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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
It's not a tuuuuumor

I sneaked a peek at the MRI today-- I can do that, even though I'm not supposed to. *g*

There is nothing abnormal with my brain. *scoffs* Yeah, that's what they think! But it's good-- no tumor, no aneurysm, no MS, and no--

Wait for it--

Alien tracking device.

Actually, I'm a little miffed about that one. That would be the coolest anecdote *ever*! /g/

Yes, they really did say my brain was normal. *waves report* It says so right here! Why do you ask?

They did find something, however. Thank God. It's a cyst. Just a plain ole, garden variety, unfortunately placed cyst. Which hopefully they'll be able to treat. :) I can't wait to contact the teenager doc and see what he says.


Well thank god they've found an explanation! That's half the battle, isn't it?

Such a shame about the alien tracking device though :-( Although I've heard that they've improved no end over the years - maybe it's an undetectable one? *g*


It so might be an undetectable one! Which would totally suck, because then nobody believes you. *g*

But yes, a cause has been found! YAYYYYY!!! Now, what to do about it? Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow. :)

{{{{{{{{{{{you back}}}}}}}}}}}

A cyst sounds nasty (especially on the brain. BRAAAAAAAINZZZZZZZ. Sorry, went zombie there for a second) but I'm very happy it's something easily treatable.

If it had ended up being a alien tracking device we could have fixed it quick smart with a hat made of tinfoil ;-)

How can a little cyst cause so much damned pain? It's so stoopid it's silly.

A tin foil hat! Why didn't I think of that? And you can shape it to all kinds of cool fashion choices. Ball caps for casual wear, the huge monstrosities for more formal occasions. . .

Okay, now I want to get the foil out and start playing. *g*


glad your brain is ok. this is good!

thanks for the SPN, i finally got them 8-D now i must find some time to sit a watch *g* thank you feather ::hugs you::

Yep, my brain is normal. That makes me laugh. *g*

You're welcome for SPN! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. :)

Oh that's wonderful. Not that you have pain though, but that it's just a cyst. Take care of yourself :)

It's so wonderful I feel like I'm flying!

But not in an alien spaceship, apparantly. *g*

Been computer-less for a few days, so have missed this completely!!!

Massive hugs and celebratory drinking.


Computerless? How ghastly!

Mostly you just missed me whining. *g*

I've already gone through a bit of booze, so I've got a head start on you there. I gladly accept all hugs, though. :)

So glad to hear that you have a brain and it's apparently normal :-) Not so glad that it's a cyst, but at least they've found something and it should be relatively treatable. But it does sound like you've had a crap time with it. Getting the right doctor to look at things seems to be the key {{{hugs}}}

I'm thinking normal is a relative term here? *g*

Yes, this has been a really terrible, terrible experience-- one I hope I never go through again. It'll be interesting to see what the doc suggests for treatment, but at least we have something to treat now! :D

{{{Hugs you back}}}

*gg* Yup, definitely a relative term! Having something to treat is much better than random painkillers that do nothing, so yay :-)

Fingers crossed the cyst clears up real soon. I hope the pain is manageable. Thinking of you.



The pain is under control right now. YAYYYY steroids! I can't stay on them forever, though. I'll talk to the doc in the next few days and know more then. :)

How did things go with that young doctor?

{{{Supportive stuff}}}


I'm hoping he'll be in the office tomorrow, so I should know more then.

Ya know, that really is the best icon, isn't it! What a great pic, and what a fabulous time we had. :) Finding that hat was kismet.

Oh, good. Fingers crossed for you.

Yeah, that was a great weekend. Thankyou for the comment on the icon. From now on, it shall be known as my Kismet Hat!


Yes! The Kismet hat! If you called it the Holy Island hat, it would get shortened to The Holy Hat, and then changed to the Grand PooBah Hat, and it would just go downhill from there. *g*

And The Kismet Hat of Holy Island would just be too silly, and people would just shorten it to 'you nob' every time I walked by :-).

ROFL!!!! They so would! It's not good to give people openings like that. *g*

Well, I'm not one to provide openings for ridicule, as you well know. And you can read that as smuttily as you like.

Terry , who is supposed to be writing a technical reference manual, but who has actually been sneakily reading your lovely electro-stim fic... X

Someone just sent me a smutty Winnie the Pooh gif, which I *so* need made into an icon, so yeah, I'm all about the smut right now. *g*

I'm glad you're enjoying that kinky electrified fic! I had a hell of a time watching doing reasearch for that one. :D

Oh, yes. You've given me a hankering for something new.