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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
All safe and snug

The drive over wasn't too bad, actually. The RV has a transmission problem, though. For the last several years it hard-shifts between 2nd and 3rd, sometimes even locking up the transmission. The only thing to do is stop, turn the engine off, and restart it. I've had it checked, and been assured it's fine, but it did it going over the pass, only this time it got stuck in 6th gear, which turned out to be okay, because there was about 4 feet of snow on the shoulder, and no chance of stopping until I reached the other side. I did discover that it's best not to try to climb steep mountain pass roads in 6th gear, though. ::laughs::

I'm also an incredibly weak, weak person. My plan was to stick to major highways. Mapquest suggested I take a shortcut and bypass Tacoma, but nope. Not me. Major highways only! The last time I took a short cut I almost drove off a cliff and damaged the jeep! Yep, just keep to the major roads.

Except. . .

There was a shiny sign, with the name of the town I was going to, and it had a pointy arrow. Yes, it was the road I almost drove off of, but really, that was last spring, and obviously the detour was gone, and the road was bare and dry. . .

So I turned. *palmface* It turned out to be okay, though. Good drive, no wind, light traffic, and no shifting problems. Plus, it cut an hour off my drive so I got here when the sun was still out, which was nice for getting all hooked up. I ran into town to get my new ClearWire modem for internet access, then complained to carron that I wouldn't get the satellite dish up until the weekend, probably, and it was going to be arctic cold then. She kindly suggested that even though it was dark at that point, maybe I should do it now. So I did, and thank god for that! It's sleeting outside now, and we've got a massive cold front coming in, but I'm all safe and warm, complete with TV and internet access.

One of the girls I worked with last time I was here called while I was on the road and asked where I was. I told her, she relayed the info, and I could hear squeeing in the background. It made my heart all warm and fuzzy. It's nice to be so appreciated!

And I've got a really kinky sex toy fic that's almost done.

I'm a happy girl.


Thanks for keeping us updated! I'm glad you got there safe and sound, and so nice to be appreciated by colleagues, too.


I'm so glad I'm here! It's a trailer park, instead of an RV park, so it's not as nice, and I'm not parked by a lake, and it's a small town, but there are people here who are glad I'm back, and that counts for so much!

Yeah :-). Just having a few friendly faces about can make so much difference. Hope your first week in your new contract goes well.


::beams:: Safe, sound and snug as a bug in a rug. Good!

*beams too* I picked the right day to come over, that's for sure. I was starting to get worried that the drive would never be clear! I got the brief window, though.

And better yet, no cliffs! *g*

Kinky sex toy fic? Woohoo!

Glad you arrived all safe and sound.

I've had this fic in my head for several months now, but in a funny way I needed to keep it to myself for a while, let it burn through my brain, give me a distraction. Once I got home from my last day of work I started writing. I don't need the crutch any more. How cool is that? *g*

I'm so glad I'm here and safe, too! ::hugs you::

The only thing to do is stop, turn the engine off, and restart it.

Sounds like a PC which I can totally make fun of, being a Mac girl ;-)

Hey, you got there safe and you're writing a kinky sex toy fic? I'm a happy girl too!

LOL! It is like a PC! *g* I'd do the Mac thing, but I'm a gamer, and unfortunately, most games are made for PCs.

The fic is pretty kinky-- at least I think so. We'll see what the betas have to say about it. Hehehe. It's just so good to be getting something new written!

My relief to be here knows no bounds.

You arrived safe and sound?

*lets out BIG sigh of relief*

I was meaning to ask - you rent a modem? How does that work?

Nobody sighed more loudly than I did when I pulled in. This park is at the top of a very steep hill, which is very icy in the winter, so I was delighted that the road up was bare and dry. Actually, the whole way over was bare and dry. I just lucked out! *does happy dance*

ClearWire is a wireless internet company. You can either rent or buy a modem. The modem is $200, but you can rent it for $5 a month. Since I won't be living here for the rest of my life, it's cheaper to rent. I'll turn it back in when I leave-- unless they have their service at my next assignment.

Glad to hear you got there safe and sound, and now I am imagining you warm and snuggly (is that even a word?) with your feet up watching porn. (But not in a "feet up, fingers up" type way!!)

I'm writing porn, does that count? *g* Yes, it's very, very good to be here and all set up! I never can quite relax until I've got everything up and running, so I'm so happy I managed to get it all done last night.

It snowed last night-- about 4 inches, so the hills are all covered in white, the sun is out, all is good. :)

Your penultimate sentence. Yeah, that one. It completely blew everything else out of my mind.

Am I still thinking that I am glad you had a safe trip? That it was indeed a good thing you put your satellite dish up? How cool it is that your co-workers are so happy to have you working with them again?


All I can think about is your kinky sex toy fic and when will it be ready.

I must clear my schedule for that one.

Give us a hint - Jack/Daniel or someone else?

It's Jack and Daniel. I needed the weight of their relationship for it to work. :D

Triple YAY with sprinkles on top!

and nipple clamps

I'm so glad to hear you made it safe over the mountains!! And yay for nice colleagues. It makes such a difference going into work every morning knowning that there'll be nice people around. :))

Also, I'll join the others. Can't wait to read your kinky J/D fic!

It's so damned nice to be here! I walked in today and all work stopped, everyone clustered around, and it was Story Time for about half an hour. *g* I'm glad I'm back.

The fic is coming along nicely. In fact, I'm gonna go write some more now. :)