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October 2009
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Last years Valentines fic

I never did get this up here, so thought I'd do it now. The one for this year is almost done, so didn't want to spam my flist later on. *g* It's got a bit of light bondage, just to let you know, but this is me, so it's still pretty sappy.

anticipation n
1. the feeling of looking forward, usually excitedly or eagerly, to something that is going to happen

Jack led the way through the crowded aisles of Wal-Mart, threading his way to the customer service area. He and Daniel were out running errands, both enjoying the closeness their new physical relationship had brought. They were still in that phase where they could barely keep their hands off each other, where they reveled in the newfound intimacy.

Jack glanced back over his shoulders. Daniel was watching his ass. He rattled the plumbing fixture in his hand. "Wish I'd bought the right size in the first place," he groused. "I can think of better ways to spend the afternoon."

He heard Daniel snort a laugh. "I don't mind. Kinda like the view from back here."

Jack glanced back again. "All part of my evil plan," he smirked. He made his way through the large crafts section and on impulse reached out and ran his hands over some bolts of velvet cloth. He stopped suddenly and Daniel bumped into him. "Jack?"

Jack fingered the cloth, marveling at the softness, remembering that the skin high up on Daniel's inner thigh was velvety soft. He looked up into Daniel's eyes with a smile. "This reminds me of you."

Daniel raised his eyebrows. "Velvet reminds you of me?"

"Parts of you," Jack smiled.

Daniel laughed and felt the soft fabric. "I played with a pair of cuffs lined with this stuff once," he said absently.

"You did?" Jack looked a little . . . troubled. "Did you like it?"

"Hmmmm?" Daniel shook himself back to the present. "What? Oh, it was okay. Thought it'd be better than it was." Daniel gave a wry smile. "Fantasies are usually better than reality, ya know?" Daniel shrugged. "It was pretty stupid of me, really. I didn't completely trust him and he was a selfish lover." He noticed the look on Jack's face. "Don't worry," he teased. "I'm not gonna ask you for that."

Jack let out the breath he was unconsciously holding. He did have a thing about being tied up, a lasting gift from the time he spent in Iraq. "Is that something you might want, though?" he asked, searching Daniel's eyes.

"I don't need it," Daniel reassured him. "I like what we have now."

"Well, Doctor Jackson, you never know. You've opened my eyes to other kinky things."

Daniel rolled his eyes. "Chocolate sauce isn't that kinky, Jack."

"No," Jack agreed with a smirk. "But the places you put it are."

Daniel raised his eyebrows. "Starting to enjoy the rimming, are you?"

Jack merely waggled his eyebrows and continued toward their destination.

Valentines Day dawned clear and crisp. The remains of a blizzard lay over the city. The streets were plowed, but everything else was blanketed in glowing white. Daniel made coffee and gazed outside while he sipped. As much as he hated the cold, he loved snow. It brought a serenity to the landscape, a kind of peaceful calm.

The team had been off-world for several weeks, and had returned home wet and bedraggled. Daniel had considered going straight to Jack's, but needed to make sure his own house was still standing and feed his fish. The snowstorm had hit right after Daniel got home, and forced them to cancel their plans to get together that night. The blizzard had been ferocious, making the roads dangerous. They agreed to get together tonight, Valentines Day, their first holiday together.

Daniel felt anticipation grow in his belly. Jack could be irritatingly juvenile at times, but surprisingly romantic at others. Most of the time he was somewhere in between. Daniel secretly hoped tonight was going to be the romantic sort. He'd never really had a good Valentines day. He'd either been alone, too involved with his work, or, for the brief time he was married, celebrated Sha're's holidays, leaving Earth's traditions behind to immerse himself in hers. He grinned and headed to the shower. With the snow and the slow-going traffic he was going to need some extra time getting to the mountain so he'd better get started with his day.

It was mid-afternoon before Daniel looked up from the translation he was working on. He glanced at the clock with a start. Time had flown by, as it usually did when he was deeply involved with his work. He'd give it another hour or so, then head out. He was due at Jack's house at five, and didn't want to be late. He got up and walked over to a bookshelf, looking for a particular tome, but not really paying attention.

Jack promised that it would be special.

Sex with Jack was special. There was an intensity between them, a depth of passion that shook Daniel to the core. He'd never experienced anything like it. He smiled when he realized that he was addicted to the things Jack did to him. His cock gave a lusty twitch at the memory of Jack's touch. Daniel closed his eyes and focused on the recollection of Jack's fingers wrapped around him, Jack's mouth sucking his balls, Jack's cock buried to the hilt . . .
He heard someone clear their throat.

