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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
SG-1 Fic

I'm having to post this in two parts.

Title: Kokopelii's Gift Part 1
Author: feather_autant
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Fandom: SG-1
Summary: A kiva and a light change everything. (AKA Aliens made 'em)
Word count: 13606
Warnings: A bit more angsty than I usually write
Notes: Sometimes I get the complete story all at once, all right there in my head. This one took a bit longer. *g* Thanks to catspaw and carronlaforce for the betas, and an extra thanks to Cats for being an amazing sounding board and listening to me whine while inserting the appropriate ::nods:: and, "that might work," and, "that's been done to death," until the epiphany hit. Thanks also to thegrrrl2002 for helping me post this monster!

"Jack!" Daniel said excitedly, bursting into his office. "We've got to go to Dolores!"

"Okay," Jack said calmly, putting down his pen. "Who's Dolores and why do we need to go to her?"

"Dolores isn't a she, it's a town." Daniel said, pacing, his hands moving. "A town down near Mesa Verde. Some kids were playing around the Anasazi cliff-dwellings there and found something that I think we need to check out."

"What kind of thing?"

"Something they can't explain. Some sort of device."

Jack looked at Daniel with interest. "A Goa'uld device or an Ancient device?"

"Well, since the Goa'uld stole lots of their tech from the Ancients, it could be either. One way or another, I need to get down there."

"Okay," Jack agreed, turning to his computer. "I'll pull up the weather reports, see if we can expect any storms. Do we need the team?"

"Sam and Teal'c are still visiting family. I don't think we need to call them back for this." Daniel smirked. "Unless you don't think we can handle a few archeologists?"

Jack gave Daniel a deadpan look. "I handle you pretty well."

"I just let you think that, Jack," Daniel snickered. He moved around the desk to look over Jack's shoulder at the weather report. "Okay," he said, pointing a finger at the monitor. "Looks like we've got a couple of days before the next front moves in."

Jack switched to a mapping tool. "It'll take us about seven hours to get there." He leaned back. "What kind of thingy did they find?"

"They found a kiva separate from the community, and it's very unusual. It seems to be dedicated to Kokopelii."

"The flute guy?"

Daniel nodded. "He's the only anthropomorphic petroglyph to have a name, an identity, and an established gender. He represented the harvest and fertility and evidently traveled around, making a life helping barren women," Daniel smirked.

"No wonder he always looks like he's dancing."

Daniel laughed in agreement. "And when one of the kids pressed a hidden panel, the kiva lit up with a blue glow."

Jack looked at him sharply. "Did anything else happen?"

"No. Just the glow. At least as far as they can tell. But since Kokopelii’s petroglyph is so unique, I’m suspicious that he was really a Goa’uld."

Jack thought for a moment then said, "Okay, you find us a place to sleep. We'll leave in the morning."

The Hemi diesel engine in Jack's new truck growled like smug bear as it climbed the mountain pass. “You just had to buy a Hemi, didn’t you?” Daniel teased.

“I wanted a bigger engine,” Jack bantered back, patting the truck’s dash affectionately.

“Well,” Daniel sniffed. “You know what they say about men with big engines. Compensating much?”

“I didn’t need to buy a big engine,” Jack countered smugly. “My shoe size and hands prove that. I just like the way it sounds.”

Daniel raised his eyebrows and looked at Jack’s hands, then snorted in disbelief and consulted the map again. “Riiiiight,” he drawled.

It was already getting dark, the days being very short this time of year, but Jack was relieved to note that he could already tell the difference from a month ago. Winter was reluctantly giving way to spring. "Where's our turn?" he asked.

"Take the next right. The cabin should be just ahead."

"Niiiiice," Jack murmured as they pulled up. The cabin was snuggled protectively under pine trees, a warm glow filtering through the windows, smoke curling lazily from the chimney. He was surprised at how big it was. "Maybe we should have called Sam and Teal'c. Turned this into a ski trip."

