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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I've discovered something!

I've suddenly come up with something nifty to do while waiting for my hair color to process.

Gay porn.

It's the perfect distraction! Really, it is. I haven't even noticed that my head is itchy, or that there's this funny smell, and the time has just *flown* by. In fact, it's time to go rinse already.

I think it's important we all pass along these little tips that help may the day better, don't you? *g*

Current Mood: sillysilly

wow = great minds think alike -- Ive just done the very same thing!

It must be something in the air. *g* And the porn makes it a much nicer experience. *nods*


Was that you enjoying the threesome in the truck bed?

Ummmmmm. Yeah, that was me. I enjoyed it several times, in fact. LOL

Wow, I wish I would have known you were having that problem... that's already how I pass my 10-25 min... LOL

I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner! Although, for me it's closer to 45 minutes, cuz of the grey. :( But, on a brighter note, once I color it, the grey looks like platinum blonde streaks, so I get instant highlights! And really, it's the perfect excuse to sit and try to get inspired, isn't it? *g*

I only have to go that long with the cheap colorers. If I use the $10 products, it's only 10-25. LOL

Hi. I just came across your journal by searching for others in Colorado Springs. I thought your writing seemed interesting so I added you - hope that is okay.

Welcome! Sorry it took a few days to answer. :( I was out of town, though. *g* The Springs is my home base, but I travel for work. I usually move every 9 months or so. My flist is my one shot at consistency in life! I'm glad to have another friend from home.