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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

I had a wonderful dinner with carron and am currently sitting in a very nice hotel room in Seattle, biding my time until I catch my flight tomorrow morning to Colorado Springs, where I'm meeting up with catspaw_sgjd. I can't wait to show her my home town! There is so damned much to see and do-- not the least of which is to show her all the places Jack and Daniel have had sex been in various fics. *g*

This room is amazing, btw. I got upgraded to a jacuzzi room. The tub is as big as my whole bathroom. There is no way I can see wasting that much water for one person, even if I'm in the land of rain, but funnily I have no problems imagining John and Rodney in that thing. Or Jack and Daniel. Or Sam and Dean, for that matter. :D

I've got an early flight, so I should try to get some sleep. See you all on the the other side! ::hugs flist::

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

I can see jacuzzi fic featuring in your future. LOL. Give Cats a big hug from me and have fun on your vacation. I expect many photos

Oh, you made, impetuous fool you... I shall probably bore you to tears and beyond *g*


I'll admit, I've been thinking about that jacuzzi. *g*
Holiday going great so far! We put my parents on the plane this morning, so have the house to ourselves. Now, what kind of trouble can we get into? :D

I found my licence :-D Obvious really, it was in a carrier bag hanging on the end of the bed. ::smacks forehead:: I don't know why I didn't look there <9>first</i>.

Well, at least you found it before you left, and didn't suddenly remember right where it was while the plane was taking off. :D

Yes, but a jacuzzi counts as therapy.

Hope your flight goes smoothly.

The flight went amazingly well-- having all of the existing SGA eps on my palm pilot helped immensely. *g*

Yep, jacuzzi fic is definitely on your horizon, I think. Safe flight and Enjoy!

It may well be! Now, I just need a reason for them to get naked and wet. . . *g*

Hope you had a blast, and did you fart in the jacuzzi just to see if you could tell which bubbles were yours?

LOL! I should have! I just couldn't bring myself to waste a bazillion gallons of water, though. :-(

Still, I have lots of fun imagining what other kinds of mischief could go on in there. Hehehe.