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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I love my gay show!

So, did . . . did John really tell Rodney and Radek to make out?

Without jealousy?

Because he knows Rodney only makes out with him?

I thought so! *g*

I'm riding on a big ole high right now. So high, in fact, that it'll probably hold off the whining and sulking about waiting until July, or whenever, for at least a month!

Okay, so yeah, that's optimistic. But at least a few days!*g*

God, I love this show!



John is so jealous! And such a dork! And they were so pretty in their new uniforms! And now they're all in peril!!

::flails again::

Okay, I totally lied! I need to know what happens RIGHT NOW!

Such a good ep! With poor Elizabeth! And John got to fly Atlantis! And submerging the city looked so very, very cool! And they're all so goddamned pretty!

But they're in soooo much trouble right now! ::flails with you::

But Rodney will fix it. *nods* I know he will. ::chews nails::

And he will look beautiful while doing it, and John will call him 'buddy' again and look desperate and pretty.

::sighs wistfully::

And maybe, just maybe, Rodney will finally call him John, right out there where we can see it. ::sighs with you::

My GOD...you two are pathetic! LOLOLOLOL

And here I'm all enjoying the Colonel Ellis goodness and the cool effects and stuff....

Ummm. Ellis? Who? ::is distracted by the pretty:: Oh! That Colonel guy? Yeah, I guess he was okay. *g*

I did like the special effects. ::points up to Atlantis submerging comment:: The whole ep was very, very cool. :D