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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

Well, that didn't take long. I've got frozen pipes. *sigh* I've still got cold water in the bathroom, but the hot water is frozen solid, and nothing in the kitchen. This has never happened, not even when I spent the winter in New York! It doesn't look like it's going to warm up enough to thaw out anytime soon, either. :( I guess it's sponge baths and the occasional shower at the hospital for me.

Despite that, I'm delighted to be here. The first day was wonderful. All work stopped the minute I walked in the door and we had a half hour catch-up/story session. *g* I've slid right back into my old role. It's like I never left! I'm more relieved than I can say.

I guess I need to go heat some water.


*Sends you warm vibes*

Thank you! I'm trying to look at this like it's camping. I used to do it all the time.

Of course, that was several decades ago. *g*

Can I use this as an excuse to not shave my legs?

I'm so happy you are happy back at your job. sorry bout the pipes tho, how awful! dont think i could copewithout hot water..although I did for a while, back in the bedsit, but I was young and things like hot water didnt matter when I had a hot guy to warm me up in bed..Mmm...anyway, I digress *g*

:;gives you a big hug:: 8-))

Hot guys make up for a lot, don't they? *g*

I'm so damned glad to be back here! It's such a friendly place. I'm very lucky.

I hope things are well with your new job! ::hugs you back::

Ach, what a pisser :-(

(The frozen pipes, not the warm welcome *g*)

Here's hoping for a thaw sooner rather than later.

Oh, and it got worse! I thought I should check the sewer line, cuz that *did* freeze in NY, and oh yeah, one solid tube of ice, 20 feet long. :( I had to call work and tell them I'd be late, then run to the store for another line, then spend two hours thawing, replacing, insulating-- all while rolling around on the frozen, snow covered ground. *whimpers*

I did manage to get the hot water lines in the bathroom thawed, so hopefully I'll be able keep that running, *fingers crossed* and also keep the sewer line opened. *toes crossed, too* /g/

Break out the vodka and the hair dryer - it's a time honored tradition. Knew it was gonna be cold over there but wow - that was fast.

Right before work I discovered the sewer line had frozen solid, too. *sigh* So I spent two hours taking care of that. I did manage to get the hot water line thawed, so hopefully everything is set now.

I hope.

Oh, and yes, the drain in the shower froze, too. I didn't have to use vodka, though. I had anti-freeze which worked fine without horrifying my mother. *g*

Yay on being back to the job, boo hiss at the weather.


It's definitely a yay/boo situation. *g*

I compounded the boo part today. I got the hot water thawed in the bathroom. Shower! YAYYYY! The drain was frozen. BOOOO! I bailed all the water out and poured boiling water down the drain, thawing it. YAY! In the process, I scalded my hand. BOOOOOO! It hurts like a sonofabitch. I'm sitting here with ice on it. At least there's plenty of that outside, so I won't run out. *g*