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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Something is very, very wrong here.

My life shouldn't be this way! It shouldn't! My life should be what it was last week! I should be living in a cozy cottage nestled at the foot of a mystical Tor. I should be drinking fine spirits, and eating good food. I should be surrounded by people who love me, and laugh myself silly at every opportunity. *wails at the fates* How cruel to give me a brief glimpse of it and take it away! ::throws self melodramatically on bed::

There's really only one thing that could make it a teensy bit better. A new SGA ep. *g*



Just because :-)

::clings:: It's just not right! *sobs* It was so nice there and it's all icky here! Why is that?

Things are getting a little better since my sleep is sorting itself out, though. *g*


Just remember - there's no place like home.

Plus your pooch is out of jail!


Poor Abby made this really high pitched squeaky/yippy noise when she saw me. I've never heard her do that before. I guess she missed me. *g*

Aw, poor baby. //pets Abby//

I feel exactly the same way!!!


As for SGA, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this week's ep will be as slashy as last week's. :)) Would that be something to cheer you up?

{{{{{S}}}}} The letdown is horrible, isn't it? :-( I think I'm starting to ride the high of memories. I'm feeling a smidgeon better today. It could just be that I'm catching up on my sleep, though. *g*

The ep didn't quite hit the slash mark of last weeks, but it was very nice. :) Yes, it did cheer me up a little. *g*

Oh, ditto :-).


(But I'll skip on the SGA. I'm happy with my book instead!)

That holiday is going to be hard to beat, isn't it?

We'll have to give it a good shot next year, though, won't we? *g*

::pulls you off the bed and offers a glass of caramel tequilla::


*takes and hiccup/gulps it down*

Things aren't quite so grim since I've started catching up on my sleep and the jet lag has gotten better.