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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Because sometimes size does matter

Bad Feather! Bad, bad bad!

I got this email from a company I've bought several computers from. They regularly send me little love notes letting me know that they have something *really* cool that I just must have.

I generally ignore them.

But. . . Right there in the email was a pretty picture. So what's a girl to do? I clicked.

And low, there upon my perfectly acceptable 17 inch monitor was a very pretty picture of a much bigger monitor. A 22 incher. Right there. Begging for me to buy it so I could watch SGA and my latest crush, SPN in even bigger detail.

I got counted on my fingers and suddenly realized I'd get another whole 5 inches of goodness.

And yes, since I'm a master at justification, I decided I needed to buy myself an 'I got a good job offer' present.

It'll be here Wednesday. *checks tracking again just to make sure it won't get here sooner*

Anyone need a perfectly good 17 incher? *g*


::doesn't touch that with a ten-foot pole::


Awww, c'mon! Touch it! You know you want to. *g*

liiiiicks 17 incher

I may hump the 22 incher when it gets here.



Take pics!


You naughty girl! 17 would be more than enough for most people, but oh, no. Remember our previous conversation? When you said you weren't a size queen?

Honestly, some people might feel inadequate right about now :-).

Hope you have a good week, hon.


::hangs head:: I know, I know. I can be such a hypocrite sometimes. But five more inches! How could I resist? *g*

Ditto on the week thing. :)