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October 2009
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Feather [userpic]
I porned!

I've porned again. I can't call this a fic, because there is absolutely no plot whatsoever *g* It's a short John/Rodney thing. Thanks to Carron and catspaw_sgjd as always for looking it over and encouraging me.

Rodney gazed down and had to fight the urge to just lunge forward and fuck John. He was kneeling up between John’s spread legs. John was on his back, his knees bent, thighs over Rodney’s. They’d somehow ended up so that Rodney was in shadow and John was in a pool of moonlight; he the most beautiful thing Rodney had ever seen. Rodney swallowed hard, fighting for control. “I’m going to try two fingers now, okay?”

“Yeah,” John groaned.

Rodney pushed in gently with two, running his free hand up and down John’s thigh, teasing the hairs there.

John groaned and writhed. Writhed for gods sake, and ground down. “Yeah,” he panted. “Like that.”

Rodney scooted a little closer so he could reach better. He rotated his hand so that his palm was facing up, and felt John clench around his fingers. “Hang on,” he warned, then curled his fingers up.

“Fuck!” John shouted, his body shuddering, then smacked his hand over his mouth to stifle any further outburst.

“No,” Rodney said, and tugged John’s hand down. “We’re safe here. Make as much noise as you want.” He’d planned for this, wanting it to be good, and had found a way to soundproof the room. It seemed the Ancients had liked their privacy, too.

“Jesus fuck, Rodney,” John said, his stomach muscles quivering helplessly.

Rodney dragged his hand over John’s belly, feeling each twitch and shudder. He pulled his fingers part way out, then pumped in again, feeling John’s body clench at him. He rubbed his free hand over John’s chest, feeling the hard nipples, then down to gently tug the skin covering John’s balls. John twisted, just a little. “Move however you want,” Rodney breathed. “Let it go, feel it.” He pushed up with his fingers again, rubbing over the lump of John’s prostate.

John shivered, his body breaking out in a light sweat. Rodney saw John’s cock bounce, hard and red and leaking. “Touch yourself, if you want. Do whatever feels best.”

John groaned softly and reached for his cock. Rodney noticed he was using his left hand, which meant that John didn’t want to rush things-- he always used his left hand when he wanted things to last longer. Rodney nodded in agreement, matching his breath to John’s. “Yeah, that’s it,” he encouraged, his free hand roaming, coaxing, exciting John further, then he brushed John’s prostate again.

John trembled, his shoulders curling up off the bed. He gasped loudly, his eyes searching. “Rodney,” he groaned. “I can’t see you. I need . . . ” He fell back when his muscles released.

“Okay, okay, here,” Rodney said, moving a little to the side until he was in the moonlight, too, John’s leg curling around his back. “Is this better?”

John looked up and locked eyes with him, his eyes filled with arousal, too turned on to smile. “Yeah,” he panted. He was stroking his cock slowly, leisurely, a few pulls then stopping, trying to draw it out.

Rodney gently rubbed his fingers in little circles, around and over John’s prostate. He could feel the tension build again. Then John’s body shuddered and he rumbled deeply, almost a growl.

“Please,” John begged. “Please push up again.” He gave his dick a few quick, hard pumps then stopped. It was too much, and not enough, and exquisitely delicious.

Rodney glanced down quickly and saw that John was gripping hard, just under the head of his dick, trying to keep himself from coming just yet. He looked into John’s eyes again. “You want me to hold and release?”

“Yeah,” John nodded, begging. “Please.”

Rodney pressed gently but firmly, and felt John’s muscles lock up around his fingers. John’s shoulders lifted up off the bed again, his face filled with pleasure, his stomach vibrating. Rodney held the pressure for the space of one breath, then released. John collapsed back and his whole body shook. Rodney’s own dick jumped. This was incredible, doing this for John, watching John shudder through waves of pleasure. He ripped his attention from his own dick back to John’s face.

He pressed his fingers up again, and grinned when John reached down with his free hand and pushed on Rodney’s fingers, showing him the pressure he wanted.

“This much?” Rodney asked, pressing just a little more.

John pushed against his fingers a little harder, so Rodney obliged, touching more firmly.

“Oh, GOD!” John shouted, curling up hard. He instinctively tried to pull his legs together, then let them flop open again as he collapsed back, his toes curling from the pleasure. He switched to his right hand and started pumping strongly. He couldn’t stand to wait any longer. His body longed, needed to come.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Rodney encouraged, his eyes locked on John’s face. He breathed when John did, stroked inside when John pumped, his whole body surging with the thrusting of his fingers. His free hand ran over John’s body, coaxing, urging. “Come on, yeah, that’s it.”

