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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
::hums Twilight Zone theme::

This was my horoscope this morning, and after yesterdays post about the lead tech job, it made me giggle.

Aries (March 20 - April 18)

It is possible that the last few weeks have allowed you to become a little bit clearer concerning certain questions you have about your vocation, dear Aries. You may even be a little clearer about your feelings in regard to what you think your destiny is. It would now be better for you to stop thinking about such things and let life take over for you. Ariess are well armed for this kind of thing!

It's pretty much spot on! Of course, most of the time they're completely dead wrong.

Erm. This might be that psychosis thing I warned you all about. *g*


Hmm... interesting! Mine said not to take the first offer I got, and that my love life would be the most important thing next Tuesday... so, I await developments with baited breath!

Take care, hon.


LOL! You're in for a busy week! *g*

Ah yes, your destiny is to win the lottery, thus enabling you to come back forever, oh, or to pay for me to come there forever, and we could be travellers together.


Yes! The lottery! I so need to win that. *g*

We could split our time-- Hang out there, travel, hang out here, travel. . . wouldn't it be glorious?