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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Well, well, well

I got a very interesting phone call yesterday. In fact, I got 4 very interesting phone calls yesterday. It seems that the manager of the lab in that college town that I love so much has resigned, and everyone there wants me to apply.

The previous manager (not the one who resigned), even offered sexual favors to be the assistant manager so he could help me get that lab whipped back into shape. Honestly, I think he should take the job-- he's an amazing manager, and that lab was a wonderful place to work under his direction, but he simply doesn't like all the politics. He said he'd take care of all the lab related stuff, and show me how to do it all, if I would take care of the endless meetings. He also assured me that I'd be making what I'm making now, and that's always been the major sticking point of me taking another perm job. I simply need more money than a regular tech makes!

I think I'm going to go ahead and put in an app. Hell, even if it sucks big time, I'm not getting rid of the RV, so I can always go back to traveling. Plus, it would look damned good on a resume. :)

Of course, they may hire someone else, and face the wrath of the workers, or they could end up offering me less than I require, but I'll never know unless I try.



I know! Can I do this? They all seem to think I can. . . silly people. *g*

Oh you know you can do it! And you can clean house of the dross that hangs about the lab and doesn't work. *bg* There are perks to being the boss.

I know of a couple of people I'll get rid of immediately-- except, it seems that one of the problems is already handled, because he was a no-call, no-show for two days, so he's hopefully gone!

The other lazy ass will be easy enough to can once I'm in office. *g*

Other than that, it's a great bunch of people. :)

Good oh :-) Every comment I flung at you yesterday, still applies today :-D

I can't help feeling you seriously misled me about the sexual favours though

How did I mislead you? ::snuggles you::

He totally did offer, though. Of course, he asked me to marry him a few years ago too, and that never panned out, so who knows where this will lead? *g*

You know you two are meant to be together. You've been in each others' orbits for 2 years now.

Well, I dunno-- he's told me he likes tiny Asian women, and I'm anything but that. *shrugs* Not to mention that I like tall men, which he's not. Still, I'll definitely have an ally. :D

And that is never a bad thing. I'm just happy you get to go back to somewhere you really like. YAY you!

Oh, good stuff! Yes, you go for it!


It's all very scary! Can I be in charge? I do like being the center of attention, but this will be very different. *g*

What a wonderful opportunity for you?? I say go for it and wish you the best of luck!! And, working around people you like and respect, no bad there.

It's a good opportunity! Or maybe a good way for me to fall on my face. *g* Oh well, never know until you try, right?

Oh wow, that sounds great. Fingers crossed hon. And you know what they say - nothing ventured nothing gained.

It's actually going to be a *lot* of work! And responsibility! And telling people what to do! ::wibbles::

Okay, I like the telling people what to do part. *g*

Go you! \o/

(And I take it from carron's comment, that it's a local college town?)

*crosses fingers*

It's not really local, about five hours drive from here, but still fairly close!

Not really close enough, though. I *like* this part of the State! However, I could never afford to live here on a techs salary. But maybe I can parlay this into a supervisors job here in a few years. . . :D

Sounds like a *great* opportunity! Good luck with the application!!!

It's a chance to be a grown-up! Now I just have to decide if that's something I actually want. *g*

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

It's a pretty big deal! I've got someone on the inside, actually, many someones on the inside giving me a boost. :) I'm under contract here until August, so I nothing will really change until then, which will give me time to get used to the idea! That is, if they do hire me. Who knows? Maybe someone absolutely fabulous will come along and they'll get the job. *shrugs* I'm trusting fate on this one. *g*

Good for you! And Good Luck!! :)

(I know it's not St. Patty's yet, but thought the clover might help.)

Thank you! Clovers always help. :) ::hugs you::

It's about time they started appreciating you! Looks like you've made a lasting impression.

I guess I did! I don't know if I'm exactly what they're looking for--they want someone who's big into marketing, for some reason, and that's not me, but we'll see how it all pans out! ::hugs you::

Go for it. You are approachable and friendly for those people who have problems, and are able to throw down for those who are just plain lazy.


See, that's one of the problems! *I'm* pretty lazy myself! *g* Well, at home anyway. When I tell work people I'm lazy they look at me like I'm crazy. It's actually pretty funny. All they'd have to do is come over to my house and see my mess to see it's true. *g*