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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Finally settled

I've been a very, very busy girl. I'm all moved into the new motorhome, and am parked at my new assignment as well. Of course, the trade-in didn't go as smoothly as I'd have liked. They assured me they checked *everything* and made sure it worked, but I found several problems that needed to be fixed, so the RV spent the first two mornings in the shop instead of parked next to my old one so I could move. My mom had very graciously offered to fly out and help me, and I'm so glad she did. There's no way I could have done it alone in the shorter time without her. The one major snag was that my bird cages wouldn't fit through the door. *sigh* I measured the dining space to make sure they'd fit, but didn't even think about the door since they fit through my old one. They were going to have to completely take the door and jam off, which I was going to have to pay for. I've been thinking about new cages anyway. My old ones were very serviceable, but pretty beat up looking. So mom and I frantically looked around town, and just so happened to find two of the same kind of cages. They're different colors-- light and dark grey, but since my decor is light and dark grey, it worked out, thank God. And they're very pretty. :) I located a parrot rescue and asked them if they'd be interested in my old ones. They very gratefully accepted and even came out to pick them up, so the cages went to a good cause.

I've always absolutely hated driving my old RV. It was kind of like trying to herd cats down the highway. I hated it so much that I seriously thought about giving up traveling, even though I love being a temp. However, it is a terrible feeling that the rig you're driving isn't under your control, and I never felt in control of that thing-- praying that the transmission didn't slip on the on-ramps, white knuckling it in traffic, fighting the steering wheel the whole damned time. I always felt beaten up and exhausted after driving it. Let's not even talk about the anxiety I felt when I knew I had a trip coming up.

The new motorhome drives like a dream. It weighs a hell of a lot more, and doesn't have the diesel engine, so not as much available power, but it *steers*. And *shifts*. I even found myself relaxing and enjoying myself as I was going down the road.

I'm in love. :D

Not to mention the three slide-outs and the extra space. As well as the leather furniture, beautiful decor, corian countertops, and rich wood. I'll post pics soon. *g*

I'm off today, so I'm going to drive around and get a feel for my new town. I'm on the Oregon coast now! It's probably not the very best place to spend the winter, with the wind and rain, but there are much worse places, so I think it'll be just fine. I start my new job tomorrow morning.

I'm so glad to be back online! I missed you all. ::hugs flist::

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Yay you! Congratulations! Do post the pics!

Thank you! It's all very exciting and tiring, but I think this one will last me a very long time. :)

So glad that everything worked out. Was getting concerned. *g*

Now get that delectable ass of yours to g_t_m and join, I've been uploading some goodies.

I was getting concerned too! *g* But yeah, it all worked out, and I'm very hopeful I won't get any more PTSD driving this one. My old one was a horror! Plus, I love the living space in this one. :)

I need to start dling! I'll go do that right away. *g*

I'm glad things are working out well :) Er, relatively well, even. :)

They so are! Except after driving around town for a few minutes, I realized this place is very, very small. *shrugs* Oh well, as long as I have 'net access, I'm good. :)

Huzzah! How cool R you??!!!

I'm definitely feeling pretty cool right now! *g* When I was driving over the mountain pass, I was behind a fifth wheel that had a big picture window in the back. I could see the RV's reflection, and though, "Oh wow. That's me!" LOL

It sounds lovely. Yes please, post some pics. We're thinking about renting an RV for a vacation with the kids, is yours something like what's available there or is yours nicer? Probably.

Glad you enjoying yourself. Good luck with the job!

Most of what you can rent is a class C. Mine is a class A. *sticks nose in air* /g/

I dunno. Are you sure you want to be trapped in such small quarters with all four of you? And the corgies? Although, it's a great way to camp! You have those little luxuries like showers and flushing toilets. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I did put some pics up. :D

I've got some serious PTSD from driving the old rig. Everyone kept telling me how easy RVs were to drive, so I thought I was being a whimp or something. Nope, I wasn't. It was my old one. This thing is a dream in comparison. :)

The Oregon coast can be an awesome place, but then, I love coastal winter storms! Glad you're enjoying your new digs :)

Actually, I love winter storms, too. In fact, we're getting one right now. *g* The wind is supposed to get really bad tonight. We'll see how the new RV handles it. I haven't put the stabilizing jacks down yet. I may need to do that. I'm loving my new place! ::whirls around:: It's the coolest thing *ever*! :D

That is so cool that you get a new home and your birds do too. Do you think they planned it that way?

I'm so happy for you!

They probably did plan it that way, the little brats. *g* Thank you! I'm feeling pretty pleased. :)