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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I'm cool! Or so I've been told. *g*

A little over a year ago I walked into a gaming store intent on buying some cool new game. I hadn't played anything really fun since Diablo II, and hadn't kept up on the latest, so went up to the two twenty-somethings behind the counter and asked which new games were the funnest. Well, I could see it in their eyes. "Okay, old lady-- the Monopoly is on the back wall." But one of them very politely came out from behind the counter and asked what kind of games I liked. We walked up and down aisles-- no, I'd already played that one. No, hated that one, it's a dead world. Yep, *loved* that one! Finally, after a long discussion on the merits of different gaming styles, I picked one. I placed my purchase on the counter, and the guy who'd stayed behind looked at me with new found respect and said, quite sincerely, "You're like. . . the coolest mom *EVER*!" ROFL!!

Does being mom to a dog, cat, and two Cockatoos count? *g*

So, about a month ago I bought the new Nintendo DS handheld. What? I needed it! *frantically casts about for excuse* Oh, oh! That's right! The older Gameboy SP is too small for my arthritic hands! *nods emphatically* That's right, it is! The newer version is much more comfortable and has some cool new games I wanted to play and since I'm going to be making two very long plane trips in the next few weeks, I need entertainment.

Also, the new Final Fantasy is out for the DS.

So I reserved a copy and went to pick it up yesterday. I was, yet again, standing there discussing the merits of the game when this teenage boy came up to me. "That's a really good game. Your son will love it."

"Son?!? Hell no! This is for *me*!"

I completely stunned him, poor boy. He just sort of stared and blinked while his mind tried to wrap itself around that. Then his face broke into a huge grin and he said, "A cool parent! I wish I had one." ::laughs:

I'm thinking if his own mother had bought herself FFIII and had no intention of sharing, he wouldn't' think it was so cool after all. *g*


I used to be a Starcraft junkie. I'd play it for hours every night to unwind.

Then I discovered fandom and now my consoles don't get no love.

*nods* My gaming has fallen off greatly since I found fandom. I'm not sure why I've chosen to take it up again. And yes, I've got an almost-finished fic that's been sitting there untouched for about a month now. *hangs head*

Hell, I've even decided I'm going to tell my family I want a PS2 for Christmas. *g* I wanna play Final Fantasy 12!

Fic? An almost-finished fic? Raise your head and poke your muse. J/D, right?

It's a John and Rodney one inspired by one of the pics on Picfic. I'm pretty sure I won't be working on it for the next week, since I'm heading over the Pond tomorrow. Hopefully when I get back!