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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]

I *finally* got my laptop restored! I guess 'easy restore' is a relative term? *g* I didn't get a bit of help from the makers of my external HDD, but thank god for Google! I did find some helpful tips on the geek boards. So, despite an incredibly steep learning curve, I got everything put back the way it was. Well, mostly. Some of my registration codes didn't transfer, but that's easy enough to fix.

Now that I've spent *hours* getting it back the way it was, I'm considering wiping the drive and starting from scratch. I'd save the important stuff, all the lovely manips and pics I've got saved, my fic folder, oh, and probably my taxes, but I've got tons of stuff I've accumulated over the years that I really don't need or use.

Of course, all this will have to wait until I'm done writing my latest for pic_fic *g* That March pic was very inspirational!

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

You used it. :)) ::Points to your icon::

Good news for your lappy and the data sort out.

Unfortunately mine died a death, couldn't retrieve a bit of data from it. Tis now with the God of Lappys. aka my local computer recycling centre.

I'm now playing catch-up with part three of Beast, just to get to where I was up to. :(

Oh yeah I used it! *pets icon* It's so pretty! Thank you again for giving it to me. :)

Let me tell you, no one was more surprised or relieved than I was when the lappy booted up and my desktop was there. *g*

It's too bad yours completely died. Why isn't there a resurection ship for computers? Like in BSG? I think we really need to look into building one of those. *nods*

I'm sorry you're having to rewrite all that stuff. :-( Usually, when I rewrite, I don't like it as much as I did my first draft. I hope it's different with you!

All hail the brain cells and their ability to figure stuff out. Glad you got everything back. I, too, dig your icon.

I can't believe I figured it out! Sometimes I surprise myself. *g*

It's a pretty icon, isn't it? Actually, I've got another really cool one a friend gave me, but it's SGA, so I won't use it with you. :)

Come on and trot that icon out. Let's see if your friend's any good.

I think she's very talented! Look at the pretties! *gazes adoringly*

I guess 'easy restore' is a relative term?

Oh I generally worry like hell whenever anything is advertised as being "easy".

Re: I guess 'easy restore' is a relative term?

Yeah. :-( I bought into the propaganda, too. I'm so gullible. *g* Oh well, I finally got it to work, so the next time it happens, I'll know just what to do. :-)