"Can you imagine Teal'c on skis?" Daniel snickered.

Jack laughed. "No."

"C'mon," Daniel said. "The owner should be waiting for us inside."

A middle-aged woman with salt and pepper hair opened the door. "Hi!" she said warmly, holding out her hand. "I'm Helen. Welcome to Dolores."

Jack shook her hand. "Thanks."

"Was the mountain pass okay?" she asked, leading them inside.

Jack poked a thumb back at his truck. "Not a problem."

"Good. Up to do some skiing?"

"No," Jack said with a straight face. "My friend here considers himself to be an archeologist. He wanted to see the ruins." He flashed a glaring Daniel his most charming grin.

Helen looked surprised. "This isn't a very good time of year for that."

Daniel regained his composure quickly and shrugged. "Not as many tourists this time of year."

Helen laughed. "That's true. I stocked the kitchen with the things you asked for. Let me show you around the place."

Jack couldn't help but linger in the bathroom for a minute. It held a very large claw-foot tub, maybe even long enough for him to stretch out in. He'd have to make use of that.

The tour and paperwork completed, Helen left, telling them to call her if they had any problems. Jack and Daniel hauled their luggage in and unpacked. Jack snagged the large bedroom, tossing his bags in the corner and bouncing on the large four-poster bed, testing the mattress. "Oh, yeah," he said, taking in the gas fireplace before collapsing back, groaning decadently, letting his legs dangle off the side. "This one’s mine."

Daniel sighed. "Of course it is," and took his belongings to the other bedroom.

They cooked dinner together, years of practice making the task seem like second nature. After the meal, Jack made coffee and brought a mug out to Daniel who was pacing back and forth in front of the fire. Jack watched a whole two minutes before saying, "Relax! It'll still be there tomorrow."

Daniel looked at him earnestly. "Ya know, we could take a quick drive out there tonight."

"No," Jack said firmly. "There is no way we're going to an alien site in the middle of the night."

"But it's only seven o'clock," Daniel protested.

Jack gazed steadily until Daniel flopped down moodily onto the couch. He sighed and sat down next to Daniel, stretching his legs out toward the flames. "It'll still be there tomorrow."

Daniel smiled at him wryly. "I know," he sighed and took a sip of his coffee.

They talked drowsily, trying to figure out what was waiting for them, see any possible complications, plan for any problems. The conversation drifted, both of them comfortably relaxed. They both yawned hugely at the same time. "Okay, that's it," Jack said, hauling himself up reluctantly from the couch. "I'm hitting the sack."

Daniel smiled lazily up at him. "Sleep well, Jack."

"You too," Jack said, rinsed his mug in the kitchen sink, made his way to his room, stripped, looked longingly at the tub for a minute before brushing his teeth, crawled into the huge, perfect bed, and was asleep within five minutes.

"Jack?" Daniel whispered, waving a mug of coffee under Jack's sleeping nose. "Oh Jaaaaack."

Jack's eyes flew open and he groaned. "Fuck, Daniel," he said, burrowing back into his pillow. "It isn't Christmas morning, ya know."

Daniel set the mug on the bedside table before bouncing on the bed. "C'mon! Get up."

Jack cracked an eye open and glared at Daniel suspiciously. "Did you even get to sleep last night?"

"I got a few hours," Daniel said, then stood up and tugged at the covers.

"Hey!" Jack yelped, pulling them back up. "It's cold in here!"

"Then get dressed!" Daniel urged. "Come on, Jack. There isn't much daylight this time of year and I need to make the best use of it."

Jack groaned and threw the covers back, shivering. He made give-me motions with his hands and accepted the mug of coffee, took a sip, and looked outside at the still pitch-black morning. "The sun won't be up for another two hours."

"I know," Daniel said. "I need to be out there when it does come up. Dress warm," he said, and he left the room.

