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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

I seriously thought my fic-foo was broken. I haven't posted anything since February! I wrote this way back then, but carron very gently told me that it needed some work, which it did, and made me rewrite the last 2/3. I finally opened it up again a few weeks ago and finished it.

John and Rodney
Around 6000 words
Many thanks and hugs to carron and catspaw_sgjd for the comments and encouragement.

Rodney had a hypothesis. A really weird hypothesis. One that he couldn't quite come to grips with. In fact, it boggled his mind. But the evidence supported it. To move his hypothesis up to theory level he had to test the waters, see if it panned out.

Of course, the testing part would be fun.

But still, if it did indeed become a theory, it would be uncharted territory. At least for him.

"Rodney," Radek said, startling him out of his reverie. "You are very distracted today. We've already figured out that device!"

Rodney looked down at his hands and the thing he was holding. It was a piece of Ancient tech-- their version of a food dehydrator-- and not really that interesting. He let it fall to the bench. "I know," he snapped, trying to cover up his preoccupation. "I was just wondering if we could send it to the Athosians so they could preserve the fruit harvest."

Radek looked at him quizzically. "We already decided to do that," he reminded him.

"Yes, yes, right," Rodney said, reaching for the next object.

"Is your blood sugar all right?" Radek asked, concerned. "It's getting close to lunch time."

Rodney seized the excuse. "Hm, yes. I could use something to eat. Why don't we finish this later?"

Radek nodded. "I'll see you in an hour?"

"Yes," Rodney agreed, trying not to be irritable. He hated it when he couldn't concentrate, but none of this was Zelenka's fault. He pushed back from the bench and walked out, making his way to the mess, losing himself in thought again on the way, his feet automatically taking him in the right direction. The smell of food brought him back to the present as he walked through the door and he made his way quickly through the line, loading his tray. The mess hall was mostly empty. He turned, trying to decide on a place to sit when he saw John sitting by himself at the back, watching him. He schooled his face so that it wouldn't split into a wide grin and casually made his way to John's table. "Colonel," he nodded, then sat down across from John when he waved at the seat.

"Rodney," John drawled back, and it made Rodney warm inside to hear the affection in his voice. They hadn't been together very long-- less than a month, and everything was still fresh and new and exciting. Rodney smiled happily and tore into his meal, suddenly realizing that he was hungry. "What have you been up to today?" he asked between bites.

John shrugged. "Training schedules. I need to get all the new people up to speed."

Rodney nodded. He had the same task, which he'd been avoiding. "Mine keep wanting to touch things," he complained. "They don't know what will happen, but that doesn't stop them."

John smirked at him. "You do the same thing."

"That's different!" Rodney protested. "I'm very well versed in . . . "

John's laugh cut him off. "I wouldn't dream of telling you to keep your hands to yourself, McKay," John said, smirking.

Rodney felt himself getting warm. John did like to be touched. But he also liked to watch. Rodney lowered his voice and said, "I thought you liked me keeping my hands to myself." Because John seemed to like that very much-- watching Rodney touch himself.

John quirked an eyebrow, but he definitely looked a little warmer himself at the thought. "I didn't say I didn't," he said lazily.

Rodney felt his cock twitch. "We need to talk about something else," he said, keeping his voice from choking.

John smiled, but his eyes were intense and speculative. "Yeah," he agreed, nodding slowly. "We do."

Rodney felt his heartbeat speed up. "And you need to stop looking at me like that," he warned.

John leaned forward a little bit in a challenge. "Or what?"

Or I'll take you to a storeroom and make you come all over your pants, Rodney wanted to say. Or I'll drag you back to your room and fuck you nice and slow, he wanted to say. Or I'll drop to my knees . . . and then his mind went back to his earlier hypothesis. "Or I'll have to think of a way to make you stop," he threatened with a wave of his fork.

"Hmmmm. That sounds interesting," John said. "Maybe we can discuss that later?"

Rodney felt a goofy grin threaten to split his face. "If you want to," he said offhandedly, then smiled genuinely at John, a twinkle in his eye.

