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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Safe and somewhat sound

I'm finally here, sitting comfortably on Catspaw's couch, glass of red next to me.  Finally.  My plane got delayed by one hour out of Seattle.  The person at the counter assured me that we'd arrive at the expected time and I'd have plenty of time to make my connection.  Yeah, I didn't believe her either. *g*  I finally got off the plane ten minutes before my other plane was taking off-- alllllllllllll the way across Heathrow.  Yep, no way was I making that connection.  The next flight wasn't leaving for three hours, so my 17 hour trip turned into a 21 hour thing.  Still, I'm here now, *with* my luggage, and after Cats did the obligatory twice around the airport cuz she can't find the exit, we zipped through town and I've been planted on the couch ever since. 

I'm gonna sleep sooooo good tonight. :)


YAY you're hhhhhhhheeeereeee! ::waves madly::

What a bugger about missing the connection. I hate hanging around at airports.

::waves back:: :D Yep, I'm here!! I slept like a log, so hopefully jetlag won't be too much of a problem.

Yep, there is a whole list of places I'd rather be than hanging around in an airport. *g* Still, all part of the adventure of travel. And look where I ended up! ::looks around happily::

In my defence

the exit isn't the *easiest* in the world to find... the signage is a touch confusing... very small and insignificant...

OK I admit it. I can *never* find my way out of Edinburgh Airport first time of trying, and I'll probably do the circuit again next week after I've dropped you off :-( Kick me now.

Re: In my defence

::nods:: Yes, the clearly appointed exit sign with the arrow pointing the was is very easy to miss. *g*

You'll have plenty of opportunity to tease me when we get lost in The Springs later this year. LOL

Yay! Have a great time in Scotland!!

It's already wonderful! I love it here. :)

Hurrah! Glad you got there safe and sound.

Pooh about the missed connection.

See you tomorrow!


See you tomorrow afternoon!

:-) Should be there at around 17:30 - 40. Can you give Cats a nudge? I don't have a mobile contact number for you guys.

Thanks, hon, enjoy your relaxing on the sofa.


Cats doesn't have a mobile. I'm working on that with the complete support of her family. *g* I do have one, but I don't have your email addy on this computer. Can you give it to me here? I'll email you with my phone number. :)

Ah! That'll explain why I've not got it, then :-).

Please mail me! Cats has my work email address.

What time are you thinking of getting there? I shall call either you or Sazz (or both!) when I get to the station.



We're thinking around 3-ish. Or somewhere around there. Mostly, we're going to stop and snap pics of cool things, pull over for lunch, and Cats has told me that she's going to make me sniff gorse if we find any. *g* So sometime mid to late afternoon is a good guess.

And yes, it's past midnight and most of a bottle of vodka, so there's no guarantee we'll be up early. :)

Ah! Gorse is *FABULOUS*. Plus, you can smoke it :-).

I'm glad you've got a nice leisurely drive over. Hope you have a good, calm, realxing trip and I'll see you later. YAY!

I'm in work now, and have just lugged two rucksacks a mile and a half. So just keep your eyes peeled for the smelly insomniac dwarf...

PS I have alcohol, but if you pass a BEER shop and buy me some I promise to do something pleasant and/or illegal for you.

Love xxT

Funnily enough, we've discovered that we need to pick up some more booze anyway, so we'll pick up some beer, too. :)

Nicci is here and I'm still in my jammies. *sigh* I guess that means I need to get dressed now. Or not. I could just go like this! *g*

It sounds like you two are going to have a fantastic time!

We already are. :) It's pretty cool, actually. We both like to do the same morning thing-- drink coffee, browse online for a bit, so that's what we're doing now. *g*