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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Kinky SG-1 sextoy fic

YAYYYYY! I wrote a fic! From start to finish and everything! *g* It's been a while. Writing makes me happy, but I've found that if I'm unhappy and in survival mode, I just can't do it. :-(

Still, I'm on a roll now, which makes me very happy.

Jack and Daniel
About 7900 words
A desperately needed transition scene provided by this pic
Many thanks to catspaw_sgjd and yragg for everything they do. I'm lucky to have such friends.

Janet sprang up from her desk, instantly concerned. Jack, Teal'c, and Daniel were staggering in, Jack in between the other two men, an arm draped over each set of shoulders, letting them support him. His face was ashen with pain. "What happened?" she asked, indicating the nearest bed.

"I don't know if I can lie down," Jack grunted, a sheen of sweat on his face. "Back is spasming,"

Janet took in their muddied appearance, saw Jack get paler when he twisted slightly, and unlocked the narcotics cabinet, reaching for the Demerol. "What happened?" she asked again.

"Jack was helping me move a stone, and his back seized up," Daniel said tightly, holding Jack up. "It all happened in an instant."

"We've got to get his gear off so I can give him this," Janet said, waving the pre-loaded syringe.

Teal'c kept Jack's arm around his neck, freeing Daniel to help move Jack's vest, jacket, and shirt. They left the articles of clothing hanging off the arm around Teal's neck, wanting to get the pain meds into Jack before asking him to move any more than necessary. Janet quickly swabbed his arm, then darted the needle in, depressed the plunger, and wiped the area once again, making sure it wouldn't bleed excessively. "Let's give that a few minutes to work before we do anything else," she said, then turned to the other two mud-caked men. "Are you two okay? You all look like you've been in a mud fight."

"It's right in the middle of the rainy season there. The ground was kind of oozing," Daniel said wryly, looking at the flakes of clay falling onto the floor. "I think Jack's foot slipped. I'll be fine after a shower."

Janet looked quickly at Teal'c who nodded in agreement. "Once we get the Colonel on the bed, you two go clean up," Janet said before turning her attention back to Jack. He was obviously in pain, his face taking on a greenish cast and his breathing quick and harsh. She watched as the drug started working its magic, pushing the pain away, letting Jack relax a bit. "Can you make it to the bed now?" she asked.

Jack took a deep, breath. "Yeah," he said, but let Teal'c and Daniel help him, support him while he sat on the edge, grimacing in pain, gritting his teeth.

"Help me get him out of his gear," Janet instructed.

Jack let them take his gear the rest of the way off, and grunted when Daniel lifted his legs up onto the bed, then went white again when he tried to lean back against the raised bed back, his legs instinctively raising up to use their weight as a counterbalance to bring him back upright. "Nope," he panted. "Can't do that yet." Janet turned to her nurse and said, "Let's start an IV and get some muscle relaxers into him." She looked back at Teal'c and Daniel, then at the flakes of sticky clay falling onto her pristine floor. "Out," she ordered them. "Go shower." She turned her attention back to her patient. The nurse had started a line and the medication was dripping slowly into Jack's veins. "You should feel better in a few minutes," she said, moving behind him to lift his shirt. She started palpating the muscles, and there, in the lower back, she could feel the spasms underneath her fingers.

By the time Daniel and Teal'c had returned, Janet had managed to get Jack out of his muddy pants and boots, cleaned him up, and had him, if not comfortably, at least fully on the bed, dressed in a gown, a blanket covering him up.

"How is he," Daniel asked, concerned. Jack was still white around his mouth, and the deep creases around his eyes spoke of the pain he was still feeling.

"He'll be fine," Janet assured him. "He's pulled a muscle. It'll take a week or so, but he should be good as new."

Daniel nodded then went to Jack's side. "How you doing?" he asked softly.

Jack opened his eyes and Daniel could see that he was doped to the gills. "I wanna go home," Jack said in a loud stage whisper.

Daniel laughed and looked at Janet. "Careful. Janet might think you don't like her company."

Jack snorted and closed his eyes again.

"He can go," Janet said, "but he can't drive."

"I'll take him home," Daniel offered.

Janet smiled. "I thought you might. I want to see him again tomorrow, though." She gave Daniel a couple of bottles of pills-- one for pain, one with muscle relaxers. "Keep ice on it to help the swelling. He'll probably be pretty gorked for tonight, and don't let him drink any beer while he's taking this stuff."

Jack had seemed to be asleep, but he started moving, trying to swing his legs over the side of the bed, even though his eyes were still closed. The cold air hit his bare legs and he opened his eyes. "I need pants," he slurred. "I'm not walking through the halls without pants."

Janet laughed. "I'm not going to make you wear that gown home, Colonel." She turned to Daniel. "You can go get his civvies, if you'd like."

Daniel touched Jack on his shoulder. "I'll be right back," and he left, making his way quickly to the locker room for Jack's clothes. By the time he got back, Jack's IV had been removed and he was sitting on the edge of the bed, swaying. His knees wobbled a little when he stood up, but between Janet and Daniel and the nurse, with not much help from Jack himself, they managed to get him dressed. Janet looked at Jack thoughtfully and said, "Do we need a wheelchair?"