"Yeah," John breathed, suddenly serious. "I want to."

"Me too," Rodney admitted softly, and he felt that butterfly feeling in his stomach, that completely smitten feeling that he'd been ignoring, that infatuated rush that made his blood quicken and his heart soar.


That was it. He was completely infatuated.

No way was he telling John that, though.

"What say we meet in my quarters around nineteen hundred?" John asked, inviting.

Rodney pretended to consider that, then chuckled. "Seven it is."

John pushed back from the table and stood up. He looked down at Rodney. "See you then."

Rodney nodded and turned his attention back to his food, because if he didn't he'd turn around and watch John walk out, study his ass, and even though the mess hall was almost deserted, that would be just too obvious.

He suddenly wished he had those glasses-- the ones he'd coveted in the back of comic books as a kid-- the kind that had a little mirror in the temple piece that allowed you to see behind you.

Rodney stood outside John's door at seven sharp, happily buzzing with anticipation. He'd spent a worthless afternoon in the lab thinking about tonight.

It was getting ridiculous.

Rodney shrugged. There wasn't anything urgent going on right now, no pressing disasters demanding to be averted. In fact, they were enjoying a rare, relatively calm period.

Ridiculous or not, he was practically vibrating with excitement, just like a teenager.

Completely smitten.

Rodney waved his hand over the door crystal and heard the chime sound inside. John must have been standing right there, because the door opened immediately. Rodney felt a slow surge of desire roll through him. John was wearing soft, faded jeans and a button down light blue shirt. He was freshly shaven, and barefoot. He looked good.

Really good.

So good Rodney couldn't make his legs work.

John stood aside then looked at him smugly, obviously knowing the effect he was having. "You coming in?"

"Yeah," Rodney nodded, then sent an order to his feet to move. Once the door closed behind him he found himself engulfed in an embrace, John's lips finding his, John's groin pushing into his.

"I've been thinking about your hands all afternoon," John confessed huskily, rolling his hips.

"What were they doing?" Rodney asked, his hands drifting down over John's ass, enjoying how it felt, how it curved into his hands so perfectly.

"Hmm," John purred, licking Rodney's neck. "Something just like that."


"Well, maybe you were touching yourself a little."

Rodney felt his cock jump in his pants. This was a newly discovered kink-- masturbating while someone watched, studied, eyes intent, taking in how Rodney stroked and twisted, when he slowed down or sped up, gauging his responses.

Then John would take over and practice the techniques, seeing if he could make them work, too.

"And sometimes they were touching me," John continued, and Rodney got a sudden vision of John fantasizing about him, jerking off, coming all over himself.

He needed John naked. Right now.

He savored the sensations as his fingers started on the buttons of John's shirt, shaking with eagerness, but moving slowly. He felt John's hands on his pants, unzipping and pushing them down, moving more quickly than Rodney was. Rodney kept up his slow pace. It had always been hot and urgent between then, but this time he wanted to go slow, appreciate the skin he exposed, touch everywhere, taste every inch.

His mind went back to the hypothesis he'd been contemplating that morning.

Time for a little experiment.

He finished unbuttoning John's shirt and pushed it off his shoulders, then latched onto a collarbone, sucking lightly, running his tongue along the bony ridge, feeling John shiver. John's hands left him and he struggled briefly before losing his shirt, tossing it in the corner. Rodney's hands went to the fly of John's jeans, easing the buttons through the buttonholes, one at a time, nice and easy, his fingers feeling John's insistent cock pushing toward him. John wasn't wearing any underwear. Rodney could feel the crinkly hair brushing his knuckles as he worked.

John started tugging at the hem of Rodney's t-shirt, so Rodney reluctantly straightened up and raised his arms, letting John pull the shirt off over his head. It joined John's shirt on the floor.

John pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them, then turned and walked toward the bed, his ass muscles clenching and relaxing. Rodney's eyes were glued to the movement as his hands fumbled with his own pants, until he finally managed to push them down, then he toed off his shoes and socks, leaving them all in a pile as he stepped away and followed John.

