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October 2009
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Belated Birthday Porn

I suck like a sucky thing, but I got it finished! :D

Happy belated Birthday, thegrrrl2002! I started this several weeks before the event, but RL sort of got in the way of me finishing it on time. Thank God you believe in birthday months. *g*

NC-17, of course
Probably needs a schmoop warning.
4100 words

Thank you, catspaw_sgjd, for looking this over for me, despite the jetlag. *g*

Finally, finally, they'd made it past the fourth challenge. John shuddered when he remembered how fucking hard it had been to get this far. Somehow he and Rodney had stumbled upon the Lanteans' idea of freaking Disneyland or something, and had found themselves stuck in a series of rooms designed to test their self-control. This last room had been the hardest. And the worst part? If you fucked up in any of the rooms you were transported back to the beginning and had to start over. They had only one room left and they'd be out. He fervently hoped the last room would be a cakewalk, because it had taken them eight times of trying to keep their minds clear of anything but the color blue for five minutes before they'd succeeded in passing the last test. John had had trouble with the blue thing-- Rodney's eyes were blue, and he couldn't keep his focus when thinking about that.

The first time he'd let Rodney take the blame, feeling guilty, but trying to hold onto some of his pride when Rodney started babbling about how blue skies had transitioned to green fields in his mind. He ignored the fact that thinking of Rodney's blue eyes had made him think of how they got stormy when he was irritated, or sparkling when he was happy, or soft when they were alone.

So yeah, it had been lame that he'd let Rodney take the blame the first time, and the second, but the third time Rodney had looked over in panic and said, "I didn't this time! I swear!" And then his eyes had narrowed at John's guilty start.

"I maybe didn't concentrate this time," John had admitted, refusing to meet Rodney's eyes.

"This time?" Rodney said, deeply suspicious, his voice sounding just a little bit panicky. "This time?"

John sighed. "Look, let's just focus and get through this, all right?"

They'd had a short, vicious little fight about who was responsible, ending up with Rodney wasting a good forty five minutes messing with the controls, trying to find a way to get them out, before John had run his hands irritably through his hair and said as mildly as he could, "Rodney, I don't think that's going to work."

He'd been pretty proud at how calm his voice sounded.

"We're going to be stuck in this hell forever and die of starvation," Rodney had said morosely, pushing away from the panel and sliding down the wall to sit staring longingly at the door. "They're having cupcakes for dessert tonight, we've already been here for hours, I'm hungry, and there's no way we'll be able to do this."

"Rodney," John had said sharply, then softened his voice. "I don't think this is a do or die test, okay? I'm sure we'll get out of here eventually, but we'll get out faster if we just do the damned challenges. Here," he'd said, pulling a powerbar out of his vest pocket. "Eat this and we'll try again."

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me!" Rodney said, eyes darting over the instructions for the last room.

"What?" John asked, his heart sinking.

Rodney held his hand up for silence and read the symbols again. He looked over at John with barely concealed panic. "It says we have to have a silent orgasm."

John laughed. "You're kidding."

"Could I make this up?" Rodney snipped.

"Who would have thought the Ancients have it in them?" John mused. He shook his head but felt a wash of relief. No problem. He'd been in the military long enough, and bunked in enough shared quarters that he'd learned long ago to be silent.

He looked over at Rodney, grinning, then felt his smile slip, because Rodney had a definite look of alarm on his face, and John remembered who he was in this mess with, and more specifically, that Rodney was anything but quiet during sex.


"Yeah," Rodney said, eyes bugging out of his head. "Oh."

"Look," John said, trying to be reasonable. "It won't be that hard. You had to do that when you were a kid, right? When you jerked off with your parents in the next room?"

Rodney got a pained look on his face. "Can we please not talk about my teenage masturbation disasters? Especially the ones involving my parents."

John snorted a laugh. He'd had a few near misses himself. "It won't be like that," he said, reassuring. "It'll be just you and me, and I promise I won't mind you jerking off with me right there."

In fact, the more he thought about it, the hotter he thought it was going to be.

