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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
The latest medical traumatic thingy

So. Went off the steroids Sunday night, and Monday night the pain decided that I'd been a bitch for trying to squash it and I needed to be punished.

In a big way.

I woke up in the wee hours crying, which is never a good thing. I held on until the clinic opened and staggered in, where the doc promptly said, "I can't and won't give you more pain meds for a problem I can't see."

I sort of snarled at him that the goddamned narcotics didn't work anyway, and I needed Toradol, to which his eyebrows shot up and he suddenly looked concerned and like he believed me. *sigh* He sent the nurse in with a needle and went to the phone and to call another doc over. After a few minutes of hurried conversation and worried glances my way he came back in and announced that I needed to see an ENT, and he'd made an appointment for me for today. He also gave me more steroids to get me through. He did mention that it might be shingles, which made my blood run cold, because shingles pain can last for *years*, and there is no way, and I do mean, no way I could live with that for years. Hell, I could barely make it a few hours. I had to do some pretty fast talking to myself to keep from totally freaking out and writing my Last Will and Testament, but once the meds kicked in decided I could at least make it until I talked to the specialist today.

I'm sitting in the exam room and this teenager walks in. Okay, so he wasn't a teenager, but he sure as hell looked like it! *g* I outlined what had been going on and he asked if he could look in my mouth. When he did, he immediately sort of gasped and said, "Yes, I can see a definite swelling right at the point the trigeminal nerve enters the mouth." He leaned back and looked at me. "I'll bet that really hurts." To which I promptly burst into tears, because he *believed* me. Finally! He'd never seen a case where the nerve is inflamed in the mouth--usually it's the sinus cavity, but he knew about it. I told him that I wanted him to cut the nerve out, but he said, "Well, that nerve controls your whole *face*, how about we try something less invasive first?" *g* He was actually very, very accommodating, especially since I've been dealing the this inflammatory disease for 20 years now, and asked what dosage of steroids I wanted, and for how long-- what *I* thought would work best in this situation. I'm doing a much stronger dose, for much longer than normal, but *fingers crossed*, hopefully it'll get rid of the damned swelling. I won't be cutting the dosage back for the next two weeks, so if I start to act more psychotic than normal, let me know, okay? It's one of the side effects of the higher dose. *g*

He also wants me to get an MRI, just to make sure there isn't something else going on. I'm going to be stuck in a little tube in one position, bored out of my mind for two hours on Friday morning.

Tell me what I should think about for those two hours! I've got a few thoughts but I'm open to suggestions. :D

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

Aw, sweetie! I'm so sorry you're in pain again. How awful! But thank god the doctor believed you. It's so frustrating when they don't realize you actually have a brain in your head.

And a teenager, LOL! I know what you mean, they give those degrees to little kids now, don't they? What's up with that?

Tell me what I should think about for those two hours! I've got a few thoughts but I'm open to suggestions.

Hmmmm...John and Rodney, stuck in a jail cell together. A little tiny room. Not injured or anything, just waiting to be rescued. I'm sure they find some way to relieve the boredom...

Since I'm a geek, I googled trigeminal pain, and the *medical* websites say, "When severe, it is the most excruciating pain known to man."

That about sums it up.

The whole area is numb now-- I guess the nerve has given up. I hope. I also hope it never, never comes back. Ever.

I was so glad the teenager Doctor believe me that I have him a big old hug. I think I made him blush. *g*

Hmmm, yes, yes. Those two in a cell, bored, and waiting for rescue. Whatever will they do? :D I'm also thinking about the suntan lotion/nipple thing. *nods* That fic just might get fleshed out.

Amazing what happens to a doctor when you say "I don't WANT pain pills!" isn't it?

I'm sorry this is being so obstinate. {{{{{{{{Jen}}}}}}}}} At least the kid...er.....doctor finally SAW what was going on. Maybe he should have taken a picture and sent it to the other asshole...I mean doctor.

And what the hell is your *nerve* doing out there where god & everybody can see it? Did someone not finish assembly before they shipped you out? Good grief!!

I hate doctors! Well, no. I actually *love* the ENT guy. :)

I'm fighting the urge to go yell at the other assholes. If the pain hits again you may need to come bail me out of jail, cuz I might kill one of them. Grrrr

I feel the same way about the nerve! Silly damned thing! It needs to get the hell back where it belongs.



Awwwww sweeting you are really having an awful time of it. HUGS. Lets hope that they come up with a long term plan after the MRI

Awful doesn't even come close! I'm just very grateful this didn't happen when I was over there.

Hopefully the MRI won't show a tumor, but otoh, if it does, they might be able to *fix* this, cuz it's something I really cannot live with. It's still a bit annoying now, but at least the pain is managable. I'm hoping it'll resolve itself when the swelling goes down.


Two hours? That's unbelievable. Will they play a CD for you if you take one in? If not, naps are always good.

I'm so sorry about the pain :-(

Yes, they'll play a CD, but I usually tap my toes and that would ruin the scan. *g*

I'll mostly be thinking porny thoughts. I can easily do that for a few hours, right? Hopefully it'll make the time fly.

{{{{{Perfica}}}}} You just would not believe the amount of pain. I can't believe it myself. Hopefully it won't come back. . .

oh lord, i'm so sorry.

i recommend imagining rodney putting together an MRI machine with duct tape.

*nods* Rodney will definitely be involved. :D In fact, I've sort of got this bunny about Rodney needing to fix a DHD but can't, so he and John are trapped on this beautiful tropical island. . . *g*

I'll be thinking about that a lot. *nods*

oh (((((darlin')))))

Dammit. I'd hoped the last lot would have seen this off :-(( I hope the steroids cut it - and so what if they make you loopy? I'll still love you :-) ::prepares to make allowances:: ;-)

Suggestions? Only one. It starts with a 'w' and ends with a howl LOLOL

*nods, nods* Yes, that idea will probably be rolled around a bit. *g*

Actually, it's a good thing I don't have a penis, because I might betray myself otherwise. Hee!

Yeah. I was hoping this would be over, too. *whimpers* Please, please, please. I'm begging here. Let it be over soon.



Or it ends with a knot ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: ps

Hehehe. It does indeed! *beams* /g/

I really hope the steroids are going to do the trick!! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not shingles!

As for the MRI, how about Jack and Daniel and a nice, deserted beach somewhere off-world? Or are you all about the McShep these days? ;)

NOT shingles! Thank god! It's a cyst, and hopefully treatable. :) I'll find out more after I talk to the doc.

The MRI actually went very quickly. Evidently I have a pretty active imagination, and can keep my self entertained quite nicely with smutty thoughts. *g*