John was waiting for him next to the bed, cock proudly erect. Rodney stepped close and wrapped his arms around John's back, kissing him, devouring his mouth. The feel of John's chest against his, the push of John's insistent cock, John's touch, John's tongue-- it was overwhelmingly good.

So good Rodney almost forgot his experiment.

He remembered again after John tumbled them to the bed and he had moved down to take a nipple between his teeth, biting gently until John pushed his chest up, fingers running through Rodney's hair, urging him on.

This is when it usually happened.

Rodney slid down lower, dragging his tongue down John's chest toward his navel, licking soft and long along John's ribs, then lower still.

Yes, there it was again-- a slight tightening of muscles, a tension that wasn't there before, John's hands urging him back up.

Rodney's hypothesis graduated into a theory. He sat back on his heels and looked at John with stunned disbelief. "You don't like blowjobs."

John frowned at him and reached with his hands. "What?"

"Every time I try to go down, you stop me," Rodney said, feeling more indignant than he probably should, avoiding John's hands. "You don't like to be sucked. How is that possible?"

John got a weird look on his face and wouldn't meet Rodney's eyes. His hands dropped onto the blanket. "I . . . It's not that," he said awkwardly.

"Then what is it?" Rodney asked. "I'm confused here. How could you not like the best feeling thing ever?"

"I do like it!" John answered, sounding a little desperate. "It's just . . . " he looked at Rodney uncomfortably. "Can we just get back to what we were doing?"

"I was going to blow you," Rodney reminded him. "Do you think it's dirty or something?" Then a thought occurred to him and he looked at John in dawning horror. "Did someone accidentally bite you? I can see why that would . . . "

"No!" John said, sighing, realizing that there was no way out of this conversation. "It's nothing like that."

"Then what?" Rodney demanded. "It's not a deal-breaker or anything," he assured John. "But in case you haven't noticed, I've got an oral fixation. I like giving blow jobs. I'd just like to know why you don't like getting them."

John looked almost embarrassed and wouldn't meet Rodney's eyes. "I can't come that way," he said after a minute, then looked into Rodney's eyes. "I've never been able to finish. The people I've been with have always taken it as a challenge when they find out. It . . . it becomes a chore, and I hate that." He looked at Rodney sincerely. "Can we just go back to what we were doing?"

Rodney ignored the plea. "But you still like it? It still feels good?"

John sighed again, resolutely. "Yes, it still feels good," he admitted.

"And you don't have a problem with it?"

"Except for the chore thing, no."

"Will you let me?" Rodney asked softly. He was so earnest that John laughed.

"Oh, all right," John said melodramatically. "But don't take it as a challenge," he warned, "or I'll cut you off."

"No, no," Rodney promised. "I just want to taste." And he saw John's dick twitch out of the corner of his eye and suppressed a delighted grin. Usually his blowjobs ended with spectacular results, but way too soon. He never got to really settle in and enjoy them. He smirked at John's worried expression. "Just lie back and relax."

John rolled his eyes but pillowed his head on his crossed arms, raising his head so he could watch. "Have a blast," he said generously, then laughed, sitting up quickly to kiss Rodney before settling back and making himself comfortable again.

Rodney grinned at him then turned his attention back to John's cock.

It had softened up a little, losing some of its hardness during their conversation. Rodney turned back to John and smiled, stretching out to kiss him while running one hand lightly up his inner thigh, urging him to spread his legs. He worked his way down John's body, licking over his nipples then down further. He kissed right underneath John's navel then dipped his head and nuzzled in the crease between hip and thigh before tracing the outline of John's cock against his belly using the tip of his tongue-- close, but not touching the shaft or head, not quite yet, wanting John to want it.

John watched, thinking. It wasn't that he didn't want to come that way. It was. . .something. He couldn't let go for some reason. Maybe it was control? Or trust? Either way, he was becoming aroused again. Of course, he'd always found blowjobs arousing, just not quite enough. He silently chided himself, telling himself to stop analyzing and enjoy it. He felt a curl of pleasure when Rodney tongued his balls, long licks that moved his testicles in their sac.