Well, except for the whole silent thing.

"Hmm, yes," Rodney snipped. "And if I do make noise, at least we'll have an adequate recovery period before we have to do it again, because it'll probably take at least five hours to get from the first room to this one again, unless, of course, you decide to cut my throat because I'm the one who landed us back in the first room." He looked miserable as he said it, lips in a tight, thin line.

"It'll be fine," John said, stepping closer into Rodney's space. "Just-- don't get carried away. It doesn't have to be the best orgasm ever, right?"

Rodney shook his head, still looking doubtful.

"Right. We'll just go in, do our thing, and be in the mess hall before all the cupcakes are gone. Deal?" Despite trying to sound encouraging, he could feel his heart sinking. He really, really didn't want to have to think of blue all over again.

Rodney closed his eyes tight for a second before turning to read the instructions again. He squared his shoulders and turned to face John. "Okay, we'll just jerk off quick and dirty, get out of here, and red zone this area."

"That's the spirit," John said, way more cheerfully than he felt.

Rodney glared at him then stepped to the door, waiting for John to join him.

The door slid open and they walked into the room. It was obviously furnished for sex. The lighting was soft and dim. There were comfortable couches, chairs, some benches, sturdy padded tables, and a huge bed, as well as a shelf of jars and bottles.

The door slid closed behind them and an instrument in the corner lit up. Rodney walked over to inspect it and then stopped, because even the soft sound of his footsteps made one of the five crystals light up. He looked at John and took a deep, slow breath, watched as the crystal went dark again in the silence. He experimentally opened his mouth and said, "Sex," low and soft. The first two crystals lit up. The second went out a few seconds later, followed by the first a few seconds after that. He turned to John and mouthed, "Fuck," clearly and definitively.

John was almost afraid to do it, but he had to know if the sounds were being judged cumulatively or by decibel level. He fought the sudden urge to clear his throat and took a footstep toward Rodney.

One crystal lit up, then went back out. Good. Decibel readings, then.

John took a deep, silent breath and started undoing the buttons of his pants, grateful that the military had realized long ago that the sound of zippers being undone might warn the enemy, and right now, the enemy was that damned instrument and those sound-sensitive crystals.

He looked over and saw Rodney doing the same thing, his face pinched, obviously unhappy, and probably about as far from turned on as John was. He palmed his cock, and watched Rodney do the same.

His soft, uninterested cock.

John saw that Rodney was in the same state. This was about as unsexy as it could get. He'd never really had performance anxiety before, but the blue room was looming large in his memory. He took in the look on Rodney's face and read the warning signs there. Rodney's eyes were starting to get that determined look again-- the one that usually meant opening panels and messing with crystals, and in general, making a lot of noise. He considered his options for a split second then made a command decision and took a quiet step toward Rodney, pressing up close, ignoring his slightly surprised look and kissed him.

It started out just a brushing of lips, Rodney's thin and stiff against his. He brought his hands up and curled one around the back of Rodney's neck, letting his fingers toy with the soft hairs there, and used his other to cup Rodney's jaw, holding him in place. He sucked on Rodney's lower lip, ran the tip of his tongue over it, coaxed his way into Rodney's mouth.

At first Rodney was tense and unresponsive, a snapping irritation rolling off him, then all at once he sighed and relaxed into it, parting his lips and letting his tongue tangle gently with John's.

Usually their kisses were hard and frantic, a battle of wills. This was different, both of them working toward a shared goal-- not that their other kisses didn't have a shared goal, but the need to keep quiet had them both-- submissive in a way, maybe? Softer? More Gentle?

It was kind of hot, and John's cock started to take notice.

Rodney pressed their hips together and John felt that Rodney's cock was starting to take notice, too. He felt a warmth in his belly, a deep, growing arousal, and put more of himself into the kiss, using more than just his mouth and hands, using his whole body to let Rodney know how much he was enjoying this, rolling his hips against Rodney's, his tongue stuttering in Rodney's mouth when the material of his boxers pressed into his cock just right.

