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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
::holds head in hands::

I somehow managed to get infected lymph nodes in the roof of my mouth. I didn't even know you had lymph nodes there.

I've had broken bones, blinding migraines, papercuts, bad burns, a concussion, a sprung rib, and stubbed the hell out of my toe. I don't remember ever having pain like this. I hope that none of you, nor anyone you love, or have ever known, ever ever has to go through this. Ever.

I wish like hell the pain meds would work, but they aren't touching it, and they gave me some pretty heavy-duty stuff. :(

Current Mood: distresseddistressed


You poor thing! That sounds so awful! How did you do that? Do you have a toothache? Or a cold? I hope you feel better soon! ::careful hugs::

I do have a cold, which probably didn't help, but I had a stomach issue all weekend, and did lots of puking (EWWWW). I think that irritated everything.

I feel tons better now! ::hugs you back::

I didn't know there are lymph nodes there either. Gah! Hope it's better soon.

It was a shock to me as well! Although now, I think it's something I'll never forget.

It's much better today. What a relief! :) ::hugs you::

oh, honey. ::hugs::

::clings:: It was really, really, really bad.

Today is much better, though. :) ::hugs you::

How perfectly horrible :-( Why the hell does one have lymph nodes in the roof of one's mouth anyway, and wtf do they think they're doing getting infected?

::hugs you tight:: I hope you're feeling a bit better by now.

I KNOW!! Damned things! I hope I never ever had this happen again. Ever. *g*

::hugs you back:: Today is much better. Thank god! It was almost more than I could take. But it's all good now. :)

Fingers crossed it all clears up soon. XXX

When I had blood poisoning, the lymph nodes around my left bicep (I didn't know you had them there, either) became seriously inflamed, and were swollen for years. The lyphatic system can hurt like fury and I feel for you. I really, really hope this clears up soon.


::hugs you:: Dammned lymph nodes! And what are they doing with so many nerve endings? Hmmm?

Mine are still swollen, but it's only a day out. I hope they don't take years to go down!

I'm much, much better today, than God. *is so relieved*

::hugs you again::

::hugs back:: it's damned awful when there's bone and blood supply and everything so close together in your mouth, and it's not exactly something you can avoid using until the problem dies down :-(.

Fingers crossed the antibiotics work their magic real soon.


I didn't even know you had lymph nodes there.

me either! how wierd.

::hugs you:: I hope the pain meds kick in soon.

The pain meds didn't do squat, but the steroids did. Thank God! It was almost more than I could take.

I'm much, much better today. :) ::squishes you close::

So, did the meds work?

And I didn't know there were nodes there either!!!