Rodney settled in and happily spent long minutes laving John's balls. Their weight and softness felt incredible on his tongue. He felt them draw up a little and saw John's cock twitch. He couldn't stand to wait a moment longer-- he had to taste. He dragged his tongue up the shaft then lapped over the head, keeping his tongue soft and broad.

John watched Rodney work, listened to the soft sounds of delight he made, and smiled indulgently, reaching down to touch Rodney's hair. Okay, yeah, this wasn't too bad. Rodney was obviously enjoying himself immensely, and it did feel pretty damned good. He felt a drop of pre-come form and saw Rodney taste it, catching the drop on his tongue. Rodney reached down and grabbed his own balls, tugging harshly. John groaned softly, feeling pleasure wrap around his spine. Did Rodney like this so much that he was afraid of coming just from this?

The sun was going down before John finally pried Rodney off his dick and had him on his back, knees raised, feet planted flat. "You liked that, didn't you?" John asked, pushing two fingers in deep. Rodney groaned and clenched around his fingers, cock rearing up.

"Just a little," Rodney panted. "C'mon. Hurry."

John laughed and reached up with his free hand, giving Rodney's cock a strong pull before taking his fingers out and positioning himself at Rodney's opening. "I liked it too," he admitted, a little breathless. God. Rodney was tight.

Rodney groaned again and closed his eyes, arching up with pleasure as John pushed inside.

Rodney was waiting in John's quarters. He had just beaten John soundly at chess, and they had left the mess together. John had mentioned needing to stop and check on the new security team before turning in. Rodney had quirked an eyebrow at him, a silent question, and John had arched his back in response, then didn't bother to hide his grin when Rodney's face lit up. "So, I'll see you later?" Rodney had said.

John nodded, and had to keep himself from skipping up the stairs, but he did end up going a little faster than he normally would have, hurrying.

His door had barely slid closed before Rodney had him pressed against the wall, lips glued to his, his already naked chest pressing against John's buttons, his hands wandering over John's arms, down his sides, over his ass. "I've wanted to do this all day," he breathed against John's lips.

"You're just happy I let you beat me at chess for once," John smiled.

Rodney stilled his hands and jerked his head back, looking offended. "You let me win?"

John laughed and grabbed his face, kissing the unresponsive lips, trying to coax some warmth back into them. "No, Rodney," he murmured, "I was kidding."

"Good," Rodney said, his hands cupping John's ass. "Because if I ever find out that you threw a game. . ."

"You're so easy," John grinned. He looked down Rodney's body, taking in the naked chest, then down further, taking the lack of a stitch of clothing at all. "I think I'm overdressed."

"Hmm," Rodney agreed, kissing him again, his hands going to the buttons of John's shirt.

John reached for his belt buckle, and laughed again when Rodney abandoned his shirt and sank to his knees. "It's like a Pavlovian response," John said wryly, his head thumping back against the wall. And it was. Whenever he reached for his fly, Rodney's knees instinctively buckled. He looked down and saw Rodney's eyes fixed on his hands, breath ghosting warm and soft over his knuckles. John quickly finished undoing his fly and pushed his pants down, barely getting them over his hips before Rodney had his nose buried in his curls, breathing him in. "God, Rodney," he murmured, carding his fingers through Rodney's hair.

Rodney nuzzled the crease, then turned his head, taking one of John's balls in his mouth, tonguing it gently.

John let his head thump back against the wall, feeling his arousal ratchet up another notch. Rodney brushed his stubbled cheek against the bottom of the shaft once, then licked over it, soothing, arousing, teasing, before taking the loose skin right at the base between his lips and tugging.

John's hips jerked forward involuntarily. In one short week he'd gone from dreading blowjobs to craving them, wanting Rodney's mouth on him, Rodney's lips around him, Rodney's tongue doing-- oh God, just that.

Rodney licked up the shaft and grabbed the base with one hand, the other cupping John's balls tenderly, rolling them between his fingers. He jutted John's cock toward his mouth but didn't take him in, instead choosing to lick slow and steady, a marked rhythm over the sensitive bundle of nerves underneath the crown.

