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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
The plague and other things

We had so much fun yesterday! I was still a little jetlagged, so we had a leisurely morning, which is one of the things I *LOVE* about catspaw_sgjd. She gets that. She really does. *g* Once I finally got moving we did a tour of Mary King's Close. It's this underground part of Edinburgh dating back to the times of the plague. I wish they had it lit better. It was too dark down there to really see much-- although, I'm sure the did that for mood. There was this one part where we all sat quietly, they turned off all the lights, and they played this tape of a ghost story. It was pitch black. Have I mentioned that I'm afraid of the dark? So I was sitting there, feeling the guy next to me breathe, Cats breathing on my other side, and was actually fine. I did sort of expect our tour guide to leap over and scare us, but told myself it was his own fault if the did that and I kicked him in the head or something. *g* He wisely didn't, though. :) But, since I'm insane, I started thinking about what would happen if there was a catastrophic power failure-- something like an EM pulse that killed all the power. Since I used to be a Girl Scout, I have matches in my purse. Instead of listening to the ghost story, I formed a plan of escape. *nods* I was going to use one of the matches to light my way back to the last room, use one of the 'plague victims' arms (she wasn't going to need it), and her bedsheet (she wasn't going to need that, either *g*), create a makeshift torch, and lead everyone out of the dark, dank, musty underground in a blaze of glory. ::beams::

Yep, insane!

Then the lights came back on and we moved to the next room. ::laughs::

Once we got back home we cracked open the bottle of Absolute Ruby Red vodka. Both of us planned on just one, but I'm looking at the bottle and the damned thing must have evaporated overnight because there's less than a forth of the bottle left. Funnily, I woke up with a touch of a headache-- however, I also woke up feeling a little like it was Christmas morning, because there was a new ep of SPN last night and I was hoping I'd be able to see that before we go to our internet dead zone for the weekend. It was ready, I watched it, and am a happy, happy girl.:D


Instead of listening to the ghost story, I formed a plan of escape.

hehe! sounds like something my brain would do in situations like that..so yeah...insane *g*

have a fab weekend Feather, I hope Cats gave you a hug from me, I asked her to. 8-)

*g* Terry said he'd have thought the same thing. It's good to know I'm not alone in the insanity.

Yep, got the hug! {{{{{{Skater}}}}}}

Terry too? cool, you know if theres many more of us, then the insanity becomes sanity...you know that right?

::hugs s'more:: *g*