He did a quick mental revision. Maybe it would be better if they jerked each other off instead. Or rubbed off on each other. His cock did an interested twitch. Yeah, that might work.

John let his hands drop down to Rodney's hips, keeping their lips sealed together, keeping him close while he did a slow grind. He felt Rodney's cock harden against him. Oh yeah. Good choice.

Their clothes were in the way, though. John slid his hands to the waist of Rodney pants and boxers and pushed them down, hearing a nearly silent rumble of approval. Rodney returned the favor and pushed his down, and all at once there was the sublime feel of skin on skin, cock rubbing against cock.

Except, dammit, the height difference was just enough that they couldn't get lined up the way he wanted. Plus, he'd never been very good at coming standing up. His brain usually forgot to tell his legs to support him.

John tore his lips away from Rodney's mouth and visually searched the room, gasping slightly when Rodney nuzzled his neck, biting sweetly at a tendon. The bed would be good, unless it was too soft. Then Rodney would complain about his back. The chairs wouldn't work for rubbing off. The couch didn't look long enough-- his eyes rested on the padded table. It would be softer than the floor, anyway, and probably didn't have enough give to be uncomfortable for Rodney. John started shuffling forward, crowding Rodney in front of him, and quickly realized that they both had their pants around their ankles, and crashing to the ground would probably make enough noise to send them back to the beginning. He kissed Rodney quickly then pulled back, bending down to untie his boots, catching Rodney doing the same thing out of the corner of his eye. He toed off his boots and socks, then his pants, keeping a watchful eye on the crystals. Three lit up then slowly went dark as he and Rodney finished. Then, because he felt stupid being dressed from the waist up, he took off his vest and t-shirt, dropping them quietly onto the pile, his eyes darting to the crystals as his dogtags jangled. He carefully drew them off over his head and added them to the pile, then looked over to see Rodney copying him, cautiously getting naked.

They were touching again, fitting their bodies together, broad planes of muscle sliding and rubbing, hair lending just enough roughness to make John's breath catch in his throat, the velvety skin of Rodney's cock pressing against his. He took a step forward, pressing Rodney back toward the table, fusing their lips together, feeling a tiny ache in his stomach that Rodney didn't glance behind him, trusted John enough to not look.

John felt when the backs of Rodney's thighs made contact with the table. Rodney's hands came up to his shoulders, using him for balance, and his own palms went flat on the table, steadying himself as he used his weight to press Rodney back and down, still kissing, still pressed together, still working toward the same goal. Rodney relaxed back onto the firm surface and pulled his feet up, resting his heels right on the table's edge, and John knew his ass was right there, open and inviting. John moved his hands to run up the outside of Rodney's thighs. He broke their kiss to straighten up enough to kiss the inside of Rodney's knee, intent on climbing on the table himself, when he felt the table adjust, shifting subtly up a few inches, the perfect height to line Rodney's hole up with his cock.

John practically rolled his eyes. How helpful. But then it hit him that it was the perfect height to line Rodney's hole up with his cock.

Suddenly, he didn't want to climb on and rub off. It struck him deep in his belly-- the want, the need to be inside Rodney when he came, when both of them came. It was unexplainable. He'd always been happy enough simply to come. Now, though, he wanted to feel Rodney clenched tight around him.

He kissed down to Rodney's inner thigh, trying to ignore the heat that rolled up his spine when Rodney let his knees fall open. He thought he could do it, that he could ignore the urge, but then he felt Rodney's hands in his hair, felt Rodney's thighs quiver when he rubbed his razor-stubbled cheek against the tender skin, and he gasped, whispered, "Rodney."

A soft, warning ping sounded.

John looked up and saw that four crystals were lit. He struggled to control his breathing, control the raspy noise he knew his was making. Rodney's fingers drifted down his cheek and pressed to his lips, not trying to enter but quieting him, somehow lending him some strength and control. He looked into Rodney's eyes--soft, affectionate eyes-- and felt himself come back to center.