Waves of pleasure washed over John, barely having time to recede before Rodney licked again, a steady, measured pace, over and over. John kept expecting him to stop, change the cadence, get to the sucking already, please, anything, anything except the torturously slow build and release, the way the anticipation of the next lick made his body shake, made his toes curl, had tiny rivulets of sweat running down his back, made his ass clench in eagerness and his hips push forward, trying to prolong the pleasure, get to Rodney's tongue before the delight had dispersed.

Rodney ignored John's silent pleas and kept up the pace, keeping it slow and easy.

John opened his eyes and looked down, taking in the sight of his cock-- head fat and flushed, Rodney's hand still around the base, Rodney's tongue laving, licking him like a goddamned ice cream cone.
It didn't help. Even though he already knew the rhythm, even though his body was already anticipating the next touch-- seeing it happen, watching Rodney's tongue get close and closer, then drag up over that spot, had John's whole body clenching in anticipation, waiting, craving the next wave of pleasure.

He groaned and let his head thump back against the wall again, closing his eyes, letting Rodney do what he would, focusing on how fucking good it felt. He didn't see Rodney's smirk at the sound.

It was never going to end. John was going to die here against the wall, waiting for the next wave of pleasure. His legs started to give, knees turning to jell-o. He ran his fingers through Rodney's hair and moaned, begged, "Rodney," then bent down enough to grab Rodney's shoulders, urging him up.

Rodney relented and stood up, kissing him slow and deep, the same damned rhythm he'd used on his dick. It turned John on even more, being kissed like that, like Rodney had all the time in the world.

John mustered all his remaining strength and pushed Rodney away, toward the bed. He needed to get off his feet. Hell, he needed to get out of his pants; they were still pooled around his knees. Thank God Rodney got it and turned, padding the few feet to the bed. John breathed a sigh of relief and bent to unlace his boots, getting one off then pausing, because he heard his bedside drawer open, glanced up and saw Rodney stretched out on his bed, on his side, the curve of his ass toward John, rooting around until he found the lube John kept stashed there, and put it on the table in plain sight before rolling onto his back, pillowing his head on his arms, and watching John, waiting for him.

Somehow that was even sexier than the goddamned kiss.

John stood up, toed off his other boot and socks, stepped out of his pants, ripped his shirt off over his head, and tumbled onto the bed, on top of Rodney's welcoming body, settling their hips together, just right. "You drive me crazy," he murmured against Rodney's lips, then kissed him, hot and deep, letting his hands ghost down Rodney's sides, over his arms, back down to his hips, needing to touch, feel, cover every inch of Rodney's body.

Rodney's hands were busy too, gliding down his back, up over his shoulders, down his arms. His hips pushed up into John's, pressing their cocks hard between their bodies as he kissed John back, then his hands ended up in John's hair, gripping tight, tilting his head, holding him in place. He didn't answer John's words with words of his own, but with his body-- wrapping his legs around John's hips, pushing up into his heat, drinking in his taste.

John's hips pushed back, and he groaned his pleasure into Rodney's mouth. His body was shaking, an urgent need to sink into Rodney's heat overtaking him. He broke the kiss and reached for Rodney's hands, untangling them from his hair so that he could kneel up, reach for the lube.

It took a moment, but once Rodney realized what John was trying to do, his frown smoothed out and he let go of John, dropped his feet flat to the bed, and spread his legs eagerly. "Yeah, John," he panted, hips pushing up, cock twitching.

John pushed up from the bed and snagged the tube, settling back on his heels, taking a moment to take in Rodney's body before flipping the cap and squirting some onto his fingers. He reached underneath Rodney's balls, back toward his opening, and rubbed gently, feeling the muscle twitch at his touch. He pushed in with one finger, then two, grateful that Rodney's body accepted him easily.

It would be torture to take this slow.

He quickly smoothed the rest of the gel over his cock, coating it thoroughly until it was glistening, then lifted one of Rodney's calves to his shoulder, leaving the other leg down-- a position that worked well for Rodney, before placing his cock at Rodney's entrance.

