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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Silly GIP

Last year, when we were in Wells, sazzle_02 told me about some Winnie the Pooh porn she found. We stayed up until the wee hours finding it again, and giggled ourselves sick while we read. I can't believe we didn't wake up the whole cottage!

I told this story to V, and she found this pic while browsing, and sent me the link.

The wonderful catspaw_sgjd turned it into an icon for me. *g*

Current Mood: gigglygiggly

Oh. My. God.

Thinks a bit.

Nope. That's all I've got...

::giggles:: There really isn't too much more to say, is there? *g*

After I got home, the first thing I did was go buy a Winnie the Pooh watch. I'm still wearing it. Every time I look at it I smile. :)

*shrieks and covers eyes*
OMG that is just SO WRONG on SO MANY levels! :-P

(You should know, my nickname is Tigger, and my middle sister is Pooh).

No! NO! ::peels hands away:: It's *good*! See how much they love each other?


Umm, but since you're Tigger. . . yeah, I can see where that would be a problem. *g*

I... think something just died inside.

Awwww! But don't they deserve to get some too? Really, after a hard day in the hundred acre wood, dealing with wind and stuff, what better way to end the day then to go home to some lovin? *g*

Nope, still can't bear it...

Hmmm, well, Tigger seems to be bearing it well.


Okay, I almost squicked myself with that one. *g*



Ya know, I think Dean would apprecitate my soh. *sulks*

I think Dean might repeat, "Demons I get..."

Okay, yeah, you're probably right . . . ::sulks some more::

::brightens:: BUT! I didn't write the porn, or draw the pic! So I'm not the only sick one out there who thinks like this!

Umm, I'm not sure that's a good thing. *g*

Still. Dean would be ashamed. So would Jack and Daniel, actually. :)

Jack and Daniel would be mortified!

Dean might be bemused, though. *g*

What? A girl can hope!

That ain't right. On so many levels that ain't right.

::: rubs eyes and goes back to J/D :::

No! No! Look! It's like with Bert and Ernie and the fisting! See how happy Tigger is? And how smug he looks? It's good!

Dammit. I need someone to work with me here. *frowns*


Bert and Ernie are two men living with each other for like...30 years in a small apartment in Greenwich - of *course* they're together. This is... this is *Pooh*. Pooh! Who says "oh bother" and saves Piglet from the Hephalumps!

Yes. But boys will be boys. *g*

Another childhood icon soiled...

I refuse to be ashamed! It wasn't my idea, after all.

Okay, so the icon was my idea.

Maybe I am a little ashamed. *g*

Love it love it love it!

YAYYYY! Finally someone who's on my side!



ROFL - that is totally sick. I love it

LOL! It's hard to look away, isn't it? *g*

Oh, god.... how SWEET to be a cloud - right now - no honestly. Thanks for treating me to *that* first thing on a Monday morning!

Honestly, I don't know whether to laugh or squrim!

Thanks, hon.

Now, where are the Bert and Ernie pics?


LOL! It's totally both laugh and squirm worthy!

I hope it at least brightened your day. *g*

The Bert and Ernie pics were several PC's ago. I'll see if Carron still has them. :D

Lookie lookie, I got one too!!

Isn't it the coolest thing *ever*?!?!?

Okay, since I've squicked out most of my flist, maybe 'cool' isn't the right word. *g*

But you get me. I love you for that beyond measure. {{{{{Saz}}}}}