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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Over the hills and through the woods. . .

It's looking like there may be a window of not-horrible weather over the Cascades tomorrow, so I'll be heading out in the morning. I should be back online that evening or certainly the next afternoon.

I still have so much to do!

Figure out what's up with the RV battery, and probably go buy a new one.

Return cable box and modem. (clings to internet)

Wash windshield inside and out.

Clear out area around steering wheel.

Pack up.

Try to get to bed early.

I guess I'd better get started. See you all on the other side!


Remember - no falling over any cliffs. Or making phone calls then forgetting hang up, swearing like a sailor, and then making noises like you're falling over a cliff.

None of that.

LOL! I flipped the phone shut! I swear! I can't believe it didn't disconnect. Erm, sorry you got to hear the real me. ;-)

Drive safely.

Yeah I know. You were planning on driving unsafely right up until I said that...

Oh do not taunt her...you have no idea what she's put me through in the past.

She made it safely, btw.

I did! I;m very glad I made the trip today intstead of tomorrow. It's pretty nasty out there right now. I'm very glad to be parked and set up.

Thank you for the good thoughts! I'll take any positive energy I can get. *g*