Jack snorted into his coffee. Dress warm. Right. This new Daniel, the one who'd come back from being ascended, was a different beast, and somehow, their friendship was deeper for it, an empty place in Jack's heart filled. Jack got up, did his morning routine, threw on jeans, a thermal undershirt, a red flannel shirt over that, warm socks, and followed the scent of frying bacon into the kitchen carrying his boots and the empty coffee mug. He leaned over Daniel's shoulder and sniffed. "Smells good. Extra crispy for me."

"I know," Daniel smirked. "Why don't you put the bread in to toast?"

Jack got himself another cup of coffee, fixed the toast, grabbed the coffee pot, and met Daniel at the table. They sat down to plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast, eating heartily before heading out.

"Christ," Jack grumbled as the truck bounced along the rough landscape. "Good thing there’s a tub back at the cabin. My back is going to need it."

Daniel ignored him, looking intently at the GPS he held. "Just a little to the left," he urged.

Jack angled to the left, closer to the base of a cliff. After a few minutes Daniel said excitedly, "This is it. Stop here!"

Jack shut the truck off and got out. The ground underneath his feet crunched. A light layer of snow covered everything. Not fluffy soft snow, but the drier stuff with a texture like granulated sugar. He could see his breath in the lightening morning. He watched as Daniel walked around carefully, scanning the ground.

"The boys said it was here," Daniel mused. "An intact kiva."

"How is that possible?" Jack asked, leaning against the truck. "Wouldn't it be filled in?"

"Yes," Daniel said distractedly. "It would." He squatted down, watching as the sun hit the ground at a sharp angle. "They said it was protected by an overhang in this cliff. Oh!" he said, surprised, and stood up.

"What?" Jack asked, pushing off from the truck and walking toward him.

"There's an opening here," Daniel said, moving closer.

"Careful," Jack warned.

Daniel got onto his stomach and squirmed closer, peering into the hole, shining his flashlight around. "Jack! This is it!" He looked around some more. "It looks like they found a natural fracture in the bedrock and worked it, making it circular."

"Okay," Jack said, squatting down next to him, ignoring his complaining knees. "How do we get down?"

"There's a ladder." Daniel sneezed. "Dust," he said apologetically, and wiped his hand on Jack's leg.

"Hey!" Jack yelled, jerking away. "You better not have left any boogers."

Daniel snickered. "Let's go see what's down there."

Jack went first, shining his light around cautiously. The kiva wasn't large, maybe seven feet in diameter, but it was deep enough for Jack to stand comfortably. A surprisingly small pile of debris was piled up under the opening, and amazingly there wasn't any sign that animals had gotten in. There was a narrow bench built into the wall encircling the floor, and niches at regular intervals along the wall. The curved surface was covered with petroglyphs, Kokopelii, hunched over, dancing joyfully, playing his flute. "Okay," Jack smirked. "Somebody has an overactive imagination." He was looking at a depiction of the legend, his enormous erection jutting out proudly.

Daniel laughed as he lightly dropped the last few feet. "Kokopelii usually sports a large phallus. It's a testament to his virility."

"Right," Jack drawled.

Daniel looked around carefully, taking in the full effect before moving closer to the wall. "God," he murmured. "This is completely untouched. It's exactly how they left it." He got his camcorder out and started recording. "And that's Goa'uld writing."

Jack peered into one of the niches, seeing a superbly crafted bark box, an exquisite turquoise necklace, and a small, perfect pot. "These people knew a thing or two about pottery," he remarked, being careful not to touch.

"Yes," Daniel said absently. "That's Tusayan White Ware. Somebody came a long way to bring it here."

"These are offerings?"

"I think so," Daniel answered. He finished recording and put his camcorder safely in the inside pocket of his jacket. "The boys said the panel was right by the large spiral."

Both he and Jack swept their flashlights around. "There!" Daniel said and took the step necessary to get close. Next to the spiral was a carved hollow in the shape of a hand. "This must be it." He reached out to press his hand into the depression.