"I can do it!" Jack said, straightening up and trying to glare. But the drugs had him soft and pliant and the glare came out weak.

"Of course you can," Janet soothed. She turned to Daniel. "You know, I could use some fresh air. Why don't I walk with you?"

"You're not fooling anyone," Jack muttered, but walked willingly enough with both Janet and Daniel toward the elevator.

Jack dozed in the car, lulled into relaxing by the gentle sway of the vehicle. Daniel pulled into Jack's driveway and cut the engine, then turned to look at him. The soft glow from the streetlights lit his face with blue, the hard planes of his features softened by sleep. "Jack," Daniel whispered. "We're home."

Jack stirred and opened his eyes. "Thank God." He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door, but stopped. "I might need help getting out," he said, his face drawn tight with pain.

Daniel nodded, got out, and walked around to the passenger's side. Jack grunted when he swung his legs out, then paused for a moment, panting, before gripping the seatback and the dash to lever himself up. He hissed with pain, but managed to get himself upright. Once they were inside, Daniel moved quickly to the kitchen, leaving Jack by the front door to get out of his jacket. He filled a glass with water, and fished the pill bottles out of his pocket while walking back to the front door. "Here," he said, holding out the glass and shaking a few pills into Jack's hand. "Take these."

Jack swallowed the pills down then rubbed his hand over his arm, grimacing. "That sponge bath they gave me didn't really do it. I'm going to go hop in the shower."

"Okay," Daniel agreed amicably. "Do you need help?"

"Nah," Jack said. "I'll be fine."

"Holler if you need anything," Daniel said, taking the glass back to the kitchen. It took a while, but he finally heard the water start in the shower. He opened his laptop and started writing his mission report. Ten minutes later he heard Jack calling for him. He got up and entered the bathroom, clouds of steam billowing out when he opened the door. "You okay?" he called.

"I can't get my back," Jack said, almost a whine.

Daniel laughed lightly and started stripping his clothes off. "You just want me in there with you, don't you?"

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Jack complained.

"Oh," Daniel said, toeing off his shoes and pushing his pants down. "I didn't say it was bad." He climbed in behind Jack, and reached for the soap, working up a good lather, and started rubbing soothing circles over Jack's back. He felt Jack relax under his touch.

"Hmmmm," Jack murmured. "That feels good."

Daniel worked his hands lower, and shit. He could feel the hard knot where Jack's muscle had seized up. He rubbed broad, soothing strokes over the area, and smiled when Jack sighed in appreciation, pushing back into the touch.

"You know," Jack said, grabbing one of Daniel's hands and pulling it around to the front. "Demerol makes me horny." He pushed Daniel's hand down to his groin.

Daniel laughed, running his hand up over Jack's flaccid cock. "Yes. I can tell."

"It does!" Jack insisted, turning around in Daniel's arms. He locked his lips with Daniel's, stroking against Daniel's mouth with his tongue, then nibbled over to Daniel's ear. "I want you to fuck me," he whispered as he ran his hands down Daniel's back to cup his ass and pull him closer.

"Don't you think that'll hurt your back?" Daniel asked, shivering despite himself.

"I don't care," Jack answered.

Daniel looked at him, considering. "Let's go get comfortable," he finally said, reaching out to turn the water off. They grabbed towels and dried off, then walked to the bedroom naked. Daniel had enough foresight to pull back the covers before Jack climbed onto the bed. Jack winced a bit as he lowered himself, but the hot shower had left him loose and pliant-- skin warm and flushed pink, little water droplets still clinging to the hairs on his chest. "Turn over," Daniel said, pushing on Jack's hip, and Jack grunted when he did, then settled on his stomach, one knee pulled up to ease the strain on his lower back and open himself.

Daniel looked with longing at the long length of Jack's back, wanting to touch, lick, kiss. He knelt between Jack's thighs and reached over to the nightstand, opening the drawer. He fished around the various lubes, condoms, and toys until he found a small bottle of massage oil. He planted a kiss between Jack's shoulder blades before he knelt back up, smiling at the muffled groan of appreciation and restless shifting of Jack's hips. He flipped the lid open and squirted a generous amount onto his palm, then put the bottle back on the nightstand before rubbing his hands together briskly, warming the oil. He started up at Jack's shoulders, running his hands firmly over the muscles there, digging in with the heels of his hands, putting some weight behind it, applying pressure.

"Hmmmm," Jack groaned. "Feels good."

"I thought it might," Daniel smiled.

He worked lower using lighter strokes. When he reached the still-tight muscles in the small of Jack's back, he worked his hands in easy circles, coaxing and soothing, trying to get the muscles to relax. He felt Jack grow heavy underneath him, relaxing into the mattress, his hips stilling. Daniel continued on, stroking from the spine out with his thumbs, using his whole hand to warm the muscles, rubbing circles over the tightest spots.

A soft snoring rumbled through the room.

"I thought so," Daniel whispered. He kept going for a few more minutes, wanting to make sure Jack was truly asleep, then leaned forward and planted another soft kiss between Jack's shoulders before carefully climbing off the bed. He shifted the covers over Jack before pulling on a pair of sweats and going out to the kitchen to finish his report.

