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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
Shopping trauma

I actually had enough energy today to do some shopping, which I loathe with a passion, but I've been in desperate need of some new clothes. I wear scrubs most of the time, so I don't need much, but I've lost a bit of weight recently and the clothes I have are literally hanging off me. It totally sucks when you feel like a frump because your clothes don't fit. So, I did some browsing online, and found a jacket I really liked at Coldwater Creek. Now normally, I'd never spend that much money for a stupid jacket, but it's so rare that I see something and go, "Oooooo! I like that," so I decided to go for it just this once.

The plan was for me to get the jacket, then head out to Wal-Mart and buy a cheap pair of jeans and a few t-shirts-- nothing much, just enough so I'd have something to wear on those rare occasions I'm expected to look like a responsible adult in public, which, granted, isn't often, but it does happen. *g*

I get to the store and guess what? They don't have the jacket I wanted in stock. I usually buy my clothes in places where you're on your own, so I was a bit disconcerted to discover that I had my own personal shopping assistant the second I stepped in the store. To her credit, she wasn't pushy at all, and was actually very helpful, pointing out other things and getting a sense of what I like. So, we find another jacket that actually is pretty cool, and then of course, I needed some t-shirts to match it, and almost everything was on sale, so . . . yeah, you can see where this it going, right?

I also found a crisp white shirt, all tailored like it was made for me, and a jean jacket to throw on, and then, I mentioned that I needed jeans. Now, I buy cheap jeans. I remember back in the olden days, when I was 16, my parents refused to buy me designer jeans, so I bought them myself. After I'd worn them a few times it hit me that I'd just wasted my money, and I could have had three pairs of regular jeans instead, so I've never done it again.

But. . .

I put on a pair of the not-on-sale jeans and stepped out of the dressing room. Another shopper was checking herself in the mirror, and as soon as I walked out she turned and said, "WOW!"

Do you know what you do when another woman looks at you and says, "WOW!" You buy the damned jeans. ::nods::

So I spent way more than I planned, but I've got clothes that fit, and look nice, and are of good quality, so I'm calling it a win. \o/

Current Mood: dorkydorky

*nods* Some of their stuff is very pretty, too. :) Although, they still didn't manage to get me out of my jeans and t-shirt rut, but they're grown up jeans and t-shirts now. *g*

I've decided that shopping in higher end stores is very, very dangerous. I have a sneaking suspicion the wow lady was actually a store employee, and her sole job was to pop out and do that, just to make people spend more. *g*

Nope, I'm sure you looked FABULOUS.

And there's a lot to be said for grownup jeans and teeshirts.