They both scanned the area as a blue glowing laser-light swept over them, trying to find the source. The light swept back over them then went dark.

"What was that?" Jack asked.

"I don't know," Daniel said, looking closely at the ceiling. "I can't see . . ."

"Aw, crap," Jack grunted, his heart hammering in his chest. Light cascaded like water down the walls and across the floor. Blue, silver, pink, green, swirling and flowing, like a liquified rainbow. "Daniel!"

They both turned toward the ladder, then stopped. Pleasure Palace, Jack thought, then felt his thoughts roll away, like the light was carrying them along the current. His body relaxed and he just stood for a moment, letting the light surround and pour around him.

Daniel stared at the light, watching as it coursed over and around the imperfections in the wall and floor. Pretty, he thought.

The air in the kiva changed from cold to warm as the light changed. It started pulsing, about seventy times a minute, the same speed as a resting heartbeat. Jack felt his heart answer the rhythm, slowing down. All he wanted to do was lie down and let the light engulf him. He struggled to stay on his feet. He could hear Daniel breathing, slow and easy. Jack felt something deep inside his belly loosen, muscles he didn't even know he held tense relaxing. Blood surged unimpeded, an unexpected pleasure.

The light changed again, becoming bluer, more intense. Its pulsing somehow became deeper, harder, more profound. Jack felt it in his chest and groin, felt them throbbing in time to the light. He could feel his inhibitions drain away.

The light quickened now, becoming urgent, coaxing, demanding. Jack's body responded. His cock filled rapidly, twitching to full hardness. A hard, hungry desire flooded through him.

He could smell Daniel.

"Jack," Daniel said, turning toward him, his voice odd, aroused, wanting.

Jack looked in his eyes and saw it there, the intense burning need, the ache and thirst and passion. "Daniel?" he asked roughly. He couldn't look away, and he didn't want to.

Daniel searched Jack's face, the light flowing over and around them, somehow already entwining them, then moved the two steps it took to bring them together.

Jack groaned deep in his throat and grasped Daniel's face. He brought their lips together in a rough, deep kiss, claiming Daniel's mouth.

A battle of lips and tongues and hands ensued, each trying to climb into the other’s skin. Hands pushed coats off shoulders. Jack grasped the neck of Daniel's shirt and felt Daniel brace his shoulders. He ripped from collar to hem, lips still locked with Daniel's, growling at the sound of shredding cloth, his dick hardening even further, reveling in the feel of Daniel's strength.

Daniel growled back and grabbed the collar of Jack's flannel shirt, sending buttons flying, not noticing how the light bent and flowed around them as the round bits of plastic flew through the air. He growled again, an impatient sound this time, when he encountered Jack's thermal shirt instead of bare skin.

Jack's hands never left Daniel's bare chest as Daniel tore his shirt open. They didn't bother tossing the shredded garments to the side, just let them drop, too focused on each other.

Daniel groaned around Jack's tongue when their chests touched. He felt Jack shiver and his cock surged in delight. Suddenly, he couldn't bear the feel of his pants on his over-sensitized skin. He moved to undo the fly and felt Jack do the same thing, urgently stripping the rough material down his legs.

Boots were a problem. They had to separate to get them off. That lasted only a split second, the need to touch primal, overwhelming. They pressed together again, Jack sucking on Daniel's neck, pants pooled around ankles.

Daniel felt his knees buckle as shivers raced down his spine. He sank down, holding Jack close, pulling him down as well, forgetting about his captured feet for a moment. Jack pushed him onto his back and climbed on, their pelvic bones fitting together, cocks lining up.

Jack ground down, and moaned as pleasure coursed through him. He reached underneath and grasped Daniel's hips, trying to hold him steady, pull him closer, needing to feel more–more skin, more heat, more pleasure.