An hour later he finally shut the laptop down and rubbed his eyes, yawning with fatigue. He pushed back from the table and padded to the bedroom, stripped off the sweats, and crawled into bed naked, spooning up behind Jack. He nuzzled into Jack's nape and put an arm over his waist. Still asleep, Jack covered Daniel's hand with his own.

"Still sore?" Janet asked the next morning, noticing how stiffly Jack was holding himself, reluctant to climb on the infirmary bed.

"Yeah," Jack said. "I think I did a number on my back this time."

"Do you think you can get on that bed for me?"

Jack looked at the bed distastefully, then gingerly sat down, obviously not wanting to bend or twist. Janet reached into a cabinet and pulled out a small black box that had several knobs on it, as well as foil packet and a set of electrical leads. "This might help," she said. "It's a TENS unit. It uses electrical current to stimulate the muscle."

Jack's face turned stony. "Thanks, but no thanks, Doc," he said firmly, making to get off the bed.

Janet smiled in understanding. She knew what Jack had endured as a POW. She gently said, "This isn't anything like what you may have experienced in the past, Jack. It uses a very mild current. Most people find it very pleasant."

"I'm not most people," Jack said stiffly, standing up and wincing when his back spasmed again.

"Jack," Janet said softly. "I really think this will help. The current will stimulate healing. Please try it just once. Here," she handed the unit to Jack. "You control the current. Please try it."

Jack looked at the box distastefully, like it was a living thing, then back into Janet's eyes. He sighed. "Okay, I'll try it."

Janet smiled. "Good! I need to put the pads on your back, okay? Sit down again."

Jack sat on the edge of the bed, tension radiating out of him. Janet walked behind him and lifted his shirt, then tore the foil pouch open and pulled out two large pads, peeled the backing off the sticky side, and pressed them firmly onto opposite side of the strained muscle. She snapped on the leads then walked around to Jack's front, pushing the connectors into the box. "This knob turns on the power and controls the intensity. This knob is the pulse. It controls the speed of the pulsing all the way up to a steady stimulation. Are you ready to try it?"

Jack's face was an unreadable mask, but he nodded.

"Start slow," Janet urged, "Turn the knob until you feel a slight tingling."

Jack held the box away from his body at arms length then warily turned the knob, the smallest increments. At first there was nothing, then he noticed a slight tingling in his back. Curious, he turned the knob higher and the tingle intensified, becoming a thrumming. It wasn't bad. In fact, it was good, like his muscle was getting a deep, gentle massage from the inside. He felt himself relaxing and looked up to find Janet smiling at him. "You were right," he said grudgingly. "It feels good."

"When are you going to learn to trust me?" Janet teased, reaching in the cabinet for another foil pouch. "Here's an extra set of pads. Use the unit three times a day for fifteen minutes each for the next week."

Jack accepted the pouch with one hand, then put it down so he could turn up the intensity a little more and started playing with the pulse knob, experimenting with the different sensations.

Three weeks later Jack limped into the infirmary, looking rather sheepish this time. Janet just looked at him inquiringly and motioned toward the bed. "I strained my thigh," Jack said. Then he didn't offer more.

Janet sighed. Being Jack's doctor was a trial in patience most of the time. "How did you do that?" she asked.

"Well," Jack started, going into storytelling mode. "You know we have to be in good shape to be in the field."


"So I work out."


"And I can sometimes get a little . . . competitive about it."

"Just cut to the chase, Colonel."

"Teal'c and I were doing squats, and I might have, possibly, tried to match him in weight."

Janet looked at him and shook her head before tossing him a gown. "Strip," she ordered.

"I think you just like to see me naked," Jack grumbled as she drew the curtain around the bed.

Janet didn't bother dignifying that with an answer.

"You've strained the quadriceps," Janet reported after finishing her exam.

"No! Really?" Jack asked in mock shock.

Janet laughed. "All right, smartass. You know the drill. Ice, ibuprofen, rest. Oh, you still have that TENS unit I gave you for your back?" She continued when Jack nodded, indicating places on his thigh. "Use that. Place the pads here and here."

Three days later Jack was relaxing on his couch in shorts, the TENS unit working its magic on his thigh, sipping a beer, watching the game. Daniel would be over in a few hours and Jack felt a pleasant anticipation growing in his belly. Even though his thigh kept them from doing anything too energetic, he liked slow, lazy sex, and on top of that, he just liked spending time with Daniel. He noticed a slight twinge in his back, left over from his initial injury and probably not helped by arching back sharply from their shared orgasms last night. Why not? He peeled the outside pad off his thigh and placed it on the small of his back on the opposite side, pressing it into place. Might as well use it there, too.

He gasped in shock. He hadn't turned the unit off, and the new connection point caused the electricity to travel up his thigh and, oh God, through his groin. His dick twitched strongly, responding to the electric tingles passing through sensitive spots. It was like instant arousal.

"Shit," Jack breathed, then he mischievously started moving the pads around, trying to find the best combination for getting the current where he wanted it. His dick was hard, twitching in time with the pulses coming out of the box. Fuck. He stood up to make his way to the bedroom where the lube was and his knees almost buckled. The shift of position had changed the path again, and he could feel it skirting his prostate. With a groan he thumbed the knob to off and took a deep breath to steady himself before climbing the stairs and making his way down the hall. Once there he stretched out on the bed and turned the unit back on. Oh yeah, there it was again, a light, gentle tingling almost at the edge of perception. He turned the knob up until pleasure started washing over him, then dropped the unit and reached for the lube, dribbling a few drops on his palm to ease things along.

