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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
SQUEE! Technology!

::hugs technology tight::

I've been without power for two days. I've got the generator, so no big deal, BUT, the cable, internet, and my phone were all out! I had no contact with the outside world at all! It was horrifying.

I may need porn to recover, I dunno. *g*

I missed you all terribly! *hugs flist*

What'd I miss?


Yes, yes, I say porn is the only thing that will fix that horrible situation and remove any lingering . . . uh . . . tensions.


I was wondering if you'd made it through the storm intact, and now I know. NOPE. Sure didn't. Glad the crews got you back online. My boss is still without power so he's a cranky bastard, and most of the women I work with with very few exceptions are without power and they all come in and take showers in the locker rooms here - do their hair - put on their makeup, iron their clothes for work. The guys come in with rumpled pants, wrinkled t-shirts, haven't showered or shaved - and are smiling from ear to ear while they each compare how cold their respective houses are. Loss of power will show you the difference in the sexes more quickly than anything else.

I'm glad you've got things back to normal. Now take several large doses of porn and IM me later.

I think the worst part was me thinking I'd miss out on newly posted fic! It was terrible. I was all shaky and sweaty. Ummm, I might have a slight addiction problem. *g*

Yes, nothing like camping out to show the differences between men and women. ::laughs:: I wash my hair every day, even when camping. I've had many a man shake his head at that. Stoopid boys. *g*