Daniel tried to respond, tried to wrap his legs around Jack's waist, and groaned when his pants wouldn't let him. He tried to roll them over, so he could free one leg, but Jack wouldn't give way. Daniel bucked up hard, throwing Jack to the side. He surged up and reached for his boot. An overwhelming shock of need took his breath away.

They weren't touching any more.

Daniel flung himself back and onto his side, reaching, and gasped with relief when he felt Jack underneath his hand. He curled his legs back, trying to reach a boot with his free hand.

Jack somehow understood what Daniel was trying to do and reached over him, helping get a bootlace undone and the shoe off. He tugged Daniel's leg free then pushed him onto his back again, covering him.

Daniel didn't hesitate. He lifted his legs up and locked his ankles at the small of Jack's back, using his heels and hands and lips to urge Jack on.

Jack felt Daniel writhe beneath him, felt one rubber heel digging into his ass, denim dragging over heated flesh, hands everywhere, lips and teeth at his throat. He latched onto Daniel's neck and bit down, feeling Daniel shiver and gasp beneath him. He thrust and sucked, pushing their cocks together. Blinding pleasure lanced through him, and he was there, that place where everything ceased to exist except his building orgasm.

Daniel felt Jack's come flood his stomach and he thrust up sharply, sliding through the slickness, and came hard, tendons straining, face in a grimace, lights going off behind his eyes.

Jack realized that Daniel was holding his full weight. He could feel every harsh breath, every heartbeat. He groaned and struggled to raise up on his elbows. His eyes finally peeled open and he looked down, watching as the light flowed over Daniel's face. Daniel's eyes finally cracked open, he unlocked his heels and lowered his legs. Jack said, "What the hell just happened?" trying for indignant but missing by a mile. The light pulses had slowed down and softened, coming to rest at seventy beats a minute again, his heart obediently following. He was too limp to work up the necessary energy to pull off angry. His brain was slowly coming back online, though, and he was fighting panic. This couldn't be happening, Daniel couldn't know this about him.

"I'm not sure," Daniel slurred, and Jack couldn't help feeling a little smug about that. "The light . . . "

"Yeah," Jack said, fighting the urge to lick the sweat pooled in the hollow of Daniel's throat. "I don't remember this part from the Pleasure Palace, though."

"No," Daniel agreed. There was an awkward silence then Daniel squirmed slightly. "Uh, Jack . . ."

Jack tore his eyes from a sated Daniel and looked down at their sticky bellies. "Oh, right." He rolled off to the side and missed Daniel's body instantly. "Ummmm, about this," he began, unconsciously reaching out to touch again.

The laser-light swept over them, then back, assessing. Jack and Daniel both looked up at the ceiling.

The pulsing light intensified, becoming urgent again.

"Oh fuck," Daniel groaned as he felt his blood surge and his groin respond, and suddenly he couldn't bear to not be touching Jack. "I think it's time for round two," he gasped, shivering when he felt Jack's hands on him.

Jack's face was buried in Daniel's neck and he drew in heaving gasps, trying not to black out. His balls were loose and empty, his dick spent. But what really got him was the crush of emotion this time. It had still been hard and rough, but the light had been different, seeming to reach inside the locked place in his heart to fling the door open wide, and he couldn't help it, couldn't help pouring everything he'd felt into the act. That left him more drained than coming twice in less than an hour. And it wasn't over yet. The light was still flowing, still pulsing, and his feelings rolled with it. He lifted his head and looked down at a very dazed looking Daniel, and suddenly needed to kiss him as badly as he needed to breathe.

They'd managed to free Jack's legs this time, and somehow he'd ended up on the bottom, so he hooked an ankle around Daniel's calf and rolled them, hitting the curved wall and making a frustrated sound. They wriggled around until they were laying flat and he was sprawled over Daniel. Jack took his face in his hands and kissed him, slow and deep, because this might be his only chance, and he could blame Kokopelii for it. He took his time, exploring, memorizing, savoring every taste, texture, response, filing it all away to keep forever.