Daniel opened his eyes with a start. "Hi Jack." Time had carved character onto Jack's face, etching his strength and courage there for all to see. The silver hair only enhanced the effect.

Jack smiled and sauntered casually into the office. "You gonna be working late?" he asked, toying absently with an artifact on Daniel's desk.

"No," Daniel answered easily. "I've got a date tonight."

"Anyone I know?"

Daniel shrugged. "He said he had something special planned."

"Did he, now?" Jack moved closer, not stopping until Daniel could feel the heat from his body, and locked eyes.

Daniel swallowed and struggled to control his cock, his body swaying unconsciously toward Jack. The air had suddenly turned electric. "I'm looking forward to it, whatever it is."

Jack's eyes darted to Daniel's parted lips then back to his eyes, he shifted closer. "Do you trust me, Daniel?"

Daniel licked his lips as his cock jumped. He used all his willpower to keep his voice level and his cock from filling completely. "You know I do. Why do you ask?"

Jack smiled mischievously and he shrugged, breaking the tension. "You'll find out. See you later." With that, he turned on his heel and walked out of the office, leaving a curious Daniel behind.

Daniel set the shower to very warm and stepped under the spray. He leaned straight-armed against the wall and let the water pound his shoulders, massaging some of the tension away. After a few minutes he soaped up a washcloth and started gliding it over his skin, paying special attention to the crack of his ass. Jack had embraced rimming with vigor, and Daniel kept himself clean for just that purpose. His cock started to fill at the memory of Jack's tongue.

Daniel had planned on abstaining for the day, not jerking off, letting the tension build, but the desire to come had suddenly changed from a dull ache to a sharp need. Why not? It would take the edge off, allow him to last longer tonight. He cupped his balls with one hand, his fingers pushing back against his perineum, and gripped his dick with the other. A few twisting strokes later, accompanied by deep, circular rubs with his finger and the memory of Jack's face when he came had Daniel spilling over his fingers. He leaned his head against the wall, struggling to catch his breath, letting the water sluice away the mess. Fast, nasty, and not particularly satisfying, but now, hopefully, he'd last more than a minute.

Daniel shifted the bottle of wine he was holding. He and Jack had firmly decided no gifts. What did you get a guy for Valentines Day anyway? Wine was okay, though. Not really a sappy gift, just something to go with dinner. He was raising his hand to knock when the door opened.

Jack looked like he always did, sexy and slightly rumpled. "Daniel," he smiled warmly. "Come on in." Daniel stepped inside and was pulled into a warm kiss.

Dinner was finished, the excellent meal of filet mignon with bearnaise sauce, baked potato, and buttery vegetables sat easily on his stomach. The wine had helped settle his nerves. Jack was acting normally, like it was simply another evening in, despite the candles and romantic setting. Daniel kept his curiosity tightly under control. Whatever Jack had planned would start soon. He helped Jack clear the table and went to blow out the candles.

"No," Jack said quietly. "Leave them lit for now."

Daniel looked at Jack, eyebrows raised.

Jack smiled mysteriously and indicated that Daniel should sit at the table again. Daniel did, his heart rate increasing. He watched curiously as Jack got a small black leather case from the top of the refrigerator and sat down. Jack unzipped the case and opened it so that Daniel could see what was inside. Daniel looked at him with disbelief. "A manicure set?"

Jack smiled and started inspecting his nails. He reached for the clippers and trimmed one very short, then reached for a file and started smoothing the rough edges, taking his sweet time.

Daniel watched, perplexed. "Okay, I'll bite. Why are you doing this now, by candlelight?"

"Well," Jack said, inspecting another nail closely. "I'm going to have these fingers inside of you within the hour. I don't want there to be any jagged edges."

"Oh," Daniel's breath hitched and a shiver raced down his spine to encircle his balls. He watched Jack, who pointedly ignored him, and felt the suspense grow. With every snip of the clippers, and every rasp of the file, a curtain of eroticism seemed to draw closer around them, shutting out the mundane world.

Jack was extremely well versed in the psychology of people. He read them and used what he found to get what he wanted and needed, and he was using that knowledge now to get Daniel to respond. He watched Daniel's body language out of the corner of his eye and suppressed a smile when he saw Daniel lean closer. He listened to Daniel's breathing, gauging when it would be the best possible moment for the next step.