It was odd to feel his cock twitch without him telling it to, but odd in a good way, like his body had decided to do its own thing and he was just along for the ride. That probably should have freaked him out, but the surges of accompanying pleasure were too good to deny. He started stroking in time with the pulses, turning the frequency up as he got closer. He managed to last a few minutes, but one final nudge of the knob, and he was at continuous stimulation. The pleasure lifted up and up and up until he finally toppled over the edge, coming powerfully, spurting between his fingers.

The stimulation continued, though, buzzing through him. His fingers fumbled with the knobs, quickly turning them off before melting back into the mattress, trying to catch his breath.

Holy shit.

Jack was eternally grateful that his leg and back were healed, because after yet another planet where they had to run for their lives to make it to the gate, he was burning with need for some serious we're-not-dead sex. He could see it in Daniel's eyes. He needed it, too. They kept tight control, making it through the med check and the debrief, avoiding each other’s eyes and space in the shower, walking stiffly side by side out of the mountain, each driving off in their own vehicle. Daniel pulled up right behind him in the driveway though, and was out of his car before Jack was, already striding up to the front door, using his key and letting himself in, leaving the door opened for Jack.

As soon as Jack stepped into the dark hall his jacket front was grabbed and he was shoved against the opposite wall. A hot mouth covered his and a distant part of his brain felt and heard Daniel kick the door shut with his foot. His own hands were busy, getting Daniel out of his jacket, his clothes, needing to feel warm skin, surging and alive under his hands. He realized Daniel was working on his clothing, hands desperately moving, restlessly undoing buttons and zipper. Their kiss was a battle of tongues and lips, trying to devour each other. Pants were pushed down just enough to expose groins, then Daniel plastered himself against Jack, fisting his hair with one hand, keeping his head still, lacing his fingers with the other, pinning Jack's hand to the wall above his head. Jack groaned into Daniel's mouth and used his hands to pull him closer, hooking his arm around Daniel's neck, devouring his mouth, squeezing both their dicks between their bodies, a delicious friction making him shiver.

Daniel tilted Jack's head back and went to work on his neck, toeing off his shoes and kicking off his pants at the same time. Jack was doing the same, hands on Daniel's shoulders for balance. Once they were naked, they bumped their way to the bedroom. When Jack felt the mattress against the backs of his knees, he fell back, pulling Daniel down with him. It was awkward, half hanging off the bed, so Daniel rolled off and crawled up. Jack rolled over and followed, getting a good view of Daniel's perfect ass in the filtered moonlight. He moved up behind and caught his breath when Daniel reached for the drawer, canting his ass further in the air, spreading the cheeks, giving Jack a glimpse.

It drew Jack like a siren song, like gravity. He leaned forward and bit, using his teeth to mar that perfect skin. Daniel froze for a moment, his hand resting deep in the drawer, past the condoms, past the cockrings, past the TENS unit, looking for his favorite lube. His fingers curled around the bottle and pulled it out. He didn't shift, didn't turn to face Jack. He pushed his ass back, asking.

Jack groaned and kissed over the spots he'd bitten, then dipped his tongue in between the cheeks, finding his target, delicately using the tip to tease and cajole.

"Jack," Daniel groaned, handing the lube over. "Please. I don't . . . I want . . . "

Jack dragged his tongue over the twitching opening one more time before kneeling up and taking the bottle. He squirted a generous dollop into his palm, then coated two fingers heavily before palming the rest over his cock. He knew what Daniel needed. Hell, he needed it himself.

The prep was quick and dirty, neither of them capable of anything else-- a quick shoving of fingers, stretching and trembling, a little twist of his hand, and then he was lining himself up, pushing in.

"Fuck!" Daniel said, letting his head hang, loving the burn, letting it consume him, letting him know he was alive. "Oh God, that's . . ." He pushed back, engulfing Jack.

There was no resting, no pause. Jack pushed in deeply, shoving his hips forward until his balls slapped against Daniel's sweaty skin, then he pulled back and did it again. Daniel shifted, surprising him, kneeling up, fumbling behind him for Jack's body, needing more contact, needing more connection. Jack groaned and wrapped his arms around Daniel's chest and bit his neck, thrusting forward sharply, his hips stuttering, fingers finding and pinching nipples, just taking him.

It still wasn't enough. Jack stopped long enough to push Daniel forward, needing more, deeper, harder, needing to cover him.

Daniel went willingly, then braced his hands against the headboard when Jack pressed against his back, groaning when Jack dug his toes in and thrust. He opened his legs wider, granting more access, then held on while he was fucked into the mattress.

It was wild and crazy and completely out of control-- so goddamned good with heat and sweat and mindless need.

Jack felt his balls draw up tight, felt it building, and sped up his strokes, pushing in hard and fast until it all burst out of him, overwhelming pleasure spiking through him.

Daniel hadn't come yet, but Jack kept enough presence of mind to grab onto his hips and roll them both onto their sides before he reached down and taking Daniel's cock in his hand, stroking hard and quick.