The urge was still there, the need to be inside Rodney, but it was more controllable now. He waited silently, poised between Rodney's bent legs, until the final crystal went dark once again. He took a deep breath and looked at Rodney, then answered his understanding smile with a sheepish one of his own.

When exactly had Rodney gotten on board with this whole thing?

John didn't bother wasting any time thinking about it, just sent out a silent thanks to whoever or whatever was responsible and leaned over to kiss Rodney again, then stifled a groan, because the moment their lips connected John could feel his cockhead press into the dip of Rodney's hole. God, he could feel it, could feel the give, the heat, the pulsing of that tight band of muscle against him.

They needed lube.

No way was John trusting whatever was in those ten thousand year old jars on the shelves. His brain cast around frantically, trying to think of something. . . then he almost laughed, because he had condoms with him. Lubricated condoms. They were part of the standard recon kit, given to teams that went out in the field. The military had learned long ago that forbidding sex didn't stop it from happening, and too many soldiers had come back from overseas carrying diseases. Mostly he'd kept his as a cover for his weapon muzzle-condoms were good for keeping the barrel free of debris.

But they worked for the purpose they were intended, too.

He pushed up, letting his hand drift down Rodney's chest, pressing lightly to indicate that he should stay where he was, and stepped quickly over to his vest, finding two condoms right where he'd put them. He stood and turned, then felt his breath catch in his throat when he caught sight of Rodney, still on his back, knees still up, opened and exposed, his hole winking and beckoning him. He stepped between Rodney's legs and sank down, nuzzling his balls for a moment then dipped his head to lick. He didn't stay long, only a few moments, but long enough for Rodney's hand to grip his hair, long enough for Rodney's breath to hitch in his chest, long enough for John to feel him relaxing around his tongue. He gave one last kiss to the puckered entrance then stood up, glancing over at the crystals, seeing that only one was lit before carefully tearing open one of the foil packets.

Two, three glowing plates. John stopped, letting one go dark before fishing the condom out. He quickly rolled it down his erect cock, then scooped the remaining lube out of the foil with one finger, bringing it down and ringing Rodney's hole lightly, teasing. Rodney pushed toward him, urging with his body, and John let his eyes travel up, taking in the flush of arousal, the light sheen of sweat, the slightly parted lips, and the way Rodney's eyes locked with his.

"I'm going to hit you if you don't fuck me already," Rodney mouthed, slowly and distinctively, his hands fisting by his sides.

John grinned as he pushed a finger inside. It was always like this, almost like fucking was a challenge between them, hard and fast and unbelievably hot.

Rodney's head fell back and his body arched up. John watched as pleasure rippled through him and swallowed, his cock jumping, hungry.

The fit was tight, and scratchy, and not nearly slick enough. John pumped a few times, working the lube in as deeply as he could, then pulled out and reached for the other packet. He kept an eye on the crystals as he tore it open and scooped out every bit of lube he could.

It still wasn't enough. He was usually drenched in lube when they did this, the slick making their fucking almost frictionless. This would be about as far from that as they could get, but all he had to do was get inside, work his way into that tight heat and then jerk Rodney off. He was so close already, almost at the edge himself, that he knew simply feeling Rodney come would be enough to send him crashing over.

He fisted his cock, holding it out straight, lined up, and pressed, gritting his teeth to go slow, eyes on Rodney's face, watching closely, dreading having to stop but unwilling to hurt Rodney. He felt Rodney push back, open up, expand around him. His heart pounded in his chest and his eyes left Rodney's face for the briefest of moments, darting over to the crystals, because he was sure the sound of his blood rushing through his body was enough to send them back to the first room.

Only one crystal was lit.

Rodney's eyes were closed now, his face changing almost too rapidly for John to follow-- pleasure, want, pain, determination. They all warred for dominance on Rodney's face. John wasn't even in yet, wasn't even close to being in, and he stopped. This wasn't going to work.

Rodney lifted his head and hooked one heel at the small of John's back. "Keep going," he mouthed, challenged, his eyes urging, demanding. "So good."