John locked his eyes with Rodney, his body moving, his hips thrusting smoothly, both of them working in tandem, a perfect team, to bring him off. “Oh god . . . Rodney . . . yeah . . . almost . . . just a little . . . oh GOD! . . . just a little harder . . .”

Rodney pushed in deeper, pressed up harder. He matched John’s rhythm and speed, thrusting inside his body with one hand, the other moving to John’s balls and perineum, rubbing at the base, tugging at the skin, pressing on the sweet spot just behind, rubbing up and over the balls snugged tightly against John’s body. He was straining too, his whole body getting into the act, willing John to come like gangbusters. “C’mon, John,” he breathed. “Go for it. That’s it.”

“Rodney! Close . . . almost . . . ” John groaned as he babbled, completely gone in the moment, nothing but need suffusing him.

Rodney nodded in understanding. He’d been in that place too. He kept his eyes locked on John’s face, watching the play of emotions, the wash of pleasure. “Yeah,” he choked. “Let it go.”

A few more thrusts and rubs and he felt John’s prostate quiver under his fingertips. He grabbed onto John’s thigh with his free hand to steady himself, then pressed up deep inside.

John’s body convulsed sharply and he cried out as a fountain of come shot out of him. Rodney rubbed the gland inside, milking it, sharpening the pleasure to supernova intensity.

John jerked again as another spasm rocked him. “FUCK!” he yelled as more come jetted out of him. “Oh shit . . . PLEASE.”

Rodney gentled his touch, but kept stimulating deep inside.

“Rodney! God!” John curled up again. “Rodney!” He couldn’t take any more. He grabbed for Rodney’s hand, his other still curled firmly around his dick.

Rodney changed tactics, caressing gently around the lump, not touching it, but running his fingers in soothing circles all around the edges.

John collapsed back and started laughing, the release overwhelming him. “Oh wow.”

Rodney laughed with him. “Good?” He looked at John, whose eyes were gentle and happy and completely content. John was still going through the aftershocks, little tremors quaking through him. Rodney kept his fingers buried deep so he could feel every one. He put his free hand over John’s heart, so he could feel it beating, feel John come down from the high.

“Good,” John confirmed in a slurred voice.

Rodney had never seen John look like this. Usually, even after sex, John was like a coiled spring– ready to leap into action, save the day, be the hero, never, never completely free and relaxed.

He was relaxed now, though, and Rodney had done that, given that to him.

He made to move his fingers, slide them from John’s body. “No,” John whispered, pleaded, moving his hand to still Rodney’s. “Not yet.”

Rodney nodded in agreement and slid his hand from John’s heart down his body, through the generous amount of come. He leaned forward, stretching out, fingers still embedded deeply, and kissed John, slow and tender. John wrapped his arms around Rodney’s shoulders and pulled him in, wanting his weight, needing to be grounded again. Rodney stretched out and rested his head on John’s chest, surrounded by the smell, warmed by the heat, and listened as John’s heartbeat slowly returned to normal.



Obviously, you should porn more often!!

It's on my list of Things To Do. *g* I sure had fun with this one. *girly sigh*

Jeez louise! Thats one of the hottest PWP's Ive read in a while.

Fans self.


Hehehe. Yep, I think this one turned out pretty well myself! I just wish there was a way to transfere the images in my head to vid. I think lots got lost in the translation.

Well, maybe not. *g*

I'm so glad you gave it a chance, even though it had John and Rodney in it!

*hugs you tight*

This is great! I'm reccing on rec_room.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! *jaw drops at the rec* /blushes/


I feel like I should leave offerings at the foot of whoever requested this at sgastoryfinders. Holy wow. That was an intense scene!

I was surprised that someone asked for it, since it's older, but I'm glad you were led to it. :) That scene was a lot of fun to write. *g*

Damn! *whistles* That was very hot. Thanks for sharing!

I hope it helped warm up a cold evening. *g* I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Holy doodle! :: blink. blink. ::

That was just relentlessly hotlikegeysersHOT; and the interactions betweeen them were sweet & steamy too, like the best hot chocolate. Yum!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love to think of them that way-- hot, but sweet with each other. :)

Okay, now I want some hot chocolate. Damn you for putting that suggestion into my head. *g*

Nice! I enjoyed reading this.

YAYYY! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I sure had fun writing this little porn ficlet. :)