Daniel's attention narrowed and he focused solely on Jack's hands. He took in the details of the long fingers, the tiny hairs on the knuckles, the calluses, how Jack's thumbs jutted out at an odd angle, how his hands ended in delicate wrists. He noticed the lean tendons, and knew how strong and capable those hands were.

Daniel imagined Jack's fingertips grazing his body, barely touching, raising a trail of goose bumps behind them. Daniel remembered the feel of those fingers pushing into him, stretching him to take most of the pain out of penetration, and give him pleasure in the process. The taste of those fingers was sharp in his memory, slightly salty with the underlying flavor that was distinctly Jack.

What would those fingers do tonight? How long would they stay inside him? Would Jack be caressing his prostate when he came? Or did Jack have other plans? Would they be wrapped around his cock? Or holding his hips still? Perhaps they'd be entwined with his own fingers . . .


He jumped when Jack spoke his name. His eyes traveled up Jack's arms, up past his chest, to focus on his eyes, eyes filled with warmth and understanding. He swallowed.

"Are you ready?"

Daniel flushed hot and cold as his body reacted to Jack's voice. "Yes," he choked, shocked at his own voice.

Jack smiled and stood up, extending his hand for Daniel to grasp. "Don't forget to breathe," he chided as he pulled Daniel to his feet.

"Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?" Daniel said, trying to lighten the mood.

Jack smiled and pulled him roughly against his chest, capturing their clasped hands between them and circling Daniel's back with the other. He lightly brushed their lips together, a teasing kiss. Daniel leaned into him instinctively, demanding more. His body was reacting now, his cock lengthening and filling. A slow, rolling boil started deep in his belly. Jack fit his lips over Daniel's and flicked his tongue out, licking the pliant flesh. Daniel opened up, meeting Jack's tongue with his own. Jack's hand moved up his back to grasp the hair at the back of his skull. He pulled sharply, forcing Daniel's head back, and deepened the kiss, plundering Daniel's mouth ruthlessly, until his breath was whistling harshly through his nose and his knees started to buckle.

Jack caught Daniel's free wrist and curled their joined hands behind Daniel's back, then started walking him backward toward the bedroom, keeping their chests and hips pressed together. He released one hand and closed the bedroom door firmly behind them, completing the sense of separation from the real world.

Daniel knew that he'd been deliberately seduced, and expertly at that. He briefly considered mentioning it, but Jack was kissing him again and any coherent thought was swirling away with every caress of Jack's tongue.

Jack broke the kiss and Daniel noticed how the flickering light softened his features and made his hair shimmer. Flickering light? He looked around the room. Candles were scattered about, lighting the space with a warm glow. The bed was turned down, the comforter folded neatly on a chair. Some bottles and jars sat waiting on the bedside table. Massage oil, lube, and . . . IcyHot? What did Jack need IcyHot for? Had he pulled a muscle in his back that day and wanted Daniel to help loosen it?

He turned back to Jack, his mouth opened to ask a question when Jack caught his lower lip and started nibbling. Daniel's question bled away under the onslaught of Jack's insistent mouth. Before he knew it he was stretched out on the bed, flat on his back, and Jack was lying over him, rubbing sinuously against him, pressing him down into the mattress.

Daniel rubbed back, enjoying the way Jack's erection seemed to rub right against his, how the material of their clothing made the rubbing rougher, increased the sensations, made his balls ache. The fact that Jack was kissing him again added to it. Daniel opened his eyes and saw that Jack's were open too. The both stopped for a moment, acknowledging the look, then started moving together again, kissing and rubbing, their eyes open, watching.

Jack straddled Daniel and grabbed his wrists, pulling them over his head, crossed them, held them firmly in one hand, and used the other to start undoing the buttons on Daniel's shirt. Daniel tugged at his wrists, testing Jack's resolve, and caught his breath when Jack tightened his grip.

Okay, he didn't need to be held down, but he liked it. A lot. And something about being held by Jack made it all the sweeter. Jack–the trained soldier, the special-ops badass, the all-around hero.

The best fuck of his life.

Daniel's buttons were undone and Jack released his wrists, letting him lower his arms so that the shirt could be shoved off and tossed away. Once that was done, Jack grabbed Daniel's left hand and kissed the palm tenderly, then ghosted his tongue up Daniel's arm, stopping every now and then to trace a pattern over a sensitive spot, eliciting shivers of pleasure in the process. Jack continued up the inside of Daniel's arm until he reached the armpit, then gave a long, slow lick.

Daniel instinctively tried to lower his arm against the tickling, but Jack tightened his grip, and nipped disapprovingly at his shoulder, then licked and soothed the bite mark.
"Hold still, Daniel," he warned.