The laser-light swept over them again.

Both men stiffened and Jack groaned. "We've got to get out of here," he rasped. "I don't think I can again."

Daniel snorted a laugh. "Two your limit?"

"In less than an hour? Yeah. At least since I was twenty-two," Jack retorted.

They waited tensely but the light didn't change this time, just kept up a slow steady beat. "Can you stand?" Jack asked, because he wasn't sure he could. He did manage to slide off to the side, though.

"Not a chance," Daniel admitted, rolling onto his side to face Jack and lifting a hand to trace the lines in his face, needing to keep touching.

"Me neither." Jack's muscles felt liquid, bones turned to mush.

The light pulsed lazily and they dozed, unaware that the laser swept over them periodically.

Jack awoke to the feel of warm, wet suction, his dick already achingly hard. The light had intensified again–evidently the kiva had decided they were ready for more. He groaned when Daniel's tongue brushed the bundle of nerves on the underside of his cockhead and half sat up, reaching, urging, and then nuzzled Daniel's groin when he moved it close, Daniel's cock hard and leaking against his cheek. His dick surged when Daniel moaned, and he wrapped his arms around Daniel's hips before swallowing him down.

The buildup was slow and sweet, Daniel's hand cupping him, his own fingers pressing and rubbing on that one spot behind Daniel's balls, trying, no wanting to make it good. The light quickened and so did they, sucking and urging, writhing against the intensity of it. Jack came first, straining into Daniel's mouth. After taking a moment to savor, he took a gamble and wet a finger, then ringed Daniel's opening, pushing in slightly while suckling, and felt Daniel spasm, stiffen further, then shudder, coming strongly, salty fluid flooding Jack's mouth. He swallowed, his throat muscles working, and felt Daniel come harder.

They flopped apart, but Jack couldn't stand the immense distance a few inches seemed to make. He squirmed around and gathered Daniel in his arms, holding him close, nuzzling his neck and breathing him in. "I guess I could do it again," he snorted. He actually felt Daniel blush in his arms and was grateful his dick didn't pick up on it as well. "We've got to get out of here," he said, stroking his hands over Daniel's back.

"Yeah," Daniel acknowledged, then struggled unsteadily to his knees. He turned toward the panel, meaning to press it again, not knowing what else to do. There wasn't a pedestal with crystals or any other device that he could see, nothing to turn off. He looked at Jack who was on his knees now as well, a comforting hand on his back. "What about withdrawal?"

Jack considered for a moment. "We need to get help. It shouldn't be a problem for a few hours, at least. We can come back if we need to." He tried to not like that, not feel so damned happy about having to come back and do this again, because it wasn't real, dammit. Daniel didn't want this, hadn't asked for it.

The blue laser-light swept over them again.

The kiva evidently decided they'd had enough, its work was done, because the flowing light stopped pulsing and went out, plunging them into darkness. Jack felt around for his flashlight, and realized he wasn't desperate to touch Daniel now, and felt a little sad because of that. It was over. "Let's get out of here," he said, directing the beam at Daniel's chest so he wouldn't blind him.

Daniel scrambled around and found his own flashlight, then threw a ruined shirt at Jack. "That's yours." He hesitated. "I'm sorry about . . ."

Jack shoved his arms in the sleeves. "Let's get to safety before we talk." He pulled up his jeans and tucked himself in. God. He needed a few minutes to get his thoughts in order, his mind still swimming with remembered sensations and emotions.

They popped outside to a raging blizzard. The wind howled and snow was being driven horizontally. "Stick close," Jack shouted in Daniel's ear, and made his way in the direction of the truck, hoping they wouldn't miss it in the storm. He breathed a sigh of relief when it loomed out of the snow. They climbed in and Jack started the engine, turning the heat on high.

They sat awkwardly, silently, staring out at the driving snow.