Daniel's orgasm was almost, but not quite, painful to Jack's oversensitive cock, contracting muscles squeezing and milking him to the point where all he could do was hang on and ride it out. They were both a shuddering, sticky mess, glued together by sweat, Jack breathing harshly against Daniel's nape, holding him close.

"Daniel?" Jack asked, his voice shaky.

"I guess this proves we're both still alive," Daniel said, and they both dissolved into laughter, the stress and tension and fear of earlier fading away, Jack snorting into Daniel's neck, Daniel shaking in his arms.

Jack pulled out and Daniel scooted away enough to turn onto his back, then pulled Jack close, kissing him gently now. "That was . . . I thought I was going to lose you," he said softly.

"Me too," Jack said, just as softly. "I love you, Daniel."

"I love you too, Jack," Daniel said, and pulled his head down for a sweet kiss.

Daniel took another bite of spaghetti, nodding in agreement as Jack complained about overwhelming paperwork. Being department heads meant there was a ton of it. In fact, he should be getting back to his. He was just getting ready to push back from the cafeteria table when Janet walked up, tray in hand, and sat down next to him. "Hey, Janet," he said amicably.

"Daniel, Jack," she said, smiling. "I know you two are almost done, but I haven't seen you in a while." She paused. "Not that that's a bad thing," she conceded with a laugh.

They talked quietly for a few minutes, catching up, then Daniel said, "Sorry. I really need to get going. Jack and I were just complaining about the amount of paperwork we need to get done."

Janet nodded in complete agreement and understanding, then looked at Jack and said, "Oh, by the way. Could you return that TENS unit? We're doing inventory this week and I need it back on the shelf."

"Oh," Jack said. "I'd forgotten about that. I'll bring it in tomorrow."

"Good enough," Janet said happily. "See you both later," then turned her attention back to her meal.

Daniel kept his features schooled, but something was up. It was very subtle, but the way Jack spoke, the way he'd avoided eye contact . . .

He was lying.

Why would Jack lie about that? It didn't make any sense. Daniel gave a mental shrug and put that thought away. It didn't matter. He and Jack made their way to the cart to leave their trays, then walked out of the cafeteria.

"There's a game on tonight," Jack reminded him. "You coming over?"

"I'll be there," Daniel promised, and made his way to his office alone.

Ten minutes later, in the middle of filling out a personnel review, he froze, all the pieces crashing into place. His subconscious had obviously been working on the problem, and once solved, brought it to his attention.

Daniel remembered reaching into Jack's sex supply drawer, searching desperately for lube, and his hand passing the TENS unit.

In Jack's bedside drawer.

He sat back and breathed. Jack was using the unit for sex? That was insane. He wouldn't do that.

Would he?

Okay, yes, there were a lot of electro stim toys out there, things he'd seen on web sites, but given Jack's history as a POW, it didn't make any sense.

Except, the sites said it felt fantastic.

It seemed a little more research was in order.

Daniel was second-guessing himself. He was poised outside Jack's door, packages hidden in the deep pockets of his jacket. If this went wrong, if he'd misread the situation, it could get nasty.

On the other hand, if he was right, it would be amazing. He'd spent the last few weeks doing research and carefully choosing what he wanted to use. There was nothing left to do but either try or back out. He shrugged and decided to trust himself, trust Jack, trust them. He rang and waited for Jack to open the door, carefully controlling his breathing.

Once he was inside and the door was shut, Jack cupped his skull and pulled him into a kiss. Daniel kissed him back happily, then pulled away and jabbed his thumb toward the bathroom. "Too much coffee," he explained. "Grab me a beer?"

Jack laughed and turned to go to the kitchen. "Game starts in five minutes," he called over his shoulder.

Daniel made his way down the hall to the bathroom, stepped inside and shut the door, then quietly opened it again, peering down the hall. He could hear the TV blaring. He darted a look at Jack's bedroom door, then took the few steps necessary to be inside. He dug into his pockets and put the items, safely ensconced in plastic ziploc bags, underneath the bed before returning to the bathroom, flushing, and walking out, dropping his jacket in the hall before joining Jack in the living room.

They ordered pizza, drank beer, shouted at the game, just spent the afternoon together, enjoying the companionship. Darkness fell, casting the room in shadows, closing them off from the outside world. Once the game was over, Daniel listened while Jack grumbled about missed calls and lost opportunities. Daniel's mind was on other things, though, his thoughts going over his plan, the steps needed, wondering how to start things off. Jack solved that problem for him by running a finger up Daniel's arm, his eyes warm and dark, watching with delight as goose bumps trailed after his caress. He lifted his eyes to Daniel's and leaned in for a kiss, warm and lingering.

Daniel breathed deeply and cupped Jack's skull, then met his lips, sucking on the lower one, ghosting his tongue over it. Jack groaned and leaned back, pulling Daniel with him until they were stretched out on the couch, making out unhurriedly. Jack's hands stroked underneath Daniel's shirt, warm and broad while Daniel's hands ran down Jack's arms, then up his sides, feeling the hard muscle and soft hairs.

"Bed?" Daniel asked, nuzzling under Jack's ear.

"Oh yeah," Jack agreed happily, pushing his hips up once so Daniel could feel his erection, then waiting until Daniel rolled off and offered him a hand up.