Daniel swallowed and felt his balls tighten. Jack was quiet and menacing but seductive and sensual at the same time. "I don't know if I can."

Jack smiled, ripped off his own shirt, and lowered himself onto Daniel again, and oh yeah, that was even better than before, because instead of cotton, Daniel felt warm skin . . . and nipples . . . and chest hair . . . and the closeness those sensations brought made everything more intense.

Jack grabbed Daniel's hands again and raised them back over his head, letting Daniel take his full weight, then ground down, rubbing their still clad groins together. Daniel lifted his head and started sucking on Jack's neck, barely noticing when Jack let go of one of his wrists and started feeling under the pillow that cradled his head.

The feel of velvet on his wrist snapped Daniel back to reality, and he froze.

Jack looped the length of material around Daniel's wrist, then stopped. He remained stretched out over Daniel, thighs and groins and chests pressed together. He shifted his eyes from the binding to Daniel's eyes, searching for hesitation . . . or acceptance.

"Do you trust me?" Jack had asked at the mountain. Did he? Being tied would give Jack complete control over him. Jack would be able to torment. Or taunt. Or kill.

Or leave.

But he'd also be able to caress. Tantalize. Give him absolute pleasure.


"Do you trust me?"

"Yessss, Jack," Daniel hissed, lowering his defenses and letting Jack see.


Including the one thing Daniel had hidden so deeply.

Jack caught his breath at the naked want and need he saw in Daniel's eyes. And something deeper.

He lowered his head to catch Daniel's mouth in a scorching kiss while trying to keep his hands from shaking as he secured Daniel's wrists to the headboard.

Daniel loved him.

"This is for you, Daniel," Jack whispered in his ear. He ghosted his hands down Daniel's arms, leaving a trail of goose-bumps, slid down until his head was at chest level, trailed his tongue over Daniel's nipple, teasing the nub until it was a hard peak, then he bit, hard, just the way Daniel liked it.

Daniel gasped and arched sharply, pulling at the bindings, shocks of arousal racing to his groin, then relaxed again when Jack gave soothing licks and kisses to the hard, tight nub.
Jack moved to Daniel's other nipple, giving it the same tender licks, then grinned when he felt Daniel tense, expecting another bite. Instead, he suckled it, using gentleness to stimulate it to a taut peak before moving lower.

Daniel groaned as the flush of pleasure washed over him. He tugged his wrists, wanting to touch Jack, and felt a shiver race over him when he remembered he couldn't. This was Jack's show. He raised his head and watched while Jack nuzzled his way lower, to the top of his pants.

Jack undid the button and lowered the zipper, one tooth at a time, so slowly that it took an eternity before Daniel's solid cock bobbed free of the confining material. Jack's cock throbbed when he realized that Daniel had gone commando. "Christ, Daniel," he breathed, looking up into Daniel's eyes. "You've got the most beautiful cock."

Daniel snorted. "Pretty enough to kiss?" Then he moaned deeply and let his head fall back to the pillow, because it seemed that his dick was pretty enough to kiss. And suck. And lick . . .

Jack slurped the head into his mouth, pushing back the foreskin with his lips and sucked, letting his tongue swirl around the firm flesh, paying special attention to the sensitive underside. He sucked more in, moving at about the same pace he'd unzipped the pants, or so it seemed to Daniel, briefly held him entirely in his mouth, then pulled his head back, withdrawing fully, until Daniel's cock popped out of his mouth and bounced on his stomach.

Jack grinned at Daniel's gasp of protest. "Not yet, baby," he crooned. "We've got a long way to go." He started to push Daniel's pants down, and was glad that Daniel obligingly planted his feet and lifted his hips, making the business of getting naked easier. He tossed the pants aside and got rid of his own, throwing them onto the pile of discarded clothing. He straddled Daniel's hips, and ground down, pressing Daniel's cock between them, then reached for the jar of muscle balm.

Daniel watched suspiciously while Jack popped the lid and dipped both thumbs inside, then scraped them along the edge of the jar, leaving only a thin film of the ointment on his pads. "What's that for?" he asked.

"You've never used something like this before?" Jack asked, eyebrows raised.

"Only when I pull a muscle," Daniel said lightly, wanting Jack to get back to what he'd been doing. He bucked his hips slightly.

"You know I'd never harm you, right?"

And suddenly Daniel did know. Not just an intellectual knowledge, but an awareness that he felt to his marrow. He was safe. Probably safer than he'd ever been.

