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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
My name is Feather and I'm a binge shopper

I won't buy myself anything unnecessary for ages and ages, then I desperately need something, like jeans, so I'll get it, then feel guilty cuz I bought something for myself-- but it's like a floodgate opens up or something.

Plus, I'm a master at justification, so--

Right. I've been keeping an eye on the HD/Blu ray wars, waiting for the winner. I totally wasn't surprised or disappointed that blu ray won, because-- I'll need a blu ray player eventually, right? And it just so happens that the Playstation 3 is a blu ray player, and it costs about what a player would cost, and since I'm going to get one eventually, and my birthday is coming up . . .

AND, one of my friends mentioned that if I get a change of address packet at the post office it has a 10% off coupon at BestBuy.

So after extensive online research, I find that it really doesn't matter where I buy it, it'll be the same price. But what's the use of having this really cool PS3 if I don't have a game? So more research, and I decide on one, then check online, and what do you know, it's in stock at BestBuy.

Now, most of the time when I'm looking for a game, the snot nosed kid sales guy assumes it's for my kids. To his credit, he didn't. (It's the new jeans. I swear they have magical powers). So he asked what kind of games I liked, and I told him, then told him that I was looking at buying this once certain game, and his face *lit up*, and it was on. We had a very animated conversation about the games merits. Then I said, "I should get a movie to play on my new player," and he followed me over and asked what kind of movies I liked, and yes, more animated conversation. *g* He did save me $20, cuz I was going to get a remote to play the movies, and he told me the controller would do that. :)

I finally get to the checkout and hand over the coupon. The cashier looks at me and says, "I don't think this'll work for the PS3." I pointed out that it says it's good for Blu ray players, and the PS3 is that, and he smiled and said, "Tell you what. I'll give you the discount anyway." The coupon was only good for a discount on a single item. He discounted everything I bought. \o/ ::pets magical jeans::

Then I spent about ten minutes talking about my new game with the guy checking bags at the door-- he's a gamer too. *g*

So I get in my car and about five minutes later my phone rings. It's the fraud department from my credit card company. *nods* Yep, my purchased popped up on their system lightning fast. I was very pleased, but also felt kind of like I'd gotten caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

"We're calling to verify a purchase."

"The purchase I just made at Best Buy? Yeah, that was me." ::sheepish::

Not to mention that I found a watch I really like, and I wanted to get some noise canceling headphones for traveling, and I really don't like my GPS-- I want to go back to Garmin, and. . . Yep, got them all.

Must. Stop. Now!

At least my tax return covers it all. :)

How you all doing today?

Current Mood: flirtyflirty

::snicker:: I definitely read you. There's this dress I saw the last time I was clothes shopping... I'm currently trying to work out if it would fit into my budget for this month to buy it or not.

The thing is, of course, that I don't actually wear dresses that much. So what would be the point in buying it, right? But then again, I just thought it was gorgeous...

It's good to hear the jeans are working their magic, though!!

Oh god! I totally feel your pain! I saw this dress online, and really, when would I ever wear it? It's a cocktail dress, fcol! I don't go to those kinds of parties-- except maybe one day I will, and I'll wish I had that dress. . . ::facepalm:: It's a vicious cycle. *g*

*pets magical jeans with you in 'em*

Don't spend it all! That $20 better go right into your bar tab fund. You're going to need it. :D


::giggles:: The bar tab is already saved for. *nods* No way would I let myself spend that cash! *haughty sniff* I do have my priorities, after all. *g*

"I'm a master at justification"

I bow to you oh master, and hope that you will empart that knowlege to me if I am humble enough!!!!


Oh yes, young Grasshopper. I will gladly give my knowledge! *g*

Seriously, I can justify pretty much anything. I'm not sure it's a good skill to have. :)