"Sooo, " Jack drawled, trying to make light of it. "That was interesting."

Daniel snorted a laugh. "I wouldn't call it interesting. Mind-blowing, maybe."

Jack felt a flush of pride and swallowed it down. "It was that, all right."

They sat silently again for a while.

Daniel looked at Jack sideways. "Are you as freaked as I am?"

"Oh yeah," Jack admitted. Just not in the same way. They'd had spectacular sex, a fantasy of his, and it wasn't real.

"Okay, what do we do now?"

Go back to the cabin and do it again? In a nice soft bed this time? Maybe take their time? "I think we need to call Fraiser," Jack said. "The withdrawal was pretty bad last time." He peered out the window. "It's not safe to stay here, though. I just don't know if it's safe to leave."

"We didn't get the really nasty effects for a couple of days last time. I think we'll be able to get back here if we need to before the withdrawal gets too bad. And we'll be able to keep an eye on each other . . ." Daniel trailed off.

"Right," Jack said crisply. He dug in his coat pocket and pulled his cell phone out. Damn. No reception. "Anyway, we'll have to head back to Dolores to get service." And oh yeah, he was trying not to think of the servicing he'd like to do. God, it was like a drug. He'd sated himself and still wanted more. He started the truck and crawled toward the road and the cabin.

It took them several hours to make the drive back, Jack forced to keep the truck at a slow crawl. The people who lived here knew about blizzards, though, and had the road well marked with high reflectors. The truck muscled its way through the drifting snow and they finally pulled up to the cabin. As soon as they got inside Daniel went to the fireplace and lit it while Jack called Janet, dreading the conversation he was about to have. He told her as succinctly as possible what had happened, leaving out the sex but including the overwhelming need to touch. Janet didn't say anything for a moment and Jack winced. Janet was no dummy, and had probably put two and two together.

"Are you safe for the moment?" Janet asked. "How hard would it be for you to get back to the kiva?"

"Pretty near impossible right now," Jack answered. "We won't be going anywhere tonight. We're snowed in."

"Damn," Janet breathed. "That means we won't be able to get to you, either." She thought for a moment. "Okay, just sit tight and watch each other. Hopefully I can get a team out there tomorrow. I'll bring an engineer, too, so he can figure how to dial down the intensity of the device so we can wean you off it." She sighed. "Just hang on, Jack."

"We're doing okay," Jack assured her, looking over at Daniel and catching his breath. Daniel was leaning over the fireplace adding another log, his pants stretched over his ass. God. His sleepy dick twitched. He tore his eyes away. Daniel straightened up and motioned that he was going to head to his room. Jack nodded distractedly.

"Okay. I'll check in every few hours."

"Copy that," Jack said automatically. "Talk to you then."

"Jack? Just . . . be careful."

"Will do," Jack said crisply, and hung up.

Jack heard the shower start and groaned, trying not to imagine Daniel under the spray, water cascading down his chest, washing away the milky trails he'd left on Daniel's belly. He should take a shower, too, but what he really wanted was a bath; a hot, steamy, soak in the tub. He'd have to wait a while for the water to heat up again. He got up and made a pot of strong coffee, knowing that they'd have to talk, not looking forward to it, but planning, deciding what he was going to say.

Daniel came out wearing sweats and a T-shirt, his hair still damp and little droplets of water clinging to his neck. Jack fought the urge to lick them off. Okay, this was becoming ridiculous. He felt out of control. He watched as Daniel sat down with two mugs and put one in front of him.

"What happened out there was . . ." Daniel started.

"Weird," Jack finished.

"Yeah," Daniel nodded, testing the coffee with his tongue before taking a sip.

The damned tease.

"It wasn't us," Daniel assured him. "It was the light."

Was it? Not for him. Jack nodded, taking a sip himself. "I know," he said testily.

"You're freaked out," Daniel stated.