Jack watched the almost imperceptible loosening of tension in Daniel's muscles, the relaxing of sinew and tendons, the change in Daniel's breathing. There. That was what he'd been waiting for.

"Well, Doctor Jackson, seems like this time you're the one who learns something new." Jack said and put the jar back on the table then skimmed his thumbs over Daniel's nipples, spreading the ointment.

Almost instantly Daniel felt it. That hot/cold sensation of menthol and eucalyptus made his skin react. The feeling was intensified when Jack leaned over, pursed his lips, and blew. Daniel tightened his stomach and pushed his chest up. "Shit, Jack!" he gasped.

Jack chuckled. "Feels amazing, doesn't it?"

Daniel wasn't sure if Jack was talking about the IcyHot or the sudden revelation, but it didn't matter, because Jack leaned down further and blew again, this time using warm breath.

"The pleasure's just begun, Daniel," Jack murmured. He offered his fingers to Daniel, who eagerly sucked them into his mouth until they were liberally coated with spit, then moved them down to circle Daniel's nipples before blowing on them again.

The moisture combined with the liniment and breath intensified the cooling sensation, and Daniel hissed as his back arched, the tingle from his nipple shooting straight to his groin. "Awww fuck," he groaned, his body writhing, despite the fact that he was held fast by the velvet around his wrists and Jack's thighs hugging his ribs.

Jack teased his nipples a while more, tweaking, blowing, and caressing until they were throbbing and aching. He reached for a pack of wet-wipes and carefully cleaned the IcyHot from his hands, then slid down, placed a kiss over Daniel's heart, then lower, trailing his tongue from Daniel's sternum to his belly, noticing that the stomach muscles were tense and quivering. He swirled his tongue around Daniel's navel, then dipped delicately inside once before turning his attention to Daniel's groin. Daniel's cock was leaking, drops of pre-come leaving wet marks on his belly. Jack dipped a finger into the fluid and raised it to his lips, moaning at the sharp taste. He looked up and saw Daniel's eyes fastened to his mouth, so he dipped his finger again and offered Daniel a taste.

Daniel's tongue flicked out, caught Jack's finger, and sucked it inside. He kept his eyes on Jack's, letting Jack know how much he liked it, and suckled his fingers in slow pulses.

Jack let him continue until his fingers were wet with spit once again, then withdrew them and trailed them down Daniel's body, past his chest and stomach to his groin. He kneeled up. "Spread your legs for me."

"Jesus, Jack," Daniel groaned, in a breathy kind of way, and he did, spreading them wide, feet down, knees elevated, opening to Jack, exposing himself, letting himself be vulnerable. And it felt so damned good to be like this, tied up, trusting, giving himself over completely.

Jack moved between his legs and traced his fingers up Daniel's thighs, feeling the hairs rise to his touch. He stroked the skin high up on Daniel's inner thighs, close to his balls, and watched the crinkly sac tighten in response. "Your skin here is what reminded me of velvet. It's so soft and smooth." He bent forward and bit at the tender skin, then licked and kissed, soothing the red mark. He moved to the other side and did the same thing, only up closer, right at the junction of thigh and groin, then stretched out and nosed underneath Daniel's balls, at the perineum. He didn't bite this time, but latched on and sucked gently before mouthing a ball and drawing it fully into his mouth.

Daniel tightened his groin, letting the sensations circle his spine and settle deep inside his belly. He pushed his hips against Jack's mouth, begging for more.

Jack moved to the other ball and tongued it, almost bouncing it on the tip of his tongue before closing his lips over it, then used his entire mouth to exert the gentlest pressure on the sensitive testicle.

Daniel tugged at his hands again, wanting to feel Jack, run his fingers through Jack's hair, then groaned in frustration when he couldn't.

"Be good," Jack chided, knowing what Daniel was feeling. He always carded his fingers through Jack's hair when he was being sucked.

"Don't want to be good," Daniel gasped. "Want to feel."

Jack laughed lightly and got to his knees, moving back to Daniel's side. "You will, baby. Don't worry, you will." He reached for the lube and popped the cap, squirting a generous amount onto his fingers. He reached for Daniel's hole and used his thumb to press, like pushing a door bell, not penetrating yet, stimulating the myriad of nerve endings concentrated in that area.

Daniel rolled his hips, his anus hungrily trying to suck Jack's thumb inside.

