.

There's a possiblity of me getting an interview for a really cool job, though. So I've had my fingers crossed for that. I'm totally in limbo, just waiting, waiting, waiting, on everything.

But next week, vacation! The husband and I are driving north around Lake Michigan and checking out happenings in the UP. Should be pretty cool!

Cabin fever is never a good thing. Coffee is, though. *g* It's a good excuse to go get a nice tall latte, anyway. *nods*

The job interview is for the university based lab, right? I've still got my fingers crossed for you!

It'll be the prefect time of year to drive around up there! The leaves should be spectacular, and the nights crisp and cool, perfect for cuddling! And drinking coffee.

Ummm, maybe I need to go get a second cup myself. *g*

Yay, you got there at long last :-) And it sounds so cool! Yay for the generator too: no pc? Unthinkable!

Oh yeah, the volcano was very cool! And I was very glad it decided to show off for me. *g*

Can you imagine a day without a computer?!? I can't! I'm back on regular power now, though, thank god.

Noah's Arc icon?


JA *is* pretty, isn't he? (le sigh)

And thanks Gal! He made it for me :-)

He gives good icon. *nods*

Mmm, Jensen.

::Bites Nipple::

His, not yours.

You've no idea how glad I am you clarified...


Mt. St.H, the mountain named after the town I live in. I wanted to visit when I was over last year and didn't make it, maybe next time.

I've watched some of the live feeds and they look impressive, bet even more so when you are physically there. I be so jealous. ;)

No coffee = no brain function.

Glad you remembered the generator in time.

You definitely must go next time you're over here! It's an amazing sight. If I'm still in the area I'll take you!

I was a little slow to remember the generator. *g* I'm glad that particular part of my brain started working when it did.

Less then two months now! :D