It was kind of silly, walking hand in hand to the bedroom, but they did it anyway. They stopped at the foot of the bed and started touching, slowly releasing buttons, caressing exposed skin, kissing shivery spots. They took their time, helping each other undress, until finally naked, they both climbed on the bed kneeling as they faced each other.

"So beautiful," Jack murmured, running a single finger down Daniel's chest.

Daniel smiled and ran his hand from Jack's knee to his hip, tugging him closer. "I'm the lucky one," he said, then sucked lightly on Jack's collarbone.

"We're both lucky," Jack smiled, then stretched out on his back, spreading his legs, inviting.

Daniel ignored the invitation and straddled Jack's hips instead, enjoying the feel of Jack's hard shaft pressing against his balls. He put his hands on Jack's belly and ran his hands up to Jack's chest, carding through the hair to find hard nipples. He leaned forward and tongued one gently, flicking it with the tip, then blew cool air over it before engulfing it in his mouth, pulling until it was a hard nub against his tongue.

Jack groaned and put his hands on Daniel's head, directing him to the other nipple. Daniel gave it the same treatment, licking and sucking until it was hard, enjoying the feel of Jack's fingers running through his hair, the feel of Jack's chest hair against his cheek, the feel of his nipple tightening against his tongue. He moved up to nuzzle underneath Jack's chin, then sat up again, making Jack's hands fall away from his head. He started at Jack's shoulders and ran his hands down Jack's arms, ghosting patterns on the inside of his elbows, before moving his hands lower to lace their fingers together.

He could feel his heart pounding against his ribs as he leaned forward again, drawing Jack's hand up and over his head, pinning them to the mattress.

Jack could have reacted badly, could have pushed up, thrown Daniel off, said he didn't like to be held down. Instead, his breathing got harsh and he locked eyes with Daniel, hot and aroused. He grasped Daniel's hands and surged his legs up to lock around Daniel's waist, pulling him closer. "Do it," Jack said, his voice gravelly. God, he hadn't even known he'd like this kind of thing, but the way his cock was twitching, the way his belly was tingling, it was something he was very willing to try. "Jesus, Daniel."

A surge of lust rocketed through Daniel. The way Jack looked, the heat pouring off of him, that he was pulling Daniel close, ready to be fucked-- Daniel almost abandoned his plans. He leaned down with a groan and kissed Jack deeply, letting his cock brush Jack's belly, still keeping Jack's hands pinned above his head. He gentled their kiss, easing back on the lust, bringing them back to a place of tenderness. He raised his head and looked into Jack's eyes again. "I have a surprise," he said, his eyes searching Jack's. "There's something I'd like to try. Do you trust me?"

Jack's eyes got curious. "A surprise? For me?" He mischievously rolled his hips. "Sure you don't want to just fuck me?"

Daniel laughed and brushed his lips against Jack's. "I'm sure I do," he assured him. "But I'd like to try this, first."

"What is it?"

"Can you keep your hands up here and close your eyes?" Daniel asked.

Jack looked at him inquisitively, then grinned impishly. "I can do that," he promised, and drew his hand up higher, uncurled his fingers from Daniel's, and reached for the slats to the headboard when Daniel let go of his hands.

"You need to let me go," Daniel laughed, moving his hips to remind Jack that he still had his legs wrapped around his waist.

Jack gave a deep sigh. "The things I do for you," he said, as he unhooked his ankles.

Daniel grinned, then leaned up to kiss each of Jack's eyes closed. "Keep them closed," he murmured before kissing Jack again, running his hands down Jack's sides. He got off the bed and reached underneath for his packages, stood up and caught his breath. Jack was stretched out, his hands gripping the headboard, his legs apart, his body drawn into one long, lean line. His eyes were still closed, but there was a smug, mischievous look on his face. Daniel smiled and couldn't resist bending down for one last kiss before crawling between Jack's legs again. He opened the bag and took out the first item and the lube. He kissed Jack's inner thigh once then said, "Spread your legs."

Jack shivered at the sound-- quiet, commanding, gentle. Daniel's voice was an intoxicating mix. He spread his legs wider and shifted his grip on the slats.

Daniel popped the cap on the lube and coated two fingers. He traced the edge of Jack's hole, teasing, then pushed in to the first knuckle, leaning forward to mouth Jack's balls at the same time. Jack groaned and tightened his grip on the slats, pushing his hips down, wanting more.

Daniel eased his finger in deeper, then pulled out, slowly finger fucking. He moved his mouth to the other ball before slipping the second finger in, feeling Jack clench around him. He leaned back up and squirted more lube into his fingers before continuing, leisurely pumping in and out, getting the lube as deep as his fingers would allow.

Jack groaned when Daniel pulled his fingers out, wanting the fullness. Then something blunt and cold touched his opening. He tilted his head, curious, but kept his eyes closed, his attention focused on the sensations in his asshole.

It was strange. He'd expected maybe a dildo, something soft and fleshy, but whatever Daniel was using was very hard. It was virtually frictionless, though. He could feel himself dilating, opening up, but there was no burn, no drag-- it was almost like he couldn't feel the toy, but could feel his body reacting to it. He shifted his legs so his feet were planted on the mattress, spread wide. Daniel was slow and careful, so whatever it was slid in by barest increments, until Jack could tell it was narrowing again, could feel his hole closing around it. Whatever it was, it was big. The coldness was leaving, warming to body temperature, but he could feel it inside whenever he shifted. Then he felt a cord against his leg and grinned. Daniel had bought him a vibrator? He heard a small click and readied himself for some buzzing.

