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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

I'm finally getting my laptop back today! They've had it for three weeks, and I was getting concerned. I mean, c'mon! Yes, there is lots of juicy porn on it, but either copy it for yourself or go find your own! *g* They did have to replace the HDD, and said they couldn't save any data. I'm hoping the external drive did its job and backed everything up. *crosses fingers*


Oooh crosses fingers for you. Nothing worse than losing everything. My old PC needed reformatting every week. It was very depressing.

Well, I celebrated too soon, I think. :-( I had a hell of a time registering Windows. Aren't they supposed to do that? I certainly paid them enough. And then, I wanted them to install a faster HDD, a 7200 speed. When I called, the guy said, "Oh, good. That's the only speed we carry." Yayyy! Then, when I picked it up, it had a 5200 in it. I just looked at him. He managed to look embarassed and said, "Oh, yeah. Well, it's $30 more than I told you, so we just installed this one." *palmface* At this point, what's another friggin $30??? So I told him I wanted the faster one. "Oh, well, we don't actually have those in stock." *headdesk* So yes, I've got to bring it back.

THEN, I get it home and check, cuz suddenly I'm not feeling so trusting. I wanted them to replace the hincky DVD burner with a +/- RW. And they said it would be fine. But guess what? It's only a +RW.


And to top it all off, I can't get the external HDD to restore. *in tears* So tell me why I spent the money on that? Why? *plaintive wail* It's not doing what it's supposed to!

I am not a happy person.

Okay, I'll stop whining now. :-(


Yaaayyyyy!!!! I was waiting for word of the ransom note. Yeah, had to replace and KEEP the HD . . . cause it was 'teh hawt porno disc of doom' - the pervs. hehehe I'm glad you get it back. Hope everything is workin' like a charm.


Well, you do know what's going on, and yes, I couldn't *really* just leave it. So I tried to restore again, using the program they rec'd on the FAQ's, and no, it didn't work. *sigh*

And did I tell you they put the wrong DVD burner in, too?

*heads for the whole friggin bottle of wine*


Pity about the porn. (If your external HDD didn't save it.) :((

Never mind, more shall be winging it's way to you soon. :))

Tis official, mines dead. Tried to get the data off today with no fecking luck. ::gnashes teeth::

Over 120kbs of amendments done to part three of Beware the Beast Inside and I have to do them all again. Oh happy days!

Of course the external isn't working right *sigh* Because that would be *easy* and *expected* :-( And the buggers gave me the wrong HDD. I asked for a 7200 speed, which they assured me was all they had, so they were happy about that, but it's not. It's a 5200. He did look embarassed. "Well, that's $30 more than I quoted you."

No phone call, no nothing. What's another $30 at this point?? So I told them to switch it. "Um, well, we don't stock those." *palmface* So I have to bring it back.

And I asked them to put in a +/- DVD burner, which they said they would, but it's only a +RW. GRRRRR

So I'm not a happy person right now.

But YAYYYYY for more porn! *kisses you* :-)

I'm sorry yours is fried. At least I didn't have an almost-finished fic on mine!

You win! *grumbles* I never win the 'poor me' game. ROFL!! *blows kiss*


Hi, Jen. Sorry to hear you're having such a problem with your computer.

My laptop's been acting up on me too...I'll get another one eventually. But in the meantime, I'm saving everything that's SG1 related to my portable HD. It's much easier than having to restore a backup. Or you can do a copy & paste on a daily or whatever time basis. Saves a lot of headache and it's certain to be there.

I'm having a problem with a Seagate flashdrive though. When I plug it into the USB port, it's supposed to automatically be assigned a drive letter, well this particular one, from Seagate I might add, refuses to cooperate. so DON'T BUY SEAGATE. Never liked them anyway.

Does this mean that I have computer woes too? LOLOL. But not to the extend of your problem though. Hope you fill out a comment card or something to tell 'em exactly what you've to go through.



PS: I hate Livejournal. Won't let me post a reply. Saying my email's not verified. Don't know that the friggin' I can get it verified...I hate Livejournal. Won't be using it. Not at all userfriendly. LOLOL.