"Hell yeah I am!" Jack yelled. "We just fucked three ways!" And you aren't even gay. He scrubbed his hand over his face, trying to calm down. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to yell."

Daniel looked at him steadily. "Jack, it wasn't you," he said earnestly.

Right. "Aren't you freaked out by this? At all?" Jack snipped.

"Yes," Daniel said calmly, sipping his coffee. "But it's done. Nothing we can do to change it. It doesn't have to be a big deal unless we let it be."

"How can it not be?" Jack asked bitterly. "I just had sex with my unwilling best friend."

"You were unwilling too," Daniel said reasonably.

Wrong. "I know," Jack sighed. "So now what?"

"Now we get through it and don't let some damned Goa'uld ruin our friendship."

"Is that possible?" Jack asked sadly. "How can things not change?"

"They won't change if we don't let them." Daniel said firmly, then softer, "If it had to happen, I'm glad it was with you, Jack."

"Really?" Jack asked, his heart leaping.

"Yeah. Can you imagine if it had been Sam?" Daniel laughed.

Jack groaned at the thought. Sam and Daniel? Right now she'd be busy doing the girl thing. He didn't want to go there. "Thanks for the mental picture."

Daniel laughed again. "Look. I know it's going to be tense for a while, but we'll get through it. You're my best friend, Jack. I don't want to lose that."

"Me too," Jack said, and they smiled warmly at each other. "I'm glad it was you, too, Daniel," he said with absolute sincerity. If only Daniel knew how much.

"Listen," Daniel said. "Why don't you go get cleaned up and I'll translate some of the writing? See if I can figure out what's up with Kokopelii."

Jack suddenly remembered he had streaks of dried come all over him. He groaned at the thought of a good soak. "That sounds like a plan." He got up and reached out briefly to squeeze Daniel's shoulder. "So, we're okay then?"

"Absolutely," Daniel said firmly.

Jack sighed with relief as he got a beer from the fridge and turned toward the bathroom. Maybe this was doable. He'd gotten his fantasy and it hadn't changed anything between him and Daniel. He stilled a whistle that threatened to break from his lips. God. He loved having his cake and eating it too.

The only problem, he thought, as he stripped off his ruined shirt, was that he didn't know if he'd be able to stop wanting. Instead of being content with what they'd done, he wanted more. He wanted to feel Daniel slide into him, take him. He shrugged. It wasn't the first time he'd kept his true feelings from Daniel. He had years of practice at that. He'd just have to shore that facade up a bit.

He groaned lustily when he sank down into the warm water, feeling it flow around him, the heat penetrating his sore joints and muscles. He hadn't had raucous sex in years, and his muscles were complaining. He leaned against the slanted back with a blissful sigh and closed his eyes, trying to relax.

But he couldn't.

Damn. He couldn't get the feel of Daniel off his mind. His hands clenched, wanting to touch again. His mouth watered at the memory of Daniel's come. He took a swig of beer, hoping to wash away Daniel's taste. His palms itched, wanting to feel the hard muscle of Daniel's chest again.


Did he have it in him to come four times in one day? His dick thought so, filling nicely. Jack ignored it and forced his muscles to relax, trying to focus on the heat of the water. God, it felt nice. But it reminded him of the flowing light.

He tore his mind away from the image of Daniel lying on the ground under him, warm and sated. He tried to think of hockey and flying, of the cabin, his lake without fish, anything but Daniel. His mind kept drifting back, though, and he realized it had been hours since he'd touched Daniel's bare skin. He took another swig of beer and tried to think of some of the bad things that had happened--being captured, the prison, not being able to save everyone under his command, Charlie, anything to keep his mind off Daniel.

It didn't work.

His mind kept going back. Back to a genuine smile, the soft, full lips, back to the warm, sparkling eyes.

All he wanted to do was get out of this damned tub and find Daniel.

He settled back firmly. Nope. He was staying right here.

God, the want was growing, though, becoming a burning need to touch. He hurt with wanting.

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