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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Trying to calm down enough to sleep

Today I went RV shopping again. And, erm, I think--actually, I'm pretty sure I've bought one.

A big one.

All new and shiny.

And a *lot* of money.

But, as the salesman in the best salesman tradition wisely said, "You can afford it, and you deserve it."

What have I done?!?!?

Current Mood: nervousnervous

You've got yourself a comfy new home, that's what you've done :-) And I hope this bloke gave you a decent trade-in for the old girl. Well obviously he must have, or your wouldn't have gone ahead and bought it.

Good for you!

They gave me *way* more than my RV is worth in trade in. Way more. Which will help with the downpayment. :)

Now, if I can just get this thing started and running long enough to get up there. . .::fingers crossed::

The funny thing is, it's exactly like the one I wanted to buy last weekend-- only brand spanking new, with warranty, and no attempt at intimidation this time. *g* And the best part, I bought if for only $5000 more than the used one was going for. :-)

Here's some Pics of a similar unit if you'd like to go take a peek!

Whoo hoo! That's purty.

But did you make sure there were bondage points on the bed? *eg*

Everything in RVs has bondage points. Why do you think I live in one? *g*

It is pretty, isn't it?

And you were freaking out about the phone?

Get some pictures up so we can see your new animal sanctuary with a bed in back for you. It's really nice that they share with you that way. ;-)

The phone-freak and this freak aren't even in the same league. *g*

The funny part is that this unit is exactly like the one I wanted to buy last week, only new, with warranty, and no intimidation. *g* And it's only $5000 more than what those other guys wanted me to pay!

Here's some Pics of a similar rig if you want to go take a look. :)

Ya know, I was standing in it, thinking, "Am I this girl? Do I get to live like this?" The financing hasn't gone through, but I'm hoping the answer is yes. :D

It's got a bump out! I've always thought those were very cool. I should probably be able to hear the screaming all the way over the mountains when you get the go-ahead with the financing. :::looks for earplugs:::

It's got *3*! The living room, kitchen, and bedroom. :D

And corian counter tops!

And leather furniture!

And the best things of all? An automatic satellite dish and an electric awning with wind sensor!

And and and a water heater that works on both electric and propane.

And other cool stuff too. *g*

Now I just need to start weeding through my stuff and get rid of things I haven't seen in the five years I've been living in this thing. ::winces::

Yes, but now you have no worries about getting into any of the RV parks, no worries about getting "stuck" somewhere. Yes, you have less money, but everyone gets "buyer's remorse" after a large purchase. You're all set now -- and YES, you do deserve it!!

Happy Trails!

It's so very new and shiny and *pretty*! And new! With a transmission that hopefully won't slip! *g*

I still can't believe I did it, but when I woke up this morning I felt pretty good about it, so yeah, I think I made the right choice. ::beams::

\o/ !!

Sounds like the absolute right decision to me. It's your home and you need it to be reliable and it was time and you got a good deal. There is only good! Hooray!!

I'm trying to absolutely not freak out about the payment! *g*

You're right, though. I desperately needed a new one-- although possibly not one as fancy as the one I'm getting. Still, none of the others I looked at would work nearly as well for me. I feel pretty okay about it this morning, which is a good sign. :D


Thank you! I'm still a little shocked, I think. *g*

I'm also excited, and not too freaked out about it, so I think it's the right choice. ::beams::

Congratulations :-) The piccies look lovely - all shiny and new and gorgeous :-))

Thank you! I don't have it yet-- waiting for the financing, but it is very pretty, isn't it? :)

Ooo, looks fab!!!

Congrats hun xx

It totally is fab! *g* Thank you!

Did you get that program and get it to work?