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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
RV shopping

Yesterday I drove down to the valley to look at RVs, just wanting to know what was out there. They have two RV places, and neither one had a rig that would work, but the sales guys were nice.

Although, flattery really won't make me buy a rig that won't work for me. Really. *g*

Today I drove up to Spokane. There are several RV places there with much bigger inventories. The first place was closed, so I went on to the second. I told the guy my needs, and he led me to a just-about-perfect RV that was within my budget. :) It's very pretty, and has room for the birds. It's two years old, which is great, cuz the original owner took the biggest depreciation hit already. They had taken out the couch and put a chaise lounge thing in there, which kinda sucked, because I like having an extra bed if I need it, but the cushions did lay out to make a decent sized bed and it was very comfy to sit on with a great view of the TV. The wood was dark cherry, and I like lighter wood, but it was *workable*. It even had a washer/dryer (which I have to have) and an automated satellite dish system, which would so rock.

We go back inside and sit down to talk figures. I told him that I didn't need their finance company, because I would use my own, and he was okay with that. I asked if they had wi-fi, so I could check the NADA price. He said no, so I asked if they had any internet access. He goes into another office and he and another guy hunch over the computer. He comes out about five minutes later with a printout listing the NADA price-- at full value. Fine, that's okay. I can take the specs home and look them up myself. So I smiled and said, "I'm a member of a financial institution that has a buying club, so I'll have them call you to negotiate the final price.

He gets up and leaves, then comes back in about 30 seconds, and says, "The manager says that if you have anyone call us to negotiate, he'll stand absolutely firm on the price, and only give you $20,000 on your trade-in."

My trade-in NADAs at around $35,000. I know. I checked.

I looked at him, sort of stunned, and said, "If I have someone who knows what they're doing call, you'll penalize me $15,000?"

He said, "I didn't say that."

"Yes you did." So I smiled at him with an 'awwwww, you fucked up' smile, and said, "You may just have lost the sale. I really don't like being threatened," and got up and walked out.

In retrospect, I probably should have laughed and said something like, "Wow! That's quite a reaction! What are you hiding?" But I didn't. :(

Still, the fact remains that I really don't like to be threatened. At all. About anything.

Silly boys.

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

I think your reaction was perfect. Because that was totally obnoxious of them. And a very bad move, because yeah, lost sale. They traded less money for no money. Schmucks.

Now I'm wondering if this is all part of The Game. One I don't play very well, which is why I wanted to involve the buying club. *g*

He even tried the old, "It's hard to find an RV that has everything you want, and this one won't last long," ploy. ::rolls eyes:: Funny, I found an acceptable one at the third place I looked! I have no problems looking over near Seattle, where I'll have thousands to choose from.

If they'd only treated me with a little respect-- but no. They tried intimidation. I agree with you completely. Schmucks!

They are SUCH losers. I hate that kind of salesperson. And you just know they're being more aggressive with you because you're a woman.

Yep. I'm absolutely sure gender played a large role in their decision to try that shit. ::scowls::

That's okay, though. I can easily spend my money somewhere else. ::beams::

::nods:: Way to shoot yourself in the foot, TrailerGuy. And trying to stiff you on the trade in in the first place!

There are liars, damned liars, and used car salesmen :-(

Can you believe it?!? I'm absolutely sure if I had a penis they'd never have tried that shit.

Bastards. It's okay, though. I can happily spend my money elsewhere. :)

Bet that salesman got a right tongue lashing once you left. LOL

I hope he did! Although, he said that it was the General Manager who said it, and that he was just the messenger. ::rolls eyes:: Like that matters at all.

Idiots. There goes his commission!

Yep! I'm quite happy to skip down the street and give someone else that money. *g*