Rodney's head was thrown back and he was panting quickly-- his eyes closed, his face flushed, an expression of anticipation in every line of his body.

John held the base of his cock steady and pushed, feeling Rodney's body dilate around him, opening to let him in. John slid an inch into the tight heat, a delicious friction surrounding his cock. He got far enough that the head was past the snug ring, then leaned forward, arms straight and palms flat on the bed at either side of Rodney's head.

He stopped there, barely inside, arms shaking with the effort to stay still, ignoring his body's intense need to thrust. He locked his eyes to Rodney's expressive face, watching as ten different emotions flitted across his features in the space of seconds-- anticipation, need, arousal, eagerness, excitement. Then came agitation, confusion, puzzlement, perplexity, bafflement.

John felt a pulse deep in his body, right at the base of his cock, and then the delicious slide as a drop of pre-come glided up the inside of his shaft and out of the tip.

He still didn't move. He needed-- he needed . . .

Rodney opened his eyes and looked at him, his face filled with confusion. "John?" he asked. Then he must have seen something on John's face, because his expression changed again, eyes softening, a look of the sweetest tenderness and affection coming into his eyes. "Oh," he whispered, and reached up to cup John's jaw.

John felt a curling pleasure deep in his belly and another drop of pre-come eased up his cock. "God, Rodney," he groaned, then moved, going deep, keeping his eyes locked to Rodney's, seeing them flutter with pleasure but stay open, looking back. His arms trembled, trying to hold his weight, and he wanted nothing more than to lean forward and kiss Rodney, but their position, Rodney's calf draped over his shoulder, wouldn't let him.

"Here," Rodney whispered, like he was afraid of disturbing the bubble of intimacy around them, "let me," and he moved his leg, taking it off John's shoulder. John lifted his arm, expecting Rodney's leg to settle back onto the mattress, then smiled when he felt Rodney's heel tuck into the small of his back and his other leg come up to lock around his waist.

Rodney's hand was still cupping his jaw, so he turned his head to kiss the palm while he lowered his body, settling them together.

"John," Rodney breathed, and John turned his head, looking at Rodney again.

Rodney's eyes were opened wide, thin blue irises surrounding huge pupils. He could feel Rodney's cock trapped between their bodies, hard and leaking. With a groan, he leaned forward and captured Rodney's lips, tracing their softness with his tongue, teasing his way inside. He reached up to the hand still cupping his jaw and entwined their fingers, then eased their hands down onto the bed above Rodney's head, pulling his body into a straight line.

Rodney groaned and moved his hips, sending a shock of sensation up John's cock. John pulled out a scant inch, then thrust forward, not as deeply, given the new position, but deep enough.

John kept his mouth sealed to Rodney's, sharing his breath, and rocked into him.

It was torture, going slow, but damn, it was sweet.

John felt a strange reluctance while he watched Rodney dress. There was no way they could comfortably sleep in his narrow bed, and they both had an early briefing and a mission tomorrow, but he wasn't ready for Rodney to leave for his own quarters just yet. He flung back the covers and stood up, stepping into Rodney just as he straightened up from tying his shoes. "Hey," he said, pressing up against him-- this time he was naked and Rodney fully clothed.

"Hey," Rodney murmured, and curled his arms around John's back before kissing him deeply.

"Breakfast tomorrow?" John asked, curving his hand behind Rodney's neck and rubbing his thumb along the tendon.

Rodney ghosted his fingertips from John's nape down to the small of his back, and smiled when he shivered. "Breakfast," he agreed, then slowly dropped his hands to his sides.

"See you then," John said, dropping his own hands and stepping back.

Rodney lifted one hand to swipe his thumb over John's lower lip, leaned in for a quick kiss, then turned and left. John crawled back into bed-- a bed that smelled like Rodney and him and sex, and looked up at the ceiling with unfocused eyes, thinking.

