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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
What's a girl to do?

So, I've got a dilemma, yet again. *g*

The RV won't start, so I'm going to have to either get a mechanic out here, or get it towed in. I've got a great towing service, so it's not really a problem, BUT-- I don't really trust it any more. The transmission freezes up pretty much every time I drive it. I've had it looked at, and have been assured it's fine, but it's NOT.

I'm thinking about trading it in for a newer model.

Most RV parks are pretty snobby, and won't let you in if your rig is more than between ten and fifteen years old. Mine is thirteen years old now. I'll pretty much have to trade it in in two years anyway. However, if I spend a couple of thousand dollars and get the transmission overhauled, then it'll be good for a few more years, and I'll have more time to save for a bigger down payment. Of course, some places won't let me park there now anyway, so maybe I should just bow to the inevitable. And really, this thing has been nickel and dime-ing me to death for the last few years anyway. I've put several thousand into it in the last two years, and none of that money makes it worth any more as a trade-in.

But the floor plan is absolutely perfect for me. I couldn't have designed it better myself.

Plus, every RV has problems and little quirks. At least I know this rig.

But I don't trust it, and pray fervently every time I'm going up an on-ramp that the transmission doesn't freeze in third.

::makes weighing motion with hands:: /whimpers/

Current Mood: intimidatedintimidated

Hmm. Sounds to me like the end is nigh. I certainly wouldn't fancy driving a thing that size with a dodgy transmission no matter *how* perfect the floor plan was. But about the floor plan - isn't the main difference between yours and any other RV that cupboards have been taken away to accommodate the birds? That wouldn't be too hard to sort out, surely?

I think, on balance, I'd be inclined not to spend any more money on this one. The cons seem to outweight the pros.

I think you're right. Maybe. *g*

I need one that has a kitchen table and chairs, instead of an eating booth-type thing. I'm hoping they won't be too hard to find. ::fingers crossed:: I think I'll go looking this weekend. :) ::hugs you close::