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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Sciatica. Or, my ass hurts

Have you ever had sciatica? The really bad kind that causes shooting pains that run all the way from your ass down to your feet? And where you'll be walking along and your leg suddenly and catastrophically collapses underneath you? I've had that going on for a few weeks now.

The part that really sucks is that I can't sit at the computer for more than a few minutes. I miss my friends. I miss browsing. I miss reading fic!

Current Mood: crankycranky

I used to get a lot of sciatica, but I've found that yoga has helped a LOT -- I think what was making mine bad, especially on the left but sometimes on the right, is that my pelvis is tilted because I've got a curve in my back, and that combined with the usual pelvis stiffness was setting mine off.

My co-workers keep yelling at me to go to the Chiropractor. It distresses them when I collapse in the middle of the lab. *g*

I should try yoga. I'm sure it would do me the world of good!

If you do, definitely go to a beginner's class, preferably the hatha style since you kinda stay in the position for a while, and tell the teacher beforehand about your sciatica. Just MHO. And good luck!

Yes. Now. Ow. *twitch* Ice-pack burning/hopefully easing the swelling around my cocchinx right now.

{{{{{inbetween}}}}} I so sympathize! I hope we both stop hurting soon.

{{yesh}} Are you trying the icing for your pain? Or getting infiltrations/injections?

I got a big, fluffy pillow to sit on, and it seems to have helped! It was getting to the point that I was considering medical help, but I shudder at the thought of going to doctors, despite the face, or probably because of the fact that I'm in healthcare myself. *g*

Are you doing better?

Yeah, I iced and took two different sort of painkillers/cramprelievers, though I should have gone to doc (but don't want to either) and try to stop moving whenever a new twinge rears it's ugly head. Knock on wood for both of us.

Still? ::wince::

Not that it'll do any good - but me AND The Man send hugs. The Man in particular sympathises with you and told me to pass the hugs on :-)

Yeah, actually, yesterday was really bad. :( Today is a bit better, though.

Hugs back to both of you! Tell A thanks. He *gets* me, doesn't he? *g*

*points to surgery scar on her own back*

Oh yeah - I totally empathize with your pain. Ice. Lots and lots of ice. Anti-inflammatories. More ice. And seriously, if it doesn't get better here pretty quick, ask to get checked out by a neurologist. I can give you the name of mine in Spokane ... looks Santa on a Harley in cowboy boots and Terminator shades - the guy was awesome. Blew out his own back twice and had surgeries one after the other. He *gets it* because he's been there. Tell me when you get to the point where you need some professional help (hopefully not the surgical kind) and I'll send you in his direction.

The big fluffy pillow and almost a week of not sitting in front of the computer seems to have helped. :D I hope it doesn't come back now.

Having never had sciatica nor a painful arse I can not offer anything other than some moral support and positive thinking that everything will recover soon.


I got myself a big fluffy pillow to sit on, and spent about a week away from the computer, lying flat on my back, and it seems to have helped! I hope it doesn't come back now. :)