After an eternity, Jack obliged him and slipped his thumb in, letting Daniel swallow it at his own pace. Slipping his thumb out, he replaced it with two slick fingers, curling them to brush over the bump inside - Daniel's prostate. Exerting the pressure he knew his lover liked best, Jack continued the slow buildup until finally he reached with his free hand and stroked the full length of Daniel's erection, twisting his fist when he reached the sensitive head.

Daniel's head fell to the side, his eyes closed, panting. "I'm not gonna last," he warned huskily.

"Yes you are," Jack said, slowing his fingers down. He leaned close to Daniel's face and moved his hand from Daniel's cock to cup his skull. "Look at me, Daniel." When Daniel opened his eyes Jack made eye contact and matched their breathing. He gradually slowed his down, pleased when Daniel's followed, easing him back from the edge.

It was the most sensual moment of Daniel's life. They were working in tandem, the connection between them so strong it was like they were one organism, had one will. He felt an overwhelming crush of love wash through him and struggled to swallow the lump in his throat at the intimacy of the moment.

Jack let everything he was feeling show in his eyes. "I love you, Daniel." He felt Daniel's body respond, clench at his fingers.

Daniel tugged at his wrists desperately. He needed his hands free. "Untie me, Jack," he gasped, because suddenly being tied wasn't enhancing their lovemaking, it was interfering with him doing the one thing he wanted to do most.


Jack was feeling it too, the bondage wasn't right. He immediately reached up and pulled the free tail of the velvet rope, gliding his fingers from Daniel's body at the same time that the knot unraveled. Daniel jerked his arms down, unwound his wrists and turned toward Jack, wrapped his arms around his back and pulled him down into a soul searing kiss, rolling them over until he was on top, Jack firmly beneath him. "I love you, Jack."

"This is going to get sappy, isn't it?"

"Most definitely," Daniel confirmed, then rolled them back to that Jack was on top again. This wasn't about sex at all. It was about connection, a bond they shared.


When Jack finally entered Daniel, they paused for a moment, acknowledging the deep physical and spiritual link they shared. It wasn't about Jack filling Daniel's body, it was about them filling each others souls. They moved, not taking their eyes off each other, showing that this wasn't just sex, wasn't scratching an itch, that is was something so much deeper and more profound than that.

Jack set up a slow, steady rhythm, making Daniel writhe and groan beneath him. He'd planned this night, anticipated tying his lover with the gentle ropes of velvet. He had hoped for, but hadn't really expected this complete letting go, the trust, the responsiveness. Daniel was exquisite in his wantonness, in the way he utterly threw aside every pretense and facade and let himself be truly naked emotionally

Their lovemaking was slow and sweet and so very, very tender, both of them wanting to draw it out, make it last. Daniel came when Jack whispered of love the second time, his orgasm ripping through him, Jack muffling his screams with kisses, their fingers entwined. The intensity of the moment was too much for Jack and his orgasm flooded through him at the feel of Daniel quaking around and underneath him.

Daniel's awareness returned slowly, the feel of Jack's weight and kisses grounding him. His hands caressed Jack's back, holding him close, not willing to pull apart just yet.

Jack lifted his head and smiled into Daniel's eyes. "Happy Valentines Day, Daniel."
Daniel smiled back. "This one will be hard to top."

Jack snuggled down, snuffling at Daniel's ear. "I'll have to come up with something better for next year. And the year after that. And the year after that . . . "

Daniel sighed with contentment and held Jack tightly. "And the year after that," he promised, smiling at the future that lay ahead.

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Oh Dear God I melted. That was just so very hot and sexy. Love your fics

::stares at icon:: WOW! *g*

Glad you liked the fic! When I was writing it, I kept thinking, "A Valentines fic with bondage? WTF am I doing?" LOL I'm glad I could warm you up a little in the middle of winter.

I hope things are easing up for you. ::hugs you::

You see the handcuffs on the icon? Hehehe

full sized version here - http://entropic-cascade.popullus.net/manips/sg-cuffs.htm

Things are better now that he's home

::stares more:: Is it getting hot in here? Damn, that's just perfect, isn't it? *g* Thanks for the link to make it bigger! :-D

And I'm so glad he's home!! *does happy dance*

Oh yyyyyyyyyes. That was absolutely delicious. The shift from bondage to soul-sharing was so exquisitely done and what they said to each other totally brought tears to my eyes.

::hands over tissue::

I loved writing that shift! I really wanted to convey the bond they formed there. I'm glad it came across the way I wanted it to. :;beams::

Oh yeah, I love it when those two are on the same page. :-)

Thanks for letting me know you liked it!