Daniel watched as Jacks' body engulfed the shiny metal plug, watched how it effortlessly swallowed the toy, and stifled a groan. God. Once the wide part of the plug was past the sphincter, it slid in easily until the base was tucked against Jack's ass. He reached for the control box and snapped the lead in. He looked up at Jack's face, making certain everything was still okay. Then, seeing Jack's grin, asked, "You ready?"

"Yeah," Jack said eagerly. "Turn that puppy on."

Daniel laughed and turned the first knob.

At first there was nothing, then Jack felt it, a deep thrumming, a clenching of his sphincter, and his mouth fell open in shock. It wasn't buzzing at all-- it was electric, like the TENS unit, only better, inside instead of out, more direct. His hole relaxed and clenched again, and it was like the toy was fucking him, moving deep before relaxing, then doing it again.

Daniel watched Jack's face closely, looking for signs of distress or discomfort, but all he saw was stunned surprise and pleasure. He turned the knob more and watched the plug moving. He set the pulse so that it was fucking slow and deep, just the way Jack liked it, then turned up the intensity a bit.

"Fuck!" Jack grunted. It was moving in him, sliding past his prostate, nudging the gland. That wasn't all, though. He could feel the surges of power all through his passage, tightening and releasing the muscles, a deep massage from inside.

"Too much?" Daniel asked quickly, prepared to turn it down or off.

"More," Jack croaked. "God, Daniel," and he surged his hips up, shifting the position of the toy, then groaned as it nudged his prostate more firmly.

Daniel felt his balls tightening as he watched Jack's face contort in pleasure. He put the unit down and started running his hands over Jack's body, leaning in to kiss him. Jack responded strongly, his head reaching for Daniel's lips, his body quivering for Daniel's touch. It went on for long minutes, Daniel caressing, the probe fucking, but he wasn't done yet. He reached for the lube and the next piece.

Jack missed Daniel's touch, until he felt Daniel grip his cock with slippery hands, felt Daniel pump him a few times, and thrust up into the tight space, then groaned in protest when Daniel's hand left him again.

Something snug slipped over the head of his dick.

Daniel slipped the cockring over the crown and down the shaft, snugging it as close to the base as he could. This was a contact point too, and would draw the electricity along a different path. He snapped the other lead on and picked up the box again. "Hold on," he warned, leaning down to kiss Jack before turning the second set of knobs.

A deep shudder ran through Jack's body when the path changed. He was still being fucked deeply, but now the current ran through his prostate, not skirting it, like with the TENS unit, but running directly through the sensitive gland. All his attention focused inward, the pleasure washing everything else away. A small part of him realized he was hard, harder than he'd been in years.

Maybe harder than he'd ever been.

Daniel watched as Jack's hands went slack on the slats, as his face grew vague and distant, as his head lolled slowly back and forth, the sensations wracking his body and capturing his complete attention. He saw Jack move his legs wider, thighs trembling, his whole body twitching when the plug plunged deep.

Little moans caught in Jack's throat, tiny sounds in time with the pulses. Jack wasn't aware he was making noise, though, the pleasure washing away the outside world. He didn't need to move his hips anymore, didn’t need to try to get the current where he wanted it. The deep, thrumming pulses were traveling from his hole, through his prostate, and up to the base of his cock. A part of him wanted to touch himself, give some stimulation to the head, but just as he was trying to order his hands to move, he felt Daniel grasp the shaft above the cockring, felt cool breath on him, felt Daniel’s tongue run through the slit once, then he was engulfed by the warm, soft heat of Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel didn't take Jack's cock far into his mouth, choosing to concentrate on the head, carefully avoiding the cockring and the electrical current. He kept his lips tight and worked his tongue against the bundle of nerves at the corona, brushing in time with the pulses, keeping a steady, tender suction.

Jack's hands finally caught up with his brain and moved down to stroke through Daniel's hair. He was one giant bundle of sensation, the pleasure leaving room for little else. He could feel his orgasm building, but instead of his body racing to it, the steady surges nudged him closer, each wave of pleasure building on the last. He thought that the next one would do it, then the next one, then the one after that, but the pace didn't alter, didn't speed up or slow down, just kept the inscrutable march upward.

It was an exquisite torment.

If his hands were able, he would have jerked himself hard and fast. God. He was desperate to come. He held on for long minutes, awash in pleasure and need before finally he broke. He rolled his hips, his body writhing, straining toward completion. "Please," he whispered, not sure if he was saying it out loud. "Oh God, Daniel. Please."

He must have said it out loud, because Daniel plastered his tongue to the underside, increased the suction, and slid his lips down, hard and fast.

Jack's orgasm thundered through him, powerful spurts erupting from his cock, his whole body clenching up as the intense pleasure swept him away.

And he kept coming.

The electricity was till pulsing, the probe still fucking, his prostate still pumping.

"Daniel!" Jack shouted, hands flailing before fisting his hair again. "DANIEL!"

