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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Roller coasters and abject terror

Spent the day today at Silverwood, an amusement park over in Idaho. I haven't been to one in a very, very long time. I forgot how much fun they were! I was afraid I'd find the rides a little *too* thrilling, being older and supposedly wiser, and having a healthy fear of broken bones now, but I had a wonderful time.

We screamed our heads off on the roller coasters, yes, even the corkscrew one, which frankly, was way too short. I mostly laughed all the way through the huge wooden one, cuz my friend spent the whole ride screaming, "HOLY SHIT!", at the top of her lungs. *g* When we were climbing up the first huge hill, I do remember saying, "Why are we doing this? We're middle aged!" and then the bottom fell out and we were off! What a rush!

We also, somehow, ended up on Panic Plunge, which was stoopid scary. It's one of those towers, where they haul you straight up about 200 feet, then let you go and you free fall until the hydrolics grab you about 20 feet from the bottom. We had the terror pleasure of watching a group go before us, and when they made it back to the bottom, this 13 or 14 year old girl turned to her friend, still petrified, and said very calmly, "I hate you." And yet, we decided to be stupid brave, and go ahead and ride it. I remember thinking at about 20 feet, "Okay, this was stupid, you're afraid of heights!" And then at about 50 feet, "This was really stupid, cuz I'm scared shitless." And then I think I was frozen in fear, because the next thing I knew, a guy sitting next to my friend said, "Godspeed, everyone," and the rig let go, and we were *plummeting* toward the ground. I may have screamed, I dunno, but once we were safely back on the ground I started laughing, mostly with relief, and we both wobbled off the ride, unable to walk in a straight line, completely strung out on adrenalin. We passed the kiddie Dumbo ride, and she looked at me and said, "I think I'll stick to that for the rest of the day. " *g*

I needed a day exactly like this one-- out in the fresh air, even though it was hot. Good company, abject terror, complete with adrenalin rush and subsequent endorphin high, and a little *fun*. :)

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

Silverwood's great, isn't it? Not the big overly commercialized fun park like Disneyland or Six Flags. I believe that wooden roller coaster is called the Grizzly, is it not? Can you believe *I* actually rode that one? I sore completely off anything higher than a stepstool after that - except the Space Needle. Had to do that and it doesn't move, so it's okay.

I'm so glad you had fun! Heard it's supposed to be super warm over there this weekend. Hope you had time to grab some yummy bbq - that's one of my best memories of that place. I had the best bbq pulled pork sandwich there.

The huge coaster is called Tremors. When you leave the ride, there's a sign informing you that there you can buy clean underwear in the gift shop. LOL! I can't believe you did that one! The first time through scared me to death.

It's pretty damned hot here this weekend. In fact, my AC just kicked on. :( It's only 9:15am! We're getting a major cool down come Tuesday, though. I didn't do the bbq. Hmmmm, is that a good excuse to go back? *g*

The bbq is definitely a great excuse to go back. Any excuse is a great excuse to go back! LOL

So Tremors must be the one they built just before I left, because that one is supposed to go underground, right? I don't recall going underground. I just recall shrieking as we plunged down the first drop. And yeah, I can't believe I let myself do that either. NEVER. AGAIN. The corkscrew one they got from Knotts Berry Farm and I'd been on that one too...threw up on that one. You think I would have learned my lesson.

Tremors does go underground! And lemme tell ya, the first time you ride it, you think you're going to smash into the top of the damned tunnel. *g*

The corkscrew one was a disappointment. I thought it was way too short. I guess I'm an adrenalin junkie.

I love rollercoasters! My SO (who doesn't trust anything he hasn't built with his own two hands) wll hold my handbag while I go on them with brave friends :D The adrenalin buzz is fantastic.

That adrenalin buzz is the best! Tell you what, if I ever get down your way, or you come up mine, we *must* go on rollercoasters! :D

Good grief! You wouldn't get me on any one of those things without an anaesthetic - and possibly not even then. Particularly not the 200 ft plummet. Gotta admire your courage, gf!

I like your icon. Is it your new default icon?

Nope, I'm still quite wedded to 'The Man Behind...' *g* I just felt I needed a marmite one - so many of the people I know diss marmite so I thought I'd stick up for it :-)

I see.

Why are you quite wedded to 'The Man Behind'? Is there a story behind it?

*g* Longstanding joke that I'm actually a 450 lb truck driver from Nebraska and that wee dark haired woman that some people have a passing acquaintance with is actually my PR lady.

Ah I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't like that icon before but now it's kinda funny.

Um, maybe I should clarify. I didn't like it because I couldn't see how it realated to you. I thought that maybe you were saying you saw yourself that way.

The first time I met Cats in RL was at the Seattle airport. I was wearing orange tennis shoes, and she was wearing a lime-green coat, so we could pick each other out of the crowd. I had visions of this huge, hairy guy coming trundeling through the airport in a green coat! Imagine my relief when cute little Cats came walking through the crowd. :)

LOL! Now that icon makes sense to me. Thank you.

::gasps in terror:: MARMITE!!!! NOOOOOOO! So not fair! I just woke up! I'm apparently brave about some things, but there are limits you know! *g*

I'm glad you had a good time.

I've ridden rollercoasters in the past but I don't see them in my future. And no death drops either. *shudder*

The rollercoasters were a blast! I'm glad I made myself go on them. *g*

We did talk about doing the death plunge again, but we both decided that one near-death experience a day was plenty, thankyouverymuch. LOL

Aw, that sounds like so much fun! That's what I love about hitting the boardwalk when I visit the family at the shore during the summer. We head straight for the rollercoaster and scream the entire time. Then we go on the haunted house ride and scream even more. *g*

It was the best fun! It's a good excuse to be a kid again. I think most of the adults there screamed more than the kids did! *g*

I'm jealous about the haunted house! I haven't been to one of those in *ages*. I must see what I can do to remedy that. :D

They're veeeeery scary. ::nods::

The last haunted house I was in, except for the real ones in Salem, Mass *g*, was way back when I was about 8 years old. Yep, that scared the crap out of me!

Maybe I'd be braver now?

Maybe not. *g*

Yay! for such a lovely day out :-)


It was great fun! I think we'd have been better off saving the heart-stopping death plunge until the last, though. I spent the rest of the day strung out on endorphins. *g*