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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Wherein a girl diagnosis herself

So, after a trip to the emergency room, then a regular doctor, then *back* to the ER, I finally figured out WTF was going on with my mouth.

The narcotics were only getting my pain level down to about a 5, and I was taking twice the prescribed dose. I called my doctor and told him that the meds just weren't working at controlling the pain, and he sort of freaked out and said I had to go back to the ER *immediately* because I might have an abscess above the soft palate and that needed to be taken care of immediately. The ER doc was the same one I'd seen at 0130 that morning, and he wasn't very pleased to see me again. I got the feeling that he thought I was just there seeking drugs-- which I *so* was! But not for the buzz, for some goddamned relief! I knew he recognized me, but he hadn't placed me as an employee, so I think he thought he'd seen me as a patient before. He kept telling me that there was nothing stronger than the drugs they'd already given me, which is a goddamned lie, but I really was in too much pain to argue with him, and besides, he was already treating me like a drug addict, and I knew he would only see that as a ploy to get the Good Stuff.

Anyhoo, they gave me a shot of Toradol, which is nothing more than ramped up motrin, then sent me off for a CAT scan. Here I am sobbing the whole time and the poor X-Ray tech, who I know, is trying to comfort me and get me to stay till long enough for the scan to work. I made my way back to my ER room and just sat crying and rocking. I think someone finally told the Doc that I was an employee, because when he came back in he offered me morphine-- if I could get someone to drive me home. He also called the local Ear Nose and Throat surgeon and talked with him about my case. I crawled to the lab to see if someone could give me a lift home, and spent about 20 minutes there, getting hugs and kisses and love. :)

Then the Toradol kicked in.

It has anti-inflammatory properties.

I have an auto-immune/inflammatory disease. When my body decides something needs to be inflamed, it *really* inflames it.

I went back to the ER and the nurse, who I know, *g* said, "I've been looking for you! I'll bring the morphine in." I told him that I didn't need it, that the Toradol had helped 1000 times better than the narcs had, and that I needed to see the Doc again. The Doc came back in and said, "You look much better! I guess the morphine worked." I told him that no, I hadn't taken the morphine, and that I thought it was my inflammatory thing, and that I needed steroids, not more narcotics. He said, "You know, I was going to suggest that."

Yeah, right.

Then he said, "You have two big nerves running along your soft palate, and when those get irritated, it's like the worst pain you've ever felt in your life."

Uh huh, yeah, I know. *g*

So they gave me a big ole loading dose of steroids, a prescription for more, so that I don't rebound, and I came home and slept for 12 hours straight.

I just got a call from the ENT surgeon. How cute! He said he had worried about me all night, and was very concerned that I hadn't called to make an appointment to see him. I explained the situation and promised that I'd call if it got worse again.

It's so good to be blissfully pain- free. I really can't tell you how relieved I am. :)

I'm still pretty wiped, but comfortable. Finally. YAYYYYYYYYYY!

Thank you everyone who was concerned! {{{{{{{{{{{Hugs you all}}}}}}}}}}}}} It helped. It really did. :)


OMG that sounded so so bad!! I didnt realise it was that bad!

the worst pain I ever felt was in my ears, I had real bad ear infection in both ears, I couldnt think of anything else but the pain, i was crying so much in the doctors waiting room that they had to send me in before everyone esle..it was awful! Oh and then my ears burst!

anyhoo...just trying to empathise with you there.

thank goodness you got sorted out..or rather *you* sorted it out. {{{{{{{{{Feather}}}}}}

It was pretty bad. *g*

I had lots of ear infections as a kid, and they just suck! That's the thing about head-pain. You just can't get away from it! I can totally understand you crying. There's really no way to describe that kind of pain, is there? I'll bet they felt better after they burst, though, cuz it relieved the pressure. {{{{{{Skater}}}}}}

I'm so glad the pain is gone! *takes a deep, relaxed breath* I hope I never have to do this again. Once is quite enough, thankyouverymuch. *g*

I'll bet they felt better after they burst, though, cuz it relieved the pressure

yeh, it was like a sudden thing, I wasnt sure if it was the painkillers or the fact my ears burst, but It was so all of a sudden. tho there was puss and stuff comming out my ears for days after that.

I hope I never have to do this again.

oh! no no, please god, lets hope it never happens again.

EEWWW on the puss! But keeping that cleaned up is a very, very small price to pay to get rid of the pain, isn't it?

I had a pretty good day-- a little annoying pain, but nothing bad at all. The lymphnodes are going down nicely, too. I'm hoping it's almost over now. Just in time for the weekend, too. :D

Oh, you poor dear!! ::hugs you again:: I'm glad you are feeling better. That's just crazy. What set it off in the first place, do you know? Because, yikes, you don't want that happening again!

::hugs you back:: I'm soooo much better! Almost back to my old self already. :)

It was the puking (EWWWW again)*g*. In fact, I know exactly which time, because the pain started immediately after that. I thought everything was just irritated, and I was right, I just didn't know how irritated!

You're so right. I'd be very happy to never, ever have this happen again.

::smooches you just cuz::

Yikes, your body was entirely messed up, wasn't it? I'm so sorry you had this on top of everything else! I think you need a long, relaxing vacation. Maybe on a beach with a couple of cute cabana boys. And John and Rodney, rubbing sunscreen all over each other.