John followed Rodney through the gate, materializing just in time to see Rodney darting down the hall, already babbling into his radio to Radek. He had discovered that some piece of Ancient tech wasn't a food dehydrator, like he'd thought, but was instead a local weather control device. Or something. John hadn't really understood, because Rodney had talked in choked, half sentences. His eyes had bugged out, though, and he'd gotten a funny panicky look on his face when the locals had demonstrated how it worked. The guy had practically bounced on the balls of his feet with impatience to get back to Atlantis.

John slapped his thigh and sighed as a puff of dust and chaff rose up. The people of the planet had diverted the rains until their crops had matured, and it had been very dry. He could feel the grit on his skin.

All he wanted was a long shower.

He started stripping right inside his door, dropping his dusty clothes on his way to the blissfully hot shower. He sat on the edge of the sink to unlace his boots and push his pants off. The shower, used to John's preferences, started running as soon as he stepped into the large stall-- instantly hot and perfect.

John felt the water sluicing away the grime and sweat. He straight-armed the wall and let his head hang, letting the water run down his back. Idly, he thought about Rodney.

John smiled and stood up, reaching for the soap. He probably wouldn't see Rodney for a day or two. Once he got his teeth into something exciting, he would focus on it with an intensity that was downright scary. Only it wasn't really scary-- it was one of the things that John loved about him-- take that first blowjob. It had taken forever for John to finally peel Rodney off his dick.

His cock gave a twitch at the memory.

John reached down with sudsy hands and lazily soaped up, carding his fingers through his pubic hair, caressing his balls, running his fingers along his length-- not really intending to jerk off, but anticipating.

Then his hands stopped as he realized what he'd been thinking.


His fingers started up again absently as he turned the thought over in his mind. Rodney could drive him crazy, but he loved his wit, and brilliance, the bitching and sarcasm. He loved the way Rodney looked at him when nobody was watching, and the way Rodney made him feel, the way he could be himself-- whether he was feeling bitchy or snotty or goofy.

There was nobody he'd rather spend time with-- either at work or after. He looked forward to the stupid little things like eating together or watching a movie, and felt an exhilarating pride when Rodney figured out impossible problems.

Rodney was fun and exasperating and hot and sexy and yeah, John was maybe in love with him.

He wondered if he should freak out about that.

The shower door opened.

"You started without me," Rodney accused, stepping in behind him, gloriously naked.

John turned to face him, startled. "I thought you'd be holed up in your lab for a few days."

Rodney shrugged. "I wanted to make sure we hadn't given it away yet, and set up a meeting with the meteorologists. The rest can wait until tomorrow."

John looked at him, suspicious. "Are you all right?"

"You're naked," Rodney said, letting his eyes travel over John's body. "And clean."

"Not clean yet," John countered. "I just stepped in here."

"The important parts are clean," Rodney said, his eyes glued to John's cock.

"My dick is the important part?" John said, acting fake-insulted. "And here I thought you wanted me for my mind."

"I do want you for your mind. I prefer it a little dirty, though."

John groaned. "That was bad."

"But true," Rodney said, reaching for his hips and pulling him close. "Do you think you can rinse off for me?" he whispered against John's lips.

John kissed him, slow and tender, making it as sweet as he could before turning around to let the water wash the soap away. He'd reconsider the freaking out later. He felt Rodney's arms come around him, felt hands on his cock, and relaxed back into Rodney's body. He felt Rodney's lips at his neck, murmuring words that got washed away with the spray, and let his mind drift with the sensations coming from his cock. Then Rodney's hands were moving to his sides, sliding down, down his thighs, and John realized that Rodney was kneeling behind him, nuzzling the small of his back, then lower, kissing each cheek before moving to the center, and his tongue was right there, licking him.

John leaned forward, crossing his arms against the wall and resting his head there, opening himself up. Rodney rasped over his opening, gentle licks of his tongue, exciting the nerves, kindling sensation, arousing John's body with each light flicker of touch. John groaned and pushed back, but Rodney was grasping his hips, urging him around, and swallowed John down to the root when John complied.

John leaned back against the wall, head bowed, watching. The water was pounding on his neck, Rodney was sucking him sweetly, and he was flooded with an overwhelming mix of sensation and emotion. He reached out and touched Rodney's hair, carding his fingers through the wet strands, wanting to pull him to his feet and kiss him, wanting to take him to bed, wanting the pleasure rippling up his spine to never stop.

