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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Tangled wires

Why is it that computer wires end up like a rat's nest? Why? I didn't hook them up that way. When I was connecting everything it was a smooth line from connection point to connection point. When I looked back there today the wires were this seething entanglement.

Is there a tangle fairy or something? If there is, I wish he'd left a note of explanation.

I got the new monitor, and oh wow, it's almost obscene. In a good way. :) I had to download new drivers for my video card, cuz everything was stretched and horrible, which was really annoying, but now it's all good.

And watching eps is amazing.

Is it bad that I don't want to go to work now? I don't! I want to stay home and play. And maybe write. ::sulks::


It's a tangle fairy. Look at mine.

LOL! It's just terrible, isn't it? I wonder what it'd take to banish the tangle fairy. *g*

Is there a tangle fairy or something?

That's the waste of a good fairy!

It's a snaggle demon, his name is Rodney.

Counting the days yet? I am!

The Rodney I know would be mortified by the state of my cords. *nods* :)

Yes, I'm counting! And getting very excited. :D