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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I have declared war on flies

Unfortunately, I don't think it's a battle I can win. I'm not sure if it's just because I live in a very small space, which makes a few seem like a lot, but it seems that flies find RVs irresistible. I usually kill a few a day, but it's gotten out of hand! I've spent the morning on a killing spree, swatting left and right, stalking back and forth, striking the little bastards whenever I see them, even going so far as to strike a few out of the air. Go me!

Thumper thinks it's the best game EVER, and is all for it, feathers fluffed, tail flared, rocking back and forth, having a grand old time. Derick, on the other hand, is cringing in the corner and hissing at me, because yes, I regularly beat my birds with a fly swatter. *rolls eyes* As you can tell, Thumper is the braver of the two. *g* The dog and cat have wisely asked to go outside until the carnage is over.

I do feel a little guilty, they're just being what they are, after all, but they moved in without asking, don't pay rent, and annoy the shit out of me!

DAMMIT!! There's another one! ::grabs swatter and bolts out of chair in pursuit::

Current Location: A strange horror movie
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

I LOATHE flies! These always seem to get exactly where you don't want them.
*grabs swatter to assist you*

These buggers have gotten cheeky, too! *scowls* They seem to think they're pets. I've had a few land on me and beg for food.

You take the front and I'll take the back. We'll be done in no time! *g*

Granny has a thing about flies too. Can't stand them in the house.

Sometimes she scares the piss out of me when she swats them and the flyswatter hits the window in a certain way that makes a very loud noise. Now she tries to remember to warn me before she swats.

I'm with your Granny! Disgusting things.

At least you don't cringe and hiss at her. *g*


Maybe I will next time.

Are these the little tiny ones that come from nowhere and teleport when faced with imminent death, or are these the large B-52 sized ones that can attain the speed of light in .015 seconds *just* as the swatter comes down?

These are more of the fighter sized ones. And they're getting crafty, too. I think they've passed on smart genes or something, because they've learned what the swatter means -- must have passed that on during the last fly-meeting. Now, they start flying around frantically before I even start swatting!

I think I still have at least twenty left in here. *girds self for battle*