The power finally shut off, thank God, and let him finish, let the spasms fall off, let his overloaded muscles stop clenching. He collapsed into the mattress, breathing harshly, rough pants escaping from his lips. He drew in a deep, shuddering breath and ordered his fingers to loosen their hold on Daniel’s hair, then let his hands fall away and his legs flop to the sides.

He meant to open his eyes and tell Daniel he'd help get him off in a second. He meant to pull Daniel up for a kiss. He meant to tug Daniel close and tell him he loved him.

What he did was fall asleep, his body shutting down, drifting away on the release.

Jack awoke to a bright, morning light streaming through the window. He blinked his eyes open and memories of last night’s pleasure washed through him. He stifled a groan of embarrassment at having conked out without even a word to Daniel. He ran his hand over his belly, warm and clean under the covers, and realized that Daniel must have wiped him down. He hadn't even woken up. His body still felt heavy and replete, but the fullness in his ass was gone, as was the cockring. God. He must have slept like the dead. He could feel Daniel's warmth pressed against his back, still asleep. He smiled and slipped quietly from the bed. He had some serious making up to do.

He took a long, leisurely shower, pulled on some sweats, went outside to get the paper, then settled at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee. After he'd perused the paper thoroughly, he clicked on the TV to get the local news, then got up to make breakfast.

His refrigerator was well stocked, for a change, so he made a full meal, complete with omelets, hash browns, bacon, and toast. A freshly brewed mug of coffee completed the spread. He loaded a tray and padded back to the bedroom to find Daniel burrowed underneath the blankets. "Rise and shine," he said quietly.

"Do I smell bacon?" Daniel asked from his nest.

"Yes," Jack smiled.

Daniel's cautiously poked his head out, sniffing. "And coffee?"

Jack grinned and handed him the mug.

Daniel sat up and arranged the pillows so that he could lean against the headboard. "Breakfast in bed?"

Jack shrugged. "I wanted to do something nice."

Daniel grabbed a slice of bacon and started eating. Jack picked up his fork and dug in, too. "So," Daniel said, taking a sip of coffee. "All I need to do to get breakfast in bed is make you come until your brain leaks out of your ears?"

Jack flushed. "Sorry about that," he said, embarrassed all over again.

Daniel looked at him, confused. "Sorry? For what?"

"That I fell asleep like that."

Daniel looked at him like he'd lost his mind. "Jack, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen, seeing you lose it like that. I had no idea it would be that good. In fact," he said, taking another bite of toast. "I'm a little jealous."


"Yeah. I'd like to know what it feels like."

Jack smiled into his mug. "Well, maybe after breakfast you can find out."

Daniel instantly dropped his toast. "I'm done now," he said impishly, with a sparkle in his eye.

Jack laughed and pulled him into a kiss.

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Holy smokes. I knew you were working on something hot, but this story went beyond my wildest dreams! ::is dead from GUH::

Seriously, what can I say? I absolutely loved it, and not just the hotness. I loved their easy banter, and how relaxed they are around each other, and how trusting. And I love that you address the issues Jack might have with playing around with that sort of equipment.

And did I mention that it was really hot? *g* Thank you for sharing!

As soon as I saw those toys, I knew I had to get Jack and Daniel to play with them! This fic has been burning a hole in my brain for months now. I needed to keep it close for a while, as a distraction from RL, but it was time to set it free.

I couldn't see Jack just accepting something like that, either, so I was really happy when I figured out a way to get him to try it. I needed the weight of an established relationship for that to happen. I'm so glad it rang true for you!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and the hotness in my head came through on the page. *g*

*keeps pressing down* That's it??????


Yay kink, good show. :)

LOL! Well, no, that's not it, but the rest happens off camera. *g*

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

That's the part I was hoping to see. ;-)

Who knows? There is this one other attachment I really want them to try out. . . *g*

I volunteer to proofread... ;-)


It's 2:30 am and I HAVE to go to bed. And I find *this* fic.

And in scrolling down to type this comment I saw TENS unit and electric current running through his prostate.


Surely I will have porny dreams. Surely.

::pets you:: It's okay. It'll be there when you wake up.

Anything that helps with porny dreams is a good thing, right? *g*

I'm shocked!

Well I'm wishing I was.

::giggles:: Yep, I'm right there with you. *blows kiss*

Daniel had better eat his breakfast because he's gonna need his strength.

That was so so so HOT!


Yep! That kind of thing can really take it out of a guy. *g*

I'm glad the hotness in my head came across on the page!

So *that's* why you had lightning bolts shooting out of your ears.


Wow, Jen, welcome back to the lusty world of J/D. You certainly came back with a buzzling bang (pun very intended).

This is one huh-ought story.

Re: Wow!

{{{{{{{{Will}}}}}}}} So glad to know you're still alive out there! *g*

I'm glad you liked it! I've had that fic in my head for a while, since right after I discovered those toys. They just begged for a fic! I'm glad I could heat up your day. *g*

Re: Wow!


Re: Wow!


Sorry, RL's been kinda hectic. But when I saw a J/D fic from you, how could I stay away? And I'm glad I read it!

Now if you want me to read your SGA fics, you need to write some Ronon/Shep ones! I'm a sucker for...well, y'know. LOL.