John's hips gave a small, involuntary jerk and the head popped in, punching through the ring of muscle, and he stopped dead, head thrown back, hands grasping Rodney's thighs, and tried to remember how to breathe, because dear God it was tight, like a vise around his cock, but then Rodney groaned, soft and guttural, and John snapped back to reality, hand already moving before he could even think it, going up to Rodney's face, fingers pressing to his lips, leaning forward to lock eyes and try to give Rodney some of the control Rodney had given him earlier.

They breathed together, adjusting, feeling, and then Rodney kissed John fingertips and mouthed, "Move."

So John moved. They couldn't fuck hard and fast like they normally did-- there was too much friction, too much tightness, too much resistance, so John went slow, rolling his hips more than thrusting, putting his hand in the middle of Rodney's chest, right over his heart, feeling it pound against his palm, surging blood and life right there under his hand.

He watched the panel for a moment, making sure they weren't making too much noise, then looked back at Rodney, expecting to lock eyes again.

Rodney's eyes were closed.

It was so unusual that John almost stopped. He was used to catching Rodney's gaze, used to getting his cues from them, used to seeing Rodney demand, hear him beg and guide.

He had none of that input now.

All he had was his cock in Rodney's body, and Rodney's heartbeat underneath his hand, and the totally blissed out look on Rodney's face as he rolled his head, concentrating on himself, paying attention to the sensations in his own body instead of John's.

It was like a blind man whose other senses sharpened to make up for the loss of sight.

John caught his breath at the sight of Rodney so immersed, so absorbed in his own pleasure, so beautiful.

He suddenly felt like a selfish shit for not doing this before, not going slow and taking his time, not stepping outside his own comfort zone and seeing if there was something different that Rodney would want, because it was plainly obvious that Rodney was enjoying this-- this slow, easy grind.

John tilted his hips, changed the angle, paid attention to Rodney's breath and heartbeat and body, tried different strokes until there, he felt it, could actually feel when he got it just right and pleasure sliced through Rodney's body.


He did it again, rolling his hips, and oh hell yeah.

John could feel it, all of it, feel it building in Rodney's body, could feel the muscles tightening with every roll and push, could feel heat as the blood pooled down low, could feel the tension coil up, a spring winding tighter and tighter, ready to unleash.


Suddenly he knew deep in his marrow that Rodney was right on the edge. He leaned forward, pressing Rodney's cock between their bodies, and kissed him, moving his hips one last, unrelenting thrust, one last implacable roll, and felt Rodney seize up around him, felt his wet warmth between their bodies, and fell himself.

When John was able, he lifted his head and glanced at the panel. All the crystals were dark and silent. The rooms lights had gradually brightened, and then he glance over, and thank God, the crystal above the door was lit. They were out. He looked down at Rodney and smiled, feeling pretty damned smug. Rodney looked totally fucked out-- hair a mess, face blissed out, eyes looking back at him half lidded, pupils blown.

"You like it slow," John said, half statement and half accusation.

"I like it fast, too," Rodney answered, reaching up to kiss him.

John kissed him back, then settled his head on Rodney's chest, breathing him in for just a moment, just one more moment before they had to get back to Atlantis and the Wraith and the real world. "Yeah," John said, agreeing. "But you like it slow."

"I like it any way with you," Rodney admitted, his hand carding through John's hair. "But yeah, I like it slow."

John finally felt his legs would hold him, so he stood up and pulled out, removing the condom and tying it off. He offered Rodney a hand, pulling him into a sitting position. "Maybe we should try these rooms again sometime."

"Oh no," Rodney said, indignant. "I'm not doing that blue room again."

John laughed softly and leaned in to kiss the annoyed expression off Rodney's face. "How about we practice somewhere else, then?"

Rodney smiled and kissed him back. "Deal."