I've been dealing with the auto-immune thing for 20 years now, and it's pretty well under control most of the time, but when I flare up, I flare up in a bad way. I hope this is it for a while!

I talked with my agency today to let them know that I missed work yesterday, and found out that this years trip will be to the island of Grand Bahama. It's making me rethink the whole perm job thing. *g* I can bring a guest. Wanna go? :)

I don't know that watching John and Rodney rub sunscreen all over each other would exactly be *relaxing*, but it would be very exciting, in a completely non stressful way. In fact, you've given me a wicked plot bunny. It involves John not wanting his nipples to get sunburned. . . :D

Ooooh, Bahamas! ::packs bags::

You've got a really good temp agency there. I can certainly see the appeal of staying with them.

And I'm very intrigued by the sunscreen/nipples thing. ::nods::

{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} That sounds really nasty, hon! After what I've been through with my back and so on I can sympathise with that level of pain (screaming while driving home because it hurts so damn much is never a good sign) and it's never good. Hope you remain pain-free and the inflammation goes down and stays that way.

If it's not too nosy, what is the auto-immune/inflammatory thing that's done this to you? {{hugs}}

This has been about the nastiest nasty thing *ever*! But I think I'm on the mend. And no, screaming on the way home is never good. I was doing a bit of that myself yesterday. It's so damned draining! I look like I've got two black eyes from all the sobbing.

Not nosy at all! I've got a disease called Overlap Syndrome, which just means that they don't really know what to call it. It overlaps Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, and mixed connective tissue disorder. I didnt' get diagnosed for five years, and spent the first three of those years in bed. I honestly don't know how I made it through college-- I never went to class! I'd get up for long enough to go in and take a test, then go back to bed.

It's mostly under control now, but when I flare, I flare in a big way. I hope this is it for a while. I've had enough fun. *g*

You've got a referal to a hypermobility clinic coming up, right? I wish you luck!

I've got a referral to a hypermobility clinic coming up...in August *sigh* But at least I've got it and they can give me a firm diagnosis as to exactly what is going on! Frankly, I'd just like to know whether it's benign joint hypermobility syndrome (something of a misnomer, there) or EDS type III. If they can tell me about anything else that might suddenly pop up and anything I need to watch for (it would have been good to know I probably have poor wound healing before I had surgery years ago, for example) that would be even better. At this stage, I'm not holding my breath on them being able to suggest better treatment, but you never know :-)

Sounds like you've had a really bad time of it. Sometimes getting diagnosed is the biggest part of the battle and when it's not something that doctors see very often it seems to completely throw them. It's even more fun when they give it a name that means "We don't really know, but we need to call it something..." {{{hugs}}}

I hate it when doctors act like they don't believe you when you say you are in pain.

Glad you are feeling better.

Oh yeah, I hate that too! I know they see it a lot, especially in the ER, and I really didn't have anything that was obvious, but still! It made me mad too, when he changed his tune when he found out I was an employee. The shouldn't have mattered. I was a patient who desperately needed help.

I'm so much better! {{{{{{Reedfem}}}}}} And the percodone is making me all sappy. *g*

Well that's a relief! You sound sooooo much better.

::scowls at disbelieving doctor::

::hugs you::

I'm so very, very much better! Thank friggin god. I completely freaked my mum out, though. She was ready to hop on the next plane, especially when I didn't answer my phone while I was having the CT scan and didn't check my messages, so didn't call her until the next morning.

I convinced her to stay home. *g*

::snuggles you close::

Argh! Seems I missed a post!
Sorry you felt like crap, but yay for drugs and getting better!

Oh yeah, I'm much better! Thank God. I know you suffer from RA. Aren't autoimmune things a bitch? I hope you're doing better, too! {{{{{{Hugs you gently}}}}}}

Oh, obvioulsy coming inot this late, please ignore last comment!!!

Glad to know everything is ok.


LOL! Better late than never. *g*

I'm much better now, thank God. That really did suck. I'm just glad it happend this week and not last! There is no way I'd want something like that spoil our fun, so I can't complain about the timing, just the whole thing in general. *g*

I miss you! {{{{{{Saz}}}}}}

::: toasts you with her own bottle of pain pills :::

I'm very relieved you're better and I'm glad they listened to you this time around within 24 hours. Instead of a week. They're getting better about that.

I'll just be over here...sitting very still...sending you hugs in the most careful fashion I can find.

{{{{{{Carron}}}}}}} I had actually about given up and just wanted to go home. The doc just looked at me and said, "don't you want to know the CT results?"

"Why? You aren't going to do anything anyway."

Yep, I was feeling pretty pathetic by that point. I'm just relieved that I figured out what was going on.

I wish your recovery will be as fast, but I'm thinking not. :(


I'm so glad you are feeling better.


Oh, me too. *g*

{{{Hugs you back}}}

I'm glad you're such a smart girl and figured it all out yourself! So sorry to hear about your ordeal. Hope you're feeling better today!!!


Thank you! Actually, the damned things aren't getting any better. *scowls* No worse, maybe ::hopes:: but not any better. It may take a while. :(