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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
The good and the bad-- or maybe not.

Work seems to be going very well, thank god. Of course, I thought the first two days a the other job were going well too, so I could be wrong. But still, these people are in desperate need of help, and seem to appreciate that I'm able to dive right in. I like the people quite a bit, and the drive doesn't suck as bad as I thought it would. Best of all, I *like* being back in a city. I'd forgotten how cool it is to want something and be able to go right out and get it.

The bad news is that the company trip to the Bahamas was this weekend, and with tropical storm Noel hovering about, they decided to cancel. I'm actually of two minds about this. I like the Bahamas-- some of the best diving I've ever done. I wouldn't have been able to do more than a few dives, but it would have been okay. With the storm thrashing the reefs, though, there would have been no diving, nor probably snorkeling. I've never been one to just lie about the beach, but I'm sure I would still have had a good time. The thing is, I've just moved here, and I haven't been able to find someone to come check on the birds. They probably would be fine for the four days, but it kind of freaks me out to leave them that long. Plus, pathetic as it is, I really didn't want to miss SPN and amnesia!SGA ::hangs head:: I know, I know, I've got my priorities completely wrong. *g*

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Okay, okay! Sheesh. *g*

That’s too bad about the Bahamas. I was there a couple of decades ago, and loved it. I never went out to the reef, though. I had my first snorkeling experience on a manmade reef at one of the small cays.

I wouldn’t recommend snorkeling in choppy seas, anyway. Anything over 20 knot winds can be way too powerful on the surface. Are they planning to reschedule for later? (I’m surprised they made plans during hurricane season!)

What are you looking for with the birds? Somewhere to take them; or someone to come by?

I've been diving in six foot swells, and we really had no business being down there. The surge was probably thirty feet! It was horrible. :(

The year before, the trip was canned because of the hurricane that hit Cancun. They always do the trip the first weekend in Nov. I'm hoping this doesn't make them decide against warm weather destinations! They haven't decided yet if they're going to reschedule. Two years ago they gave everyone a bonus instead. We'll see. *shrugs*

I just wanted someone to stop by on Saturday to make sure they had fresh water and food. I'm okay with leaving them for two days, but four is a bit much. Oh well-- not a problem now. :)

We've got to get together for lunch sometime again! That was a lot of fun. *g*

Bonuses can be good. But yeah, November is known for nasty weather in a lot of tropical places.

Depending on how far north you are, I might know someone; but I wouldn't expect you to let a stranger into your place. Are there some kind of 'animal protective' services you've used before; or just friends? If you're around the area long enough, I suppose you'll need something.

*squee* I'd love to do lunch again, and include Carron if it works out. My schedule sucks lately, and weekends are all but impossible. :( Maybe we can work something out by email?


I've always used friends before. There are things I don't want a perfect snooping stranger to find out about me. . . ;) I think it'll work out okay, though. The new hospital loves me, and they got the administrator involved. He pulled some strings and got me a place to hook up at the fair grounds. It'll be a two block walk to work. I'm sure one of the girls I work with will be happy to stop in and make sure everyone has food and water, if I need it. :)

I'm working weekdays until I'm trained, but then I'll have Mon-Wed off. We can do lunch then! Hopefully C will be able to join us too. :D