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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Save me!

Yesterday morning I awoke to the sound of movement upstairs. I rolled out of bed with a groan, and stumbled up the stairs in search of coffee.

I was greeted with something so utterly horrible, I shudder to even tell the tale.

I was surrounded by *morning people*, of all ghastly things. They were *talking to me*, and *smiling*, and, horror of all horrors, expected me to *talk back*! Can you imagine?

I finally plaintively said, "Can I get some coffee first?" and they all wisely kindly backed off. /g/

It was with great relief that we dropped my parents off at the airport (they luckily had planned a trip to Vegas). I did not push them out of the car, nor did I squeal the tires as we drove off, but it was tempting. LOL

This morning, I heard catspaw_sgjd walking around upstairs. Thank god she knows me, and gave me some space, but since the early hours are her alone time, she ordered suggested that I go back to bed. I stayed up anyway just to spite her. :P

Today we're heading for the zoo, and then dinner with my sister and BIL. It's wonderfully warm and sunny outside. It's going to be a lovely day!

Current Mood: chipperchipper

They were *talking to me*, and *smiling*, and, horror of all horrors, expected me to *talk back*!

LOL! What the hell were they thinking? I'm not a morning person either - I get up to have my quiet time, but please, please don't talk to me. And God save you if you smile or are otherwise perky or chipper!

Sounds like a Wonderful day you have planned, Enjoy!

I have no idea what they were thinking! Who the hell can think at all that time of the morning. *g*

The zoo was wonderful. :) I love that my town is showing off so well for Cats. *beams*

Would that be the same zoo that Orry had Jack and Daniel find another child to adopt?? Does that sort of thing happen there a lot? Did you and Cats adopt a child together?

Oh god. They didn't, did they? *facepalm*

Umm,no,in general people leave their unwanted children at churches over here, not zoos-- although, a zoo is probably more appropriate, don't you think? *g*