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I almost feel like I should let thegrrrl coment first as it's her birthday porn but... well, tough. *g*

Loved this a lot! It was so hot and not at all schmoopy just sweet and so them and okay, maybe a little schmoopy at the end but the good kind. And wow, those Ancients were a pervy bunch. ;)

I think the Ancients were a totally pervy bunch-- all secretive and repressed. You just know it had to come out somehow. *g*

I'm glad you liked it! That's how I see them, all snippy and banter, and then the feelings get involved and they totally focus on each other. It's a thing of beauty. :)

Oh yum! I LOVE thegrrrl's birthday!!! :-)

::giggles:: I'm glad you enjoyed her gift!

Oh oh oh thank you so much! This is beautiful! I love their silent communication, how this is such a change for them, intense and careful and John's trying to be so gentle with Rodney, aw!

It was like a blind man whose other senses sharpened to make up for the loss of sight.

Oh yes. Very much so. Silent Rodney is kind of hot, too.

I love when aliens make them learn something new about themselves. There is definitely lots of sweet, slow sex in their future.

And I love the "blue" thing. Oh, John, you lovestruck thing, you.

Thank you so much sweetie! Yay for birthday months!

I love watching those two, with the snarking followed by the long looks, and I think sex between them would be much the same. *g*

I think Silent Rodney is hot too, but I don't think it happens very often. Now I'm wondering how John will keep him quiet next time. :)

John is so lovestruck! But really, who could blame him?

Birthday months! A new tradition. *nods* /g/

I'm glad you liked it! ::hugs you::

This is beautiful - sweet and hot, and I love how John discovers something new about Rodney. Just gorgeous!

Thank you! I love when they discover new things about each other, and I don't think Rodney is quiet very often. *g*

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

*sniffle sniffle* Once I can get past the tears... Why yes, I'm a sap. Why do you ask? *sniffle sniffle*

This is sweet and beautiful and HOT. I wondered at first what would happen if they got sent back to the beginning in that position? The blue room gave me a chuckle because John is so lovestruck. The poor boy. The thought of silent Rodney struck me kinda funny as I don't picture Rodney being silent about anything. Always yapping. But this was great, him liking it slow.

Oh, when John had his hands on Rodney's chest? That's when the waterworks started. That is about the most gentle thing and I can totally see him doing it.

Your stuff always does stuff to me, you are a miricle worker.

Aww baby! ::hands tissue::

John is a lovestruck thing, isn't he? And yeah, it's totally against Rodney's nature to be quiet, so it changed the dynamic a bit, didn't it? *g*

I love the visual of John's hand on Rodney's chest! It's such a connected, intimate thing, isn't it?

It warms my heart to know I touch something in you! Honestly, that's what I write for. So YAYYY! You made my day. :)

Ohhh! shared birthday porn! Yay! :) Oh my - silent orgasm. Heh. But OMG - super HOT! HOT! HOT! :) I love how John realizes Rodney loves it slow afterwards. They did learn about each other. And now, lots more practice. ROTFL at the 'blue' room.

Rodney being Rodney, I don't think they're quiet very often, so it definitely needed to be explored. *g* It would open the door to notice other things, though, and John is a pretty observant guy. ::nods::

The blue room cracked me up too! I can totally imagine that fight.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I had a lot of fun writing it. I'm glad you enjoyed. :)

Gorgeous story! I loved that moment of revelation John had when he looked at Rodney and realised he loved it slow. Beautifully done.

I love it whent he boys learn something new about each other. It's such an intimate thing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

This is officially the second John/Rodney I've read, and it was VERY good! Love John's enlightenment at the end. Great banter too!

{{{{{{{Tularia}}}}}}} The second story? Really? ::blushes:: I'm honored that you gave it a chance! And I'm glad you enjoyed the smut. *g*

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! (sorry, with all that quiet, I just needed to yell how well the story worked.)

LOL! You goofball! *g* I'm glad it worked so well. I was worried about the schmoop factor, but I simply couldn't help myself. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I'm glad you liked it! The first three rooms were. . . *shifty eyes*, ummm, other things. *g*

Hot & sweet. Great combination.

Thank you! I was afraid it was a little too sweet, but I'm glad to know the hotness mellowed it out a little. *g*

...fans self... wonderfully sweet and sexy :o)

That's exactly what I was going for! Thank you! :D