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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Bad Hair Day

I haven't had my hair cut since November. It was such a good cut that I didn't need even a trim until now. So, since I lived here before, I called my old salon. The girl who used to do my hair had left. I was afraid of that, but she'd told me she was considering moving, so I wasn't too surprised. But it's still a good quality salon, so I made an appointment with the woman who answered the phone.

So, I go in today and she's a frumpy middle aged woman. That's okay. So am I. *g* I asked her to wax my brows, too, and she decided to do that first. I should have bought a clue right then. She had no idea what she was doing. She didn't press the cloth hard enough into the wax, didn't clean up over the brows, poked me in the eye, and completely missed a few strays. I pointed them out to her and she got the tweezers and started plucking. That's all okay, though, they don't look too bad.

Then we moved over to her station. She pointed to a picture of a woman with a plain bob. "You want it to look like that?" Ummm, no. My hair wasn't cut in a bob when I walked in the door. I'm not really a bob kind of girl. I told her I wanted the same style, but needed a trim. She said, "Oh, okay. I'll use a razor." Perfect! I like my hair layered and choppy looking. She turned me around and started in. Yep, turned me around so I couldn't see what she was doing in the mirror. When she spun me back around I looked and . . . My hair was this shapeless, style-less mass hanging limply on my head.

Okay, so yeah, it's only hair, but otoh, OMFUCKINGGOD! It's my hair! I just stared for a minute then said, "No, I don't like how it's laying."

"Really? I think it looks good."

"Looks good? It doesn't flatter me at all."

Then she started arguing with me, which wasn't a good idea. I fired her on the spot and found the manager. The fact that I was in tears might have played in my favor. The manager sat me down, gave me a hug, and got to work. It took another hour, some pretty artful shaping, not a little product, and it's nowhere close to what I wanted, but I can live with it until it grows out a little.

I need a hug!



I hate getting my hair cut. I went in January and the girl didn't do what I wanted, so I went back the next day and asked them to trim it up a little more - well, this other girl started cutting off random pieces saying it would give it more body. Yuck! I'm gonna go somewhere different next time.

Finding a good hairdresser is the one thing that sucks about moving around so much. I hope you find a good one! Having bad hair is just. . . so damned sad. :(


Did you find out where your stylist moved? When I find one I like, I follow her when she changes salons.

::sobs in your arms::

She moved to Reno. Yeah, I like her, but not enough to buy a plane ticket. The manager did a fair job, so I'll probably go back to her again. Maybe.

Oh I don't know...

Vacation in Reno AND a new do - that could work.

And with creative accounting maybe you could even write off the trip.

::hugs you up::

That's so awful! Bad haircuts are very upsetting. Especially when the culpit tries tp argue with you! What's up with that? I mean, come on, they're there to make you happy, for god's sake.

But it sounds like the manager is a good person, at least.

::hugs you again::


It's terrible! And very upsetting. I just got back from the bathroom and it's not good. *sobs* I guess the new person has only been there a couple of months. Lucky me. :( I think she was trying to convince both of us that it wasn't so bad.

She was wrong.

At least the manager was nice, and my hair does grow fast, although, not fast enough in this case. *lip quivers*

*hug* I've had bad haircuts, and they can truly affect how you feel about yourself. I remember the first time I decided to have my hair coloured -- I just wanted blonde highlights. I had this idiot guy who had issues to prove as a hairdresser, and he bleached all of my hair, but left roots: my then-normal light brown. And then he made the highlights even BLONDER.

Bad hair, whether color or cut, just sucks! I know what you're saying about color. I've had that happen, too. :( Now I color it myself.

Too bad I can't cut it myself, too.

Too bad you're not in Ottawa, I would recommend my hairdresser to you. :)

Even a good hairdresser couldn't save me at this point. Maybe when I'm ready for another go-round, I'll fly up. *g*

I got a bed for ya. ;-)

This is completely why I haven't had a cut in months. It looks so bad right now. But the stylist I've been going to has left the area and I'm scared to death to go somewhere new.


Finding someone who can do a good job is essential! I'm gonna look like this for at least 6 weeks now. *sobs* Be careful. Be very careful.


You should try asking around for recommendations; that's what I ended up doing, and go to the same hair dresser as my best friend.

Eye poking? Arguing?

Bad, bad beautician :-(

::hugs and a bunch of kittens::

She was bad! Is it bad that I wanted to put a stake in her heart and watch her go to ashes, like they do in Buffy?

Now my hair looks like Sam's. Sam Winchester, not Sam Carter. It's a good look for him but not me so much. :(

::sobs in your arms::

But Sam Winchester is *pretty*!

He really is, isn't he? In fact, I think I'll pour myself a glass of wine and go lust after watch him for a bit.

It couldn't hurt, right?

Unless I realize my hair looks like his does. Then it might hurt a little. I'll slog through the pain, though. *g*

Oh ruh roh.


::: hands over various items :::

garlic mashed potatoes
homemade spaghetti & meatballs
turkey, stuffing, & gravy
pizza with triple cheese
more chocolate
seared scallops with saffron cream sauce and roasted aspargus tips
more chocolate
fresh crab
and of course...

{{{{{{hugs you some more}}}}}

I bet you still look pretty. You always do. Just...you know...Shep your hair a little and I bet it'll look better in a couple days once the scissor shock has worn out of it. ::: nods enthusiastically :::

::: offers more chocolate and more WINE :::

{{{{{{{{Carron}}}}}}}} Thank you for the pretty comment! I really needed that. I did buy some product, so I'll be giving that a shot. Hopefully it'll help a little. You know Carol Brady's hair? From the Brady Bunch? Yeah, it's kinda like that. Only worse. :(

I think I'll be downing a whole bottle of whine tonight. *g*

I think this is an excuse to do wacky things with product, like soft spikey pieces and things, and totally go out in public with the excuse that you're trying to handle a bad haircut with humor. Yes. *hand flaps* Creme pomade and a willingness to experiment.

... I need to cut my hair. It's ridiculously long and dry from all the traveling.

The manager of the shop made sure I was well armed with product. She did the spikey thing and showed me how, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm thinking about doing some bright pink streaks. Why not? If I've got to go punk anyway . . .

Swimming in the ocean will dry your hair, but it's soooo worth it. *g* I wish you the best of luck!

Oh dear! ::hugs Feather hard::

You are beautiful.

{{{{{{Skater}}}}}} Thank you! It's not any better today. :( Maybe tomorrow? Please?

I just had my hair cut too, I usualy like it straight away, coz she leaves it all choppy looking, then I hate it for 2 weeks, then it looks great for about 2 months, then I hate it again and then I have to get it cut...so I hve 2 weeks ever two months where I hate my hair and dont know what to do with it.

hope yours is better today ::squeezy hugs::