Rodney bobbed his head faster, plastering his tongue to the bundle of nerves on the underside, and John felt the pleasure build, wave upon wave, not given a chance to recede, until he gasped in astonishment, swept away by the tide.

He felt Rodney still in surprise for a moment, then deliberately swallow.

His toes curled as he came harder.

John's body unlocked and his knees buckled. His slid to the floor, Rodney holding his hips, easing him down. John sat for a moment, stunned, then leaned forward, kissing Rodney's swollen lips.

"Did the rimming do it for you?" Rodney asked, not a little smugly. "Or was it the shower?"

"I think it was you," John said, breathing hard, aftershocks shuddering through him.


John drew in a sharp breath. He hadn't meant to say that. "Yeah," John finally said, reluctantly looking into Rodney's eyes, but unable to not. Oh hell, he might as well go for it. He searched Rodney's face, willing him to understand. He sucked at this, expressing his feeling. "You."

Rodney searched his eyes, then smiled as he saw something. His whole body softened and he said, "Yeah? Me too," before leaning in to kiss him, and John knew that Rodney understood, got it.

John felt a surge of emotion and leaned into him, kissed him, then struggled to his feet, reaching down to offer Rodney a hand up. "Let's go to bed. We can finish the shower later."

Rodney stood and wrapped one arm around his back and used his other hand to push John's wet hair off his face. "Deal," he said, then studied John's face. "Are you going to freak out about this?"

"Maybe," John admitted.

"I don't want you to freak out," Rodney murmured, brushing his lips against John's.

"If I do, I'm sure you'll be there to help."

Rodney smiled, a radiant smile that lit the steamy room. "I will be," he assured John. "C'mon, let's go to bed." And he turned to lead the way.

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Sure - way to kick a girl when she's down and lumpy and itcy from hives and can't bear to sit at the computer for five minutes. Ya made me sound like a big meanie!! Okay...so maybe I am.

*nuzzles you*

OH NO!! I didn't mean it that way at all! You were absolutely right, and you didn't use the word suck or anything at all! *g* I'll go back and edit that-- You're the farthest thing from mean. ::blows kiss::

Hives? What did you get into? ::pets you gently::

Oh, God, this was lovely! Honey, your fic-foo is definitely not broken! I loved this, and you've touched on something in here that I had in mind as well, something that I just knew John would like.

*g* I just loved this...
Usually his blowjobs ended with spectacular results, but way too soon. He never got to really settle in and enjoy them.

Yeah, Rodney - I'm right with you there!

Thank you! I was seriously getting worried there for a while. *g* It's good to know I can still write.

I really like the premise. And yeah, I think John liked it, too. :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

So lovely and hot and sweet!

I'm very happy to hear it all worked! I was worried. *g*

I'm glad you enjoyed it! ::smooshes you::

I know from broken and your fic-foo is just fine. (Although at first I didn't read that as "fic"...)

It had taken forever for John to finally peel Rodney off his dick.

I have this image in my head now.

Well, dic-foo sort of works to, doesn't it? *g* I'm glad the story worked! I was worried. :)

I love that image! Can't you see it? John trying to subtly urge Rodney up, which Rodney ignores, then John' grasps his shoulders, and Rodney shrugs him off. It all makes me very happy. *girly sigh*

I'm glad you enjoyed it! ::beams::

Rodney stood and wrapped one arm around his back and used his other hand to push John's wet hair off his face.

Awww! I have a special place in my heart for fics that detail the very early, awkward, exciting stages of a relationship.

And there's a deeper part of my heart that can't get enough of fics where the guys really love giving blowjobs ;-)

I love them too. There's something about that butterfly stage and the rush of hormones that I find intoxicating. :D

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I loved that question too. *g* Can't you see it? The water streaming down, John looking thouroughly debauched, Rodney exuding smugness. *nods* It's a pretty picture. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was getting worried I'd never write anything again. I've got to say, I'm glad I was wrong. I missed it. :)

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I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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