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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I wonder

If UPS delivery men have a sort of secret list. One where they post things about people.

For instance--

Many years ago I had an incident with the UPS guy. I was expecting a package, but not until the next day. I was in the shower, my head full of shampoo, when I thought I heard a knock at the door. Okay, so I wasn't really thinking clearly, but I really thought it was my imagination! I went to the door naked. A door with a big clear window in it. *palmface* And yes, there was a UPS guy there. After that I never once had to carry a package inside. He was always very eager to bring them in for me. *g*

The second incident happened right after I discovered slash. I decided I desperately needed some gay porn research material, so I ordered some. The good stuff, too. Well, a few days later I get this knock on my door. It's the UPS guy. He holds out this plain brown package and said, with a definite twinkle in his eye, "Your package from Titenmedia is here!" Ooooooh yeah. He knew *exactly* what was in that plain brown wrapper. *g* Carron was probably right. She said I should have invited him in for bottled water and a viewing.

Then, yesterday, I headed out to work and saw the UPS truck in front of the office. I knew the office was closed, but was expecting a package, so I stopped and asked if he had something for me. Now, I have a very distinctive last name, which he recognized immediately, and said he did. He went into the back and found it, then, while I was signing for it, complemented my shirt. It was very pretty, a scrub top with dolphins on it, but it struck me as kind of strange! It made me think that maybe I'm infamous in UPS circles. ::laughs::


Hmmm... we are such a small town that we only have one UPS driver. He's sweet. They probably do keep a running tab on people. LOL What a thought!

*nods* I never thought about it before, but they must, at least on some level. And lemme tell you, those 'plain brown packages' fool nobody. *g*

I'm sure you are up on a wall of fame somewhere. Hee.

Our previous USPS mail carrier just moved, so we have someone new. We sometimes get packages from adult stores and this new guy separates those out and brings them up to the porch.

I'm a little embarrassed (after the fact) because the former carrier was a fairly close acquaintance that I saw all the time at school & scout functions. Now I can't help but wonder...

He actually seperates out the special deliveries and specially delivers them? ROFL!!! God, that's a hoot! And I'm thinking they maybe have too much time on their hands. *g*

I don't blame you about being a little squirmy, though. Especially if you see them in a social atmosphere! Can't you see it? "Hmmmm, Reedfem has a package from Good Vibrations. Didn't she get one last week, too?" ::holds package up and shakes:: "I may have to go visit that site myself." *g*

Thanks for posting that! A little notoriety - wonderful :-). Round my way, you're lucky if any parcels turn up at all.

Hope you're having a good week.


It really is very funny, isn't it? Still, it must be very boring for them, so I'd imagine they get their kicks where they can. *g*

The week doesn't suck so far, so that's a good thing! I hope yours is going well, too. {{{{{hugs}}}}}