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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Home from paradise

That trip was way too fast. It's like one great big tease! You get there, have a few too many drinks, soak up some sun, have a few more drinks, laugh a little, then you have to get back to RL. :(

We had a great big ole party Friday night with the CEO handing out the name badges and personally thanking each and every one of us for working with his company. I was a bit stunned at that, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. The margaritas started flowing and stories came out, so I now have a few more places on my 'don't ever, ever go there,' list. *g* We were all talking about how we loved having more control of our lives, being able to take more time off, and I mentioned I was going to England to meet RDA.

It's fun when all conversation stops and you get to be the center of attention for a while. *laughs* So now several people I don't really know have pledged to hate me forever. Why yes, I was smug about it all, can you tell? *g* We stayed up until the wee hours drinking and dancing, which probably wasn't the smartest thing, since I had to be up early in the morning to make my tour.

I made it to Chichén Itzá, which was absolutely incredible. That city must have been spectacular in its hayday. Our guide was Mayan, and so sweet and funny! Not at all like the one I had down in Belize, who oozed bitterness. He gave the tour in both Spanish and English, which shames me, because I can barely get the English part right and here he had three languages! He was telling us about the culture, some of the traditions, and then said, "What do Mayan's look like? Like me! Short, round faces . . . " then he indicated himself, "Not too bad, eh?" *g* So cute! I got some great pics, which I'll post as soon as I find my camera cable.

Cancun itself is trying so damned hard to pretend there wasn't a devastating hurricane last year. It all lurked right below the surface, though. When I was checking in, a woman was at the desk complaining. She was moving to her *5th* room in two days! Each had something pretty major wrong -- no hot water, toilet wouldn't flush, no A/C, one room had only hot water, even in the toilet, which was steaming, so she was afraid to use it. The floor in my room was wet, constantly, like someone had splashed a bucket of water around and didn't mop it up. I cringed every time I turned on a light, thinking I was gonna be electricuited. Everything else worked, though, so I figured I was doing pretty good. I did happen to flip on the TV and found an old Martial Arts film, dubbed in English, with Spanish subtitles, which made me giggle.

I had a very very cute, very very 30-something seat mate on the flight back. He had his lappy out and was showing me pictures -- he'd been traveling around for about a month. After an hour or so, his battery started to die, so he started searching for his headphones to listen to his Ipod. He looked at me and said, "I know I put them between my legs." Ummmm, so, yeah, I very helpfully offered to help him search, but unfortunately he took it in a friendly/helpful/middle aged woman kind of way instead of a lecherous/pervy/middle aged woman kind of way. It's not my fault! When he was going through files on his lappy I saw a folder labeled 'music to make love to'. What was I supposed to think?? *g*

I got home just in time to get settled for The Big Wind Storm. There was stuff flying all over the place, things crashing into the RV-- I was scared my awnings were gonna rip off, but they didn't. *wipes brow* We did lose power, and once I got up this morning I can see why. We have *HUGE* tree down, and it took several power lines with it. That thing barely missed one of the trailers! I did hear a big ole crack and crash last night, I'll bet that's what it was. So I'm back on generator power. I'm trying to decide if I should stay home or not. I can use the tree as an excuse-- there just is no getting out that road. I can go out the back way, but that's usually blocked off, they just opened it for us this morning, but work doesn't know that. I won't run the generator while I'm at work, so it might get chilly in here, but, otoh, I'll save fuel if I'm not here all day. Plus, I don't get paid time off, and I am taking two weeks off starting next week. I'll probably go in.


This sounds like a perfect holiday all around! And yay for being the center of attention for a while due to your hot date with RDA in two weeks time! Never mind the five hundred or so other people... *g*

Can't wait to see you to hear more about your trip!


500 other people? Pfffft. None of that will matter. Only MEEEEEE! *g*

Actually, yes, RDA will be cool, but I'm really looking forward to meeting up with you lot again. ::hugs back::

heheh! what fun 8-)) also OMG RDA thats so soon now isnt it??? wheeeeee!! am so excited.....for you that is, I will live it all through you and the others *bg* so be specific..need lots of details and pics *-))

::stares at icon:: I'll try to remember details, but I'm afraid my brain is going to blank out. :( Ach, well. It wouldn't be the first time. *g* I'm sure my lovely traveling companions will gladly recount every single embarassing thing that happens. After all, what are friends for? *g*

Yay! Sounds like you had a great time! ::squeezes::

And yay for having a cute seatmate on the way back. *g* Always brightens things up.

It was a lovely way to spend a weekend! I highly recommend it. *g*

Looking forward to seeing the pics and its great to have you back safe.

It was good to get home. Now I've got to get ready to come see you! *bounces* I leave in a week! I've got to do